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Bios. of early Gambino members [1930-50's].

 ALBERTI-FRANCESCO   1888  Castlebuono, Sicily  /   USA  1902.   

Relations :- Andrew [Son]

Associates :- J.Biondo, S.Armone.

Source :- FBN Book.

An original member and Father of Andrew, a future member. Arrived in 1902, going to his father, living on East 14th Street.  Frequented, and possibly lived, in area of East 12th Street and 1st Avenue on the Lower East Side. Closely associated with Joseph Biondo and Stefano Armone, fellow D’Aquila Family members from that area. Owned a Bakery on East 12th Street, which his sons inherited. Date of death unknown, but believed died before 1960’s.


Source :- Dead by 1975 List / 1983 + 89 Family List’s.

Not much known about this long-time member. Lived on Carroll Street in Brooklyn, a breeding ground for Mafiosi and Camorristi. Believed to have married the widow of Michele Abbatemarco, a close associate of Frankie Yale, who was murdered in 1928.
Nothing else known, except his death in 1970.

AMATO-AGOSTINO   1902  Alles. Della Rocca, Sicily /   USA  19?

Alias :- Augie

Relations :- Vincent [Son], S.Randazzo [ ? ] Cleveland.

Another mysterious member, Father to Vincent, a future member. As a native of Allesandro Della Rocca he may have had connections to the Tampa Family, as many Tampa Mafiosi were from there. Within the Gambino Family, the Arcuri family and Giuseppe LiCalsi also originated from there.  Also the Mangano brothers had relatives in Tampa. Agostino was Naturalized  in 1927 [or 1930] and lived in Brooklyn. Died in 1980 in Florida.

AMODEO-DIEGO    1893  Palermo, Sicily /   USA  1905.

Alias :- Papa Dave / Francesco Diago ?

Relations : - G.Meli [in-law].

Source :- 1969 List [Book – Don Carlo].

Came to America in 1905, going to an Uncle on 106th Street, Harlem. Very little known of his early days, may have lived in Canada in the 1920’s. Naturalized in 1937 and lived in Yonkers. According to his WW1 registration card he was a butcher. Wife’s maiden name was Scalice, so possibly related to Frank Scalice.
By the 1950’s, with the rapid growth in Family membership, he was promoted to Capo. His regime operated in the Bronx-Yonkers area, where he ran a social club. Died in 1984. 

ANASTASIO-ANTONIO   1906 Catanzaro, Calabria  /   USA  1922.

Alias – Tough Tony

Relations – Umberto, Giuseppe + Gerardo [Brothers], J + A.Scotto [in-laws], A.Anastasio [Nephew].

Associates – C.Lombardozzi. J + F.DioGuardi [Lucchese], C.Bonasera + J.Oddo [Colombo].

Source – 1969 list / Dead by 1975 list.

One of 4 infamous brothers from Calabria, who headed an important faction within the Family. He, and brother Giuseppe, jumped ship in NYC in 1922. First arrest for Homicide in 1925, again with Giuseppe. Unable to convict them, the authorities deported them back to Italy. They returned in 1929, and using brother Albert’s influence, found work on the Brooklyn Docks. Tony soon became a power within the ILA, and controlled several piers for the Family. To gain this position he needed to use violence, as shown by arrest’s for Assault in both 1946 and 1952. Naturalized in 1940, and believed to have an interest in a Stevedore company.
With Albert becoming Boss in 1951, his position in the Family was strengthened. But in 1957 Albert was murdered and, under his successor Carlo Gambino, Tony lost prestige. He was forced out of his Union position, to be replaced by his son-in-law Anthony Scotto. Embittered, he talked to the authorities, but before he could be debriefed he died [1963].

ANASTASIO-GIUSEPPE  1905  Catanzaro, Calabria  /  USA  1922.

Relations – Umberto, Antonio + Gerardo [Brothers], Anthony [Nephew].

His early years are closely connected to his brother Antonio. Jumped ship together in NYC in 1922. Arrested together for Homicide in 1925, and deported together. Returned together in 1929 and, using brother Alberts influence, found work on the Brooklyn Docks. However, Giuseppe [Joseph] was never as important as his brothers, continuing to work in obscurity for both the Family and the ILA until his death in1956.

ANASTASIO-UMBERTO  1902 Catanzaro, Calabria  /  USA 1917

Alias – Albert Anastasia  /  Mad Hatter

Relations – Antonio, Giuseppe + Gerardo [Brothers], Anthony [Nephew].

Asssociates  : - V.Mangano, G.Guistra, LiConti, V.Crisalli, G.Parisi, J.Florino, A.Romeo.

Source – 1950 FBN / 1963 Valachi charts / Numerous books.

Born in Tropea Calabria, he entered America as a 15 year-old sailor in 1917, jumping ship.  He settled in Brooklyn, and found work as a Longshoreman on the Brooklyn docks.  His brothers Joseph + Anthony joined him in 1922.  His first known arrest was for the murder of a fellow Longshoreman in 1921.  Along with Joseph Florino, he was convicted and sentenced to death.  After spending many months in the “Death House”, they were acquitted at a second trial in 1922 when the main witness disappeared.  Within months he, and Florino, were arrested for the murder of Carmelo Ferraro, a witness against a Blackhand gang in Boston.  All the principals in this case were Calabrians.  At this point Anastasia was associating with an older Calabrian criminal called Biaggio Giordano.  In 1922 Giordano’s group were in conflict with a Sicilian faction led by the Busardo brothers from Palermo.  Several killings and shootings followed, with Anastasia + Florino arrested in April 1923 for the murder of Vincenzo Busardo.  However, the Sicilians had the last word in this conflict, when Giordano was killed and Anastasia wounded from ambush while driving in Brooklyn.  Anastasia barely survived his wound, and was then convicted of Felonious Assault + Gun Possession and jailed for 3 years.   A peace conference between Sicilians and Calabrians, which was raided by Police, in Dec. 1923 ended the fued.  Among the attendees were Ignazio Lupo [Sicilian] and Carmelo LiConti [Calabrian].  After serving 2 years, Anastasia was released and returned to the Brooklyn Docks.  In July 1926 Carmine Cenatiempo, a power in the ILA on the Docks was killed, and several Anastasia associates [ Florino, Parisi, ect.] were arrested.  Anastasia was finally arrested for this in 1928.  As with all his subsequent arrests, he was soon released.  The Sicilian-Calabrian conflict resurfaced in the late 1920’s, after Frankie Yale’s killing left a power vacume in South Brooklyn.  Giuseppe Peraino, a notorious Sicilian faction leader, was shot down after attending a rumoured peace meeting.  Arrested for this murder was Joseph Florino, Anastasia’s close associate and leading gunman.  Another bout of killings and woundings occurred during 1930-31, with well known Mafiosi like Oddo + Bonasera involved.  This conflict was not connected to the simultaneous “Castellammarese War”, although Anastasia was known to be close to people like Frank Costello, and others in the Masseria group.  After Masseria’s killing, with Maranzano seemingly triumphant, the various faction leaders held meetings to establish a new balance of power agreeable to all.  The former D’Aquila Family had a faction that were strongly entrenched on the Brooklyn Docks, under the leadership of Vincent Mangano.  Anastasia, through Gioacchino Parisi, Mangano’s in-law, made a pact with Mangano to eliminate any competition and dominate the Brooklyn dock rackets.  The main opposition were his fellow Calabrians, Carmelo LiConti and Johnny Guistra, who refused to become part of the unified organization, Cosa Nostra.  They controlled several ILA Locals, and in May 1931 were invited to the proverbial peace meeting.  Only Guistra attended, and was killed.  LiConti survived till 1932, when he was murdered in a Westside hotel.  By betraying his former friends, and fellow Calabrians, Anastasia became the Family underboss and leader of a Calabian faction within the Family.  The new found unity was soon imperilled by the killing of the Neapolitan Volpe brothers of Pittsburgh, ordered by  the Calabrian John Bazzano.  The Neapolitans, led by Genovese, threatened a new conflict.  So Bazzano was lured to Brooklyn and murdered, and his mentor, Frank Milano, was forced out as the Cleveland Family Boss.  Several Mafiosi were arrested on suspicion of Bazzano’s killing, including Anastasia.  As the unified organization settled into a more peaceful period, it was decided to organize a separate enforcement arm.  This was made-up of various Brooklyn gunmen, known as “Murder Inc.”, and Anastasia was the contact to them.  Numerous murder contracts, placed through Anastasia, were carried out throughout the 1930’s.  Eventually the authorities got enough evidence to break-up the group.  Anastasia only avoided prison by the mysterious death of informer Abe Reles in 1941.  About this time Anastasia joined the US Army for a short time, thus gaining citizenship and foiling attempts to deport him.  During the 1940’s he moved to a mansion in Fort Lee NJ, and associated closely with Costello, Moretti and Doto [Adonis] the leaders of the old Luciano Family.  His business interests were mainly in garment factories in Pennsylvania, and dockland rackets in Brooklyn. By the late 1940’s Anastasia’s alliance with Family Boss Mangano was at breaking point, with mutual distrust and fear on both sides.  Added to this was a power struggle between Costello and Genovese for control of their Family.  Anastasia strongly supported Costello, and with his support eliminated both the Mangano brothers and became Family Boss.  This caused a split with the majority Sicilian membership that would come back to haunt him.  In the meantime Anastasia named the Sicilian Frank Scalice as underboss, to reassure them.  With the “opening of the books”in the 1950’s, Anastasia inducted many supporters to strengthen his position.  Genovese had continued his campaign against Costello by an alliance with Lucchese, with whom he plotted to kill Anastasia, Costello’s ally.  At a Commission meeting in the mid-1950’s Anastasia + Costello made Lucchese admit his guilt, but Anastasia passed-up a chance to punish him.  So many new members were being inducted that there were suspicions that memberships were being sold.  Frank Scalice  was suspected, so in 1957 he was killed.  Scalice’s brother was also killed after vowing revenge.  This caused unrest in the Sicilian faction, now headed by the new underboss Carlo Gambino.  Genovese who had finally dislodged Costello, played on this and made an alliance with Gambino.  Using Joseph Biondo’s regime, they plotted Anastasia’s murder in a hotel barbershop in late 1957.             

ARCURI-DOMENICO   1886  Alles. Della Rocca, Sicily / USA  1906.

Relations – Joseph [Son].

Source – 1950 FBN list / 1969 list of Capo’s [Book – Don Carlo] / Dead by 1975 list.

Came to America in 1906 and lived for the next 18 years in Tampa, Florida [W.W.I. Registration]. May have been an early member in Tampa, as many members of that Family originated in Allesandro Della Rocca. Also believed related to Diecidue family, important Tampa Family members. Naturalized in 1924 and moved to NYC [1924 Passport Application]. May have been related to other Family members from Agrigento.Nothing known about his activities until listed in 1950 FBN report, living in Brooklyn. Owned a Liqour store in Manhattan. By 1960’s reported to be a Capo, but probably retired by time of his death in 1974. His son Joseph probably succeeded him as Capo.

ARMONE-STEFANO  1899  Palermo, Sicily  /  USA  1906.

Alias – 14th Street Steve

Relations – Joseph + Alfred [Brothers], S.Grammauta [?].

Associates – J.Biondo, F + A.Alberti, A.Romano, E.Tramaglino.

Source – 1963 Valachi charts / Biondo FBI File / FBN Book.

The oldest of the Armone brothers, who played important roles in the Families history.
Born in Palermo and came to America in 1906, settled in Manhattan’s Lower East Side [14th Street]. An early associate of Joseph Biondo, his record starts in 1916 with Petty Larceny, Assault + Battery [1918], Burglary and two counts of Narcotics dealing [1935 + 1942]. Served under Biondo, in the area of 12th Street and 2nd Avenue, and frequented the Alberti Bakery, run by Frank Alberti and his son Andrew. Served jail time for his 1935 Narcotics conviction and considered, by the FBN, a major drug distributor. A Capo by the 1950’s, he was joined by younger brothers Joseph and Alfred [?] in the Family.
When Albert Anastasia was killed in 1957, Biondo and Armone were suspected of involvement. He died suddenly in 1960.

ARONICA-EDUARDO   1890  Canicatti, Sicily  /   USA  1921

Associates – J.Biondo, S.Curto, P.Stincone [?], A.Dellacroce.

Source – 1963 Valachi charts / 1983 list.

A long time member, he lived on East 9th Street in a Family controlled area. As Pietro Stincone and Salvatore Curto came from the same town, they may have been associates. Known to be close to Joseph Biondo, as he was a witness at Biondo’s wedding in 1939. Later served under Capo Aniello Dellacroce. He later moved to Queens, but believed to be long retired by his death in 1974.

ATTARDI-ALFONSO   1897  P.Empedocle, Sicily  /   USA  1919.

Alias – Altroad / Jim Carra

Relations – Philip [?]

Associates – N.Gentile, S.Armone, S.Bellanca, G.Scarpulla, U.Rossi, A.Dimino.

Source – 1950 FBN Report / FBN Book

Although sometimes listed as a Genovese member, it is more likely he was a Gambino Family member. All of his associates are Gambino’s, he lived in a Gambino dominated area, and his two Narcotic’s arrests were with Nicola Gentile [1938] and Sebastiano Bellanca [1952]. Originally inducted in Sicily, he arrived in America in 1919. An Olive Oil importer living on East 11th Street, he was originally a follower of Accurso Dimino. Dimino, described by Gentile as the Capo of 106th Street, was killed in 1922. Later he was probably a member of the two “regime” composed of natives of Agrigento, and overseen by Gentile. Received 2 years for his involvement in the NYC-Texas drug ring, later increased to 8 years. After his release, he returned to NYC and became associated with Bellanca, an international drug smuggler. Upon his second arrest, he did the unthinkable and talked, accusing Bellanca. Fled into hiding and died of throat cancer, in 1972.


Source – 1950 FBN Report / Dead by 1975 list.

A mostly unknown member, seems to have been born in America but may have spent some time in Sicily. A man named Vincenzo Aversa entered the USA in 1914 from Palermo, and this is confirmed in the 1930 Census. In a WWI Registration card he was living on Stanton Street, Manhattan. But the 1920 Census states he was born in America. He may have been Naturalized in 1929.
By the 1950 FBN report, he lived in Brooklyn. If these are the same man, he seems to have died in 1969.   

BALSAMO-GIUSEPPE   1871   Terrasini, Sicily  /   USA  1895/97

Alias – Battista

Associates – V +  F.Mangano, G.Guistra, F.Ieole [Yale].

Source – Book – Crime Incorporated / Dead by 1975 list.

An early power in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. From Palermo, or possibly Terrasini, came to the USA in the 1890’s. His family ran a chain of fish shops, and he became a power in the Union Street market. Visited Italy in 1916-17. Possibly employed Vincent Mangano and John Guistra as bodyguards, and friendly with Frankie Yale. Retired by mid-1920’s, believed succeeded by Mangano. Date of death unknown, although there is an entry on the NYDI for a Batista Balsamo dying in 1940.
Later a Battista Balsamo [1902-69] was named as a member, but there is no record of kinship.

BARATTA-MICHAEL  1904 / 07  /   USA ?

Alias – The Bull

Relations – Peter [Brother].

Source – 1983 + 1989 list’s.

Different birth dates and spelling’s of his name, make this member difficult to trace.
With his brother, Peter, known as the “Bull brothers” and lived on Long Island. Possibly Naturalized in 1952. No other information available.


Alias – Joseph

Only source for this member is the Dead by 1975 list. The only other information is a possible Naturalisation in 1943. Two entries on the SSDI fit the known facts [name and dead by 1975]. Firstly 1894, born in Naples, lived in Brooklyn and died in 1965.
Secondly 1907, born in NYC, died in 1966.

BERNARDO-ESPEDITO    1904  Capua, Italy /   USA  1920

Alias – John

Not too much known of this member, who first appeared on Family lists as late as 1983 [as well as 1988 and 1989]. Came from Capua, entering the USA in 1920. Believed to have gained Naturalization in 1930, and at some point lived in Suffolk, NY. By the time of his death, in 1991, he lived in Brooklyn.

BIONDO-GIUSEPPE   1897  Barcellona, Sicily /  USA  1898.

Alias – Joe Banti

Associates – C.Gambino, N.Gentile, U.Valenti, S + J.Armone, F +A.Alberti, E.Aronica.

Born in Messina Province Sicily, he entered the USA as a baby in 1898.  The family lived on East 21st Street on the LES.  His father ran a saloon in the area, and he was soon associating with criminals.  His first known arrest was for Narcotics in 1919, and he started associating with Umberto Valenti, a fellow native of Barcellona and member of the D’Aquila Family.  Valenti was D’Aquila’s main gunman in his conflict with the Morello / Terranova faction.  Biondo was arrested for murder in 1922, during this conflict.  When Valenti was killed that same year, Biondo continued to lead his old faction based on East 12th Street.  Now a “made” member, he was Naturalized in 1927, and was an early friend of Luciano.  With D’Aquila’s murder in 1928, he stayed neutral during the subsequent “Castellammarese War”, although a friend of Luciano.  Biondo was convicted of Gun Possession in 1930, but escaped jail.  He was arrested again in 1931 in Cleveland, in the company of Luciano + Lucchese. At the end of the conflict he became a Capo, under new Family Boss Mangano.  By this time he had moved to Jackson Heights Queens.  He ran an extortion racket in the Taxi Cab trade, for which he was arrested in 1938.  His business interests included Real Estate and a Forwarding company.  He was known to have visited Luciano in Italy in the early 1950’s.  Under Anastasia’s leadership he allied to fellow Sicilian Gambino.  And it was to Biondo’s crew, that Gambino turned to help him eliminate Anastasia in 1957.  New Family Boss Gambino named Biondo as his underboss, with Stefano Armone succeeding him as Capo.  Biondo continued in this position until he was demoted around 1964-65.  The reason for this is variously reported as leaving his wife to live with a prostitute, cheating Gambino and involvement in Narcotics dealing.  Biondo died in 1966.  


Alias : - Frankie Brown

Associates : - H.Basso, L.Grillo, J.Plumeri [Lucc.].

 Listed on the1950 FBN Report and NARA records, his criminal record started in 1923. Lived in New Jersey, and later Florida. Believed he sponsored Ugo Basso into the Family in the 1950’s. May have been related to Leonard Grillo. Died in 1977.


Relations – Gaetano [?]

Several sources for this member, including the 1950 FBN report and the Dead by 1975 list. According to the 1930 Census, he was in prison at that point. Born in NYC and lived in Brooklyn. Nothing else known, except his death in 1974.

BUSSO-JOHN   1899    ?      , Italy /  USA  1924.

Alias – Johnny Connecticut

Associates – J.Biondo, S.Armone, F + A.Alberti, F.Citrano [Lucchese].

A member of Joe Biondo’s faction, based on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Mentioned several times in Biondo’s FBI file. Came to the USA in 1924 [1930 Census], and became involved in running Dice Games. His arrest record includes many entries for Gambling, Felonious Assault, Grand Larceny, Armed Robbery and Possession of a Gun. A partner, with Frank Citrano of the Lucchese Family, in a Bakery. Eventually retired to Miami, but no death date known.  


Relations – V. + P. Mangano [in-laws], C.Camarado [?].

Associates – A.Anastasia, J.Guistra, V.Crisalli.

Source is the book East Side, West Side. Never listed as a member, although heavily involved in the Families dock rackets. Born in NYC and lived in Brooklyn. Worked as a Longshoreman on the Brooklyn docks and joined the ILA in 1916. Rose to be a Vice-President and controlled several Locals. Originally these Locals were under the influence of John Guistra. However, after his murder in 1931, Vincent Mangano, the new Family Head and an in-law of Camarda, replaced Guistra. Several Camarda relatives were also involved in this racket. Camarda was also one of the founders of the City Democratic Club, the Families political powerbase.  But all this influence could not prevent his murder in 1941, although it is unknown if this was a Family hit.

CANEPA-SALVATORE   1901  Palermo, Sicily  /   USA  194?

Alias – John Sperandeo

Relations – Ugo [Brother], P.Ania [Uncle] – Sicily.

Source for him is the 1950 FBN Report and book. This man was only in the USA for a short time [1940’s – 1954], and may have been a member of the Sicilian Mafia rather than the American one. A long criminal record in Italy and France, starting in 1918, ended with a move to America in the 1940’s. Related to Pasquale Ania, a very important Sicilian Mafiosi. In NYC, he lived in Queens and frequented the Lower East Side. A large-scale Narcotic smuggler, with contacts with Corsican smugglers.
Arrested in 1950 for Drug’s, he was deported to Italy in 1954. No death date known.

CANTALUPO-EMELIO   1896  Salerno, Italy /  USA  1913.

Relations – Anthony [?]

The only source for this member is the 1950 FBN Report. His connection to the Gambino Family is unproven, but possible. An Anthony Cantalupo was a close associate of both Carlo Gambino and Joseph Colombo. The unusual name makes the connection possible. What we do know about him is that he lived in Detroit [WWI Registration] and had moved to Brooklyn [WW11 Registration], which matches his address in the 1950 FBN Report. He made a trip back to Italy in 1921 and died in 1959.

CASTELLANO-BARTOLO   1894   Palermo, Sicily /   USA  1910

Alias – Benjamin

Relations – Giuseppe + Costantino [Brothers], Francesco [Cousin], Paul [Nephew]

One of a large number of related members, who formed the largest faction within the Family. This member was mentioned in a 1958 Labour Racketeering Report and the Dead by 1975 list.  Like all of his connected relatives, he came from the city of Palermo and arrived in NYC in 1910. He was joining his brother Giuseppe, on 105th Street in Harlem. Bartolo became involved in Bootlegging, for which he had an arrest, and later Black Market crimes. He was also arrested for Counterfeit Ration Stamps, a wartime racket controlled by Carlo Gambino. Never more than a Soldier, he died in 1959.

CASTELLANO-COSTANTINO  1900  Palermo, Sicily /   USA  1924*

Relations – Bartolo + Giuseppe [Brothers], Francesco [Cousin], Paul [Nephew]

Another member of the dominant faction within the Family, named in both the 1950 FBN Report and the Dead by 1975 list. Not much known about him, except that he lived in Brooklyn and was Naturalised in 1928. Died in 1969.


CASTELLANO-FRANCESCO   1895  Palermo, Sicily /  USA  1915

Relations – Peter [Son], C, G + B.Castellano [Cousins], S.Gugliemini [in-law].

Numerous sources for this member, Valachi charts, 1950 FBN Report and Dead by 1975 list. Unravelling ties within the Castellano-Gambino-Masotto-Guglielmini families is very difficult, but here goes. The Patriarch of this faction appears to have been Salvatore Masotto, and when he died in 1934, Frank Castellano succeeded as both head of the faction and Family Capo. As there are two possible DOD’s for him, 1941 and 1959, his later years are confusing. If he died in 1941 [NYC Death Index], he may have been succeeded by Carlo Gambino. But if it was 1959, Gambino was already Acting Boss and the faction may have grown to cover several Regimes. His Son Peter was inducted as a member in the 1950’s.

CASTELLANO-GIUSEPPE   1878  Palermo, Sicily /   USA  1907*

Alias – Joseph

Relations – Paul [Son], Bartolo + Costantino [Brothers], Francesco [Cousin].

The Father of future Boss, Paul, this member is named in both the 1950 FBN Report and the Dead by 1975 list. His date of arrival is unsure, but was before 1910, when his brother joined him on 105th Street in Harlem. Later moved to Brooklyn [1930 Census], became a Butcher and was Naturalised in 1923. Like his brothers, remained a street soldier till his death in 1946 [NYC Death Index].

CHIRI-SALVATORE   1888 V.Scaglia, Palermo, Sicily /  USA  1908.

Alias – Tata Chirico

Associates – V. + P.Mangano, G.Traina, J.Biondo, F.Scalici, R.Dongarra.

A very active and senior member of the Family in the 1920-30’s, mentioned by both Gentile and Bonanno in their books. Seems to have entered America in 1908, but never became a citizen. According to his WW1 Registration he settled on East 14th street, and became a Butcher. A senior member of the Family by the late 1920’s, he is named in later NARA records as a former Under-Boss. By his WW2 Registration, he had moved to Palisades, NJ. He became a partner of Joseph Doto [Adonis] in a Car Conveyancing Company, and had interests in the Garment centre. Attended the 1957 Apalachin meeting, but soon retired and died in 1968. It is also possible that Chiri and Chirico are separate people, as Bill Bonanno’s book states a Commission meeting took place at Chirico’s home in Pelham Bay, Bronx in 1951.

CONTE-ANTONINO          ?   /    USA   ?

Alias : - Tony / Nino Conti

Relatives : - Pasquale[ Son ].

Various spellings of his name make him hard to research.  A Tony Conti was listed on the 1950 FBN Report, while a Nino Conti was believed to serve as Anastasia’s Under-Boss during the 1950’s. It is possible that future Capo Pasquale Conte was related to him. A man born in 1881, coming to America in 1902 and living in Brooklyn [1920 Census] is the most likely match. Believed to have known the Gambino family in Sicily. After coming to America he became wealthy by owning food shops, which became a Supermarket chain under his son Pasquale. Pasquale also joined the Family, and became a Capo.  We do know Antonino died in 1958.


Relations – Pasquale [Brother], Edward [Nephew].

Associates – L.Morici, J.Gigliotti, J.Gallo, A.Ripepi [Pittsburgh].

 Born in Boston, he was the son of Vito, a Calabrian born Blackhand extortionist who died in 1929.  The Family moved to Baltimore at some point in the 1910’s.  His brother Pasquale was convicted of murder in 1923, and sentenced to life imprisonment.  Pasquale was probably inducted in the 1940’s, and Frank followed him into the Families Baltimore regime soon after.  Was in his brother’s shadow, until his death in 1955, when he emerged as leader of the Calabrian faction.  With Morici standing down as Capo due to ill health in 1958, Corbi was promoted to his old position.  Reported to Joseph Gallo in NYC, and associated closely with fellow Calabrian Ripepi in Pittsburgh.  He was also known to collaborate with the Ohio Calabrian Society run from Youngstown + Campbell by Romeo and Mallamo. Corbi was reportedly wounded in a 1966 shooting,  Controlled clubs, bars + restaurants in Baltimore, from which he ran the local gambling trade.  The regime gradually died out over the following years, with Corbi’s nephew Edward the last man standing.  Frank Corbi died in 1990.    

CORBI-PASQUALE   1895  Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy /  USA  1899.

Alias – Patsy

Relations – Francesco [Brother], Edward [Son].

Associates – L.Morici, J.Gigliotti, F.Dabbene, A.Ripepi [Pittsburgh].

Elder brother of the better known Frank, and named in his FBI file, Patsy came to America as a child . With his Father Vito, became involved in Black Hand crimes in Ohio , Pennsylvannia and Massachusetts. Close to fellow Calabrians, like Antonio Ripepi in Pittsburgh and Youngstown, and may have belonged to Calabrian Society. Convicted of murder in 1923, and sentenced to life imprisonment.  Came to Baltimore at some point in the 1940’s and with fellow Calabrians, like Gigliotti and Dabbene, joined Gambino Family under Capo Louis Morici. Died prematurely in 1955.


Alias – Jimmy the Blonde

Relations – Joseph + Augustus [Sons], A.Sclafani [?].

Associates – C.Lombardozzi. G.Nobile, L.DioGaurdio + P.Albanese [Genovese]
S.Accardi + P.LoCascio [Lucchese].

Numerous sources including FBN book.
Born on Mott Street, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, in 1909. Grew-up there with numerous future Genovese and Lucchese members. Record started in 1937, with an arrest for Receiving, and a conviction for Narcotic’s trafficking. This case involved several Gambino members, so he seems to have been a member by then. Moved to Brooklyn, but still owned property and a Café in his old neighbourhood. Also ran a Trucking Company in Queens. Rose to position of Capo by the 1960’s, his sons being part of his Regime. Died in 1976, succeeded by his son Joseph.

CRISALLI-VINCENZO   1889   Calabria, Italy /   USA  1905.

Alias - Jimmy

Relations – G.Guistra [?]

Associates – V.LePore, V.Mangano, A.Anastasia.

Mentioned in NARA Records, and 1950 FBN report, as an important early member.
Came from Gallico,Calabria in 1905, and settled in the Red Hook district of Brooklyn. His address of 74th street on his WW2 Registration card, matches the entry for him on the 1950 FBN list. Returned from a visit to Italy in 1924. A power on the Brooklyn docks, and member of the City Democratic Club. After Guistra’s murder in 1931, became associated with Anastasia’s Calabrian faction.  Owned a Restaurant in Brooklyn.  Possibly a Capo, or even Consigliere by the 1950’s. Died in 1970, and named on the Dead by 1975 list.


Alias – Joe

Associates – J.Maugeri, V. + G.Cotroni [Canada].

Listed on the Valachi  and various Family charts up to 1989.
Born in the Bronx, his record started in 1932 and includes Extortion, Burglary, Vagrancy and Gambling. Also involved in Bootlegging in youth.
 His original occupation was as a Seaman, but he lost his licence after being involved in a Narcotics case in Texas [1949]. Many contacts in Canada, France and Mexico helped his Drug smuggling activities. No date of death known.

CULMO-ANGELO  1897  Caltanisetta, Sicily  /  USA  ?

Associates : - J.Arcuri, N.Patti, F.Piccolo.

Source is NARA Records.

Date of arrival is unknown, but settled in Ansonia, Connecticut. Listed on 1930 Census as a Plasterer. Possibly joined Family in 1940’s, as they expanded into new territory. Reported to first Domenico, then Joseph Arcuri as his Capo. Closely associated with Nick Patti and Frank Piccolo. Died in 1962. Son Angelo junior was a possible later member.

CURTO-SALVATORE   1889  Canicatti, Sicily /   USA  1913.

Associates – P.Stincone, E.Aronica.

The only source for Curto, is the Dead by 1975 list. He came from Canicatti, the same town as Pietro Stincone and Edward Aronica and lived in the same area of Manhattan [East 35th Street]. It is a fair assumption that he belonged to one of the Family Regimes composed of Agrigento natives. These two crews were under the control of Joseph Biondo and, later, Nicolo Gentile. Another link between Aronica and Curto, is that they travelled home on the same ship in 1948. No other information available till his death in 1969.

D’ACQUISTO-SALVATORE   1897  Palermo,Sicily /  USA  1914

The only source for this member was a secret recording of Gambino Boss John Gotti talking about replacing deceased members. Among the names mentioned was Sal D’Acquisto, who died in 1985. This matches an entry on the SSDI for Salvatore D’Acquisto, 1897-1985. On researching him, I found he came from Palermo in 1914 and was a Sailor during the 1920’s. Later he settled in Brooklyn and worked on the docks as a Longshoreman. Apart from a visit to Italy in 1956, he is completely unknown.

D’AQUILA-SALVATORE   1878  Palermo, Sicily /  USA  1906

Alias – Tata

Relations – Jerome [Son], C.Zaccaria [B-in-Law]

Associates – G.Traina, V.LoCicero, S.LoPiccolo.

 D’Aquila, who was born in Palermo in 1877, was probably an established Mafiosi by the time of his arrival in 1906.  Within 5 years of entering the USA he was elected as Ignazio Lupo’s successor as head of the Palermitani [later Gambino] Family.  His elevation may have led to a split, as an opposition faction, under Manfredi Mineo, allied to the Morello / Terranova + Castellammarese groups opposed him.  This led to several killings in 1913-14, with D’Aquila emerging victorious.  Before this conflict he had lived in East Harlem, but he moved to Brooklyn by 1915.  He made several visits to Sicily, and was denied citizenship in 1914.  He was elected as National head once it became obvious Morello + Lupo would remain jailed for years.  With the Morello / Terranova faction weakened by a conflict with the Brooklyn Camorra, D’Aquila had some time to consolidate his position.  In 1920 Giuseppe Morello was released from prison, and moved to regain his position.  D’Aquila called a meeting of Family heads, and they condemned Morello, Lupo, and their supporters to banishment or death.  Most of the condemned fled to Sicily to seek support from local Mafia leaders, but they backed D’Aquila.  Returning in 1922, the condemned, using the Castellammarese “Good Killers” gang as gunmen, started a conflict with the D’Aquila forces.  Leading the combined rebel faction was Joseph Masseria, a new power on the LES.  The killings continued through 1922-23, until a compromise was reached and some of the rebels were allowed back into the organization.  D’Aquila however would not forgive Masseria.  He finally gained his citizenship in 1926, by which time he had moved to the Bronx, and listed his occupation as butcher.  A serious conflict was raging in Palermo in the mid-1920’s, and D’Aquila was reported to have sent money and men to support one side.   D’Aqulia’s enemies were gaining strength, and an alliance of Masseria, Morello and Mineo was formed.  They moved against him in 1928, after D’Aquila had tried to move against the old Yale gangs rackets in South Brooklyn.  D’Aquila was killed in the Bronx, and replaced as Family Boss by Mineo.   

D’ARGENIO-EDWARD   1900  Avellino, Italy /  USA  ?

Alias – Eddie the Wop

Associates – P. + C.LoCascio [Lucchese]

Record from 1917 including Burglary, Grand Larceny, Extortion, Impersonation and Narcotics trafficking. Lived in Brooklyn, but frequented the LES of Manhattan.
Naturalised in 1925, and made a trip back to Italy in 1932. A major Drug dealer, for which he was convicted and sentenced to 9 years in 1954. Closely associated with Lucchese Family members the LoCascio brothers. No known date of death.

DEGREGORIO-ANNIELLO   1899     ?     

Relations – John [  ?  ].

Another little known member, listed in several Family charts published in the 1980’s.
This is misleading, as he died in 1975. Lived in Portchester, New York. Aside from this nothing else is known about him.

DELEO-CALOGERO   1883  P.Empedocle, Sicily  /   USA  ?

Associates – N.Gentile, V.LoCicero.

This man was mentioned in Nicolo Gentile’s manuscript, as an early member of D’Aquila’s Family. As he originated in Agrigento Province, and seemed to live in Manhattan, he may have been a member of one of the regimes made-up of men from that Province. Active in the 1920’s and associated with Vincenzo LoCicero. Possibly Naturalized in 1928. No date of death known.


Alias – The Ox

Relations – Thomas [?], John, Alexander and Michael D’Alessio [Nephews]

Associates – A.Anastasia, J.DioGuardi and A.Corallo [Lucchese].

Sources for this member are the 1950 FBN Report, the FBN book and the Valachi charts.
Born in NYC, and lived on Staten Island. Worked on the local docks and became involved in the ILA, the dockworkers Union. His criminal record began in 1920, and ran to over 20 entries, including Conspiracy, Gambling, Assault and Grand Larceny.
With the Families support, came to dominate all waterfront operations on Staten Island. Used his Nephews, the D’Alessio brothers, as his “muscle” and sponsored them to membership into the Family. Long retired by his death in 1981 in Missisippi.
His waterfront rackets passed to his Nephews.


Alias – Benny

Associates – G.Scarpulla, F.Luciano, J.Bisogno.

Born in NYC in 1905, and listed in the Valachi charts and the dead by 1975 list.
Had a long criminal record from 1925, including Robbery, Assault, Felonious Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Sodomy, Unlawful Entry and Illegal Possession of a Gun.
Lived and operated in the Bronx, being a close associate of Giacomo Scarpulla. The Families Bronx rackets were headed by Frank Scalici, a relative of Scarpulla who succeeded him as Capo in the 1950’s. DiBene, who owned a club in the Bronx, continued to serve under Scarpulla till his death in 1964.

DICARLO-CALOGERO   1901  Corleone, Sicily  /  USA  1922.

Alias : - Lelio

Relations : - Giovanni + Angelo [ Brothers], P.LoCascio [in-law] Lucchese Family.

Not sure why this man became a member of the Gambino Family. His two brothers were long-time members of the Lucchese Family. They were also related to the Head of the Mafia in Corleone, Michele Navarra. Arrived in 1922, to join his brothers, but  was interned as an Enemy Alien during 1942-43. Eventually Naturalized in 1951, he ran a Travel Agency in Manhattan. The Agency provided cover for Narcotic and Alien smuggling. Also believed engaged in Counterfeiting, with his deported brother Angelo. Died in 1994.

DILEONARDO-VINCENZO   1880   Bisacquino, Sicily /    USA   ?

Alias – Jimmy

Relations – Michael [Grandson].

Associates – S.D’Aquila, C.Zaccaria, O.Garofalo

Our source for him is the Testimony of his Grandson Michael, a soldier who “talked” in the 1980’s. According to him, his grandfather lived in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn and was a close associate of Salvatore D’Aquila, the Families first known leader. Naturalized in 1906. A possible confirmation of his existence is that in 1909 a letter from a Vincenzo DiLeonardo to Vito Cascio Ferro, famous Sicilian Mafioso, was found. In later years he operated under Capo Olympio Garofalo. Died in 1971.
No other information is known.

DIMINO-ACCURSIO   1885  Sciacca, Sicily /   USA   1900

Associates – S.D’Aquila, U.Valenti, A.Attardi.

The source for this early member was Nicola Gentile’s memoirs. Gentile calls him the Capo of 106th Street in Harlem. A dealer in Olive Oil, he was part of the Families Manhattan faction, whose members were mostly from Agrigento Province in Sicily.
He was a close associate of Umberto Valenti and was suspected, with him, of killing  Fortunato LoMonte in 1914. This was part of a power struggle with the Morello family, D’Aquila’s enemies. Later DiMino was involved in the 91 Elizabeth Street gambling house, run by the Families Manhattan faction. By the early 1920’s the D’Aquila – Morello conflict was raging again and in 1922 DiMino was murdered.

DONGARRA-ROSARIO   1896  Gangi, Sicily /   USA  1906

Alias – Charley Brush

Associates – J.Riccobono, J.Gallo, J.Rao + J.Stracci [Genovese], C.Bonasera [Colombo].

Numerous sources for this member including 1950 FBN Report, FBN book and the 1963 Valachi charts.
He came to America in 1906, joining his Father. Settled first on 1st Avenue in Manhattan, and worked on Elizabeth Street. Later moved to Brooklyn, and began his criminal record with an arrest for carrying a gun in 1921 along with Salvatore Luciano. The following year he was arrested after Umberto Valenti was murdered. In fact, he was Valenti’s bodyguard ? and survived Joseph Masseria’s ambush. Despite these crimes he was Naturalized in 1927. Seems to have avoided the authorities for some time, and emerged in the 1940’s as a power in the Garment centre. Had interests in two clothing companies in Brooklyn. Also known to be a Capo by the early 1950’s. Believed, by the FBN, to be involved in Narcotics trafficking. Died in 1973, his regime passing to Joseph Gallo.

FELICE-PETER         1896    ?

Alias – Mardiella

Another of those obscure figures, the only source being the Dead by 1975 list.
Probably the man wounded in 1931, reportedly an associate of “ Legs Diamond “.
The same man was murdered in 1937 in Harlem.

FERACO-VINCENZO   1882     ?       /   USA   1905

Alias – James / Dirty Face

Associates – U.Anastasia, A.Romeo, V.Florino.

A member of Anastasia’s Calabrian faction, mentioned in several books, including Murder Inc. Seems to have come to America in 1905, but stayed only 3 years before returning to Italy. Returned in 1923, going to a Cousin in Connecticut. By the late 1920’s he was involved in waterfront rackets on the Brooklyn docks. Probably inducted into the Family in 1931-32 with other Calabrians, as Anastasia became the Under-Boss. Feraco was involved in some of the Murder Inc. killings, and as a result of Abe Reles talking, was murdered in 1940 to protect Anastasia and Lepke.

FERRIGNO-STEFANO   1900      ?

Alias – Fenucci

Relations – Bartolo [Bro], I.Dragna [in-law] Los Angeles

Associates – M.Mineo, G.Masseria.

Possibly born in USA, or arrived in 1922 from Sicily. Settled in Brooklyn and became associated with Manfredi Mineo. Only arrest record for him was in 1927 for Grand Larceny. In 1928 conflict broke-out in Brooklyn after the murder of Frankie Yale. Salvatore D’Aquila, the Family head, tried to move in on Yale’s old territory and, meeting resistance, killed one of Yale’s old gang. The remaining members turned to Joseph Masseria for protection, and he contacted his ally Mineo. Within days D’Aquila was killed, probably by members of his own Family. As Mineo, with Masseria’s support, succeeded to leadership of the Family, it is possible that Ferrigno was involved in D’Aquila’s murder. With the outbreak of the Castellamarese War, Masseria came to rely on Mineo’s support. In late 1930 a strategy meeting was held in Ferrigno’s Bronx apartment. Unknown to Masseria, the Castellamarese had staked-out Ferrigno’s home hoping to kill him. When Masseria failed to come out, they took the opportunity to kill Mineo and Ferrigno, when they left the meeting.

FLORINO-JOSEPH   1895  Calabria, Italy /   USA   ?

Alias – Giuseppe Speranza [Real name].

Associates – U.Anastasia, A.Romeo, G.Parisi.

Florino was an early associate of Albert Anastasia, and spent many months in the Death House with him in 1921-22 for the murder of a Longshoreman called Turello [source, the book Under the Clock]. He continued to serve as one of Anastasia’s Calabrian faction, and in 1930 was suspected of killing Giuseppe Peraino [AKA Clutch Hand], during a Sicilian-Calabrian conflict for control of South Brooklyn.
With Anastasia appointed Under-Boss, Florino  and his other Calabrian followers entered the Family as soldiers, serving under “Dandy Jack” Parisi. Florino  may have been involved in, his friend, Tony Romeo’s murder in 1942 and continued to wield influence on the Brooklyn docks through-out the 1940-50’s. After Anastasia’s murder in 1957, he faded from the scene and died in 1964.


Alias – Gus

Relations – Joseph [?]

Associates – J.Biondo, S.Armone, J.Busso, E.Tramaglino, A.Alberti.

Born in NYC, if he is the brother of Joe Franco, possibly of Calabrian heritage. Lived in the Bronx, but operated in the Family stronghold in lower Manhattan. Associated with the Joe Biondo faction, and mentioned in Biondo’s FBI File, at the Alberti Bakery on East 12th Street. A partner of Johnny Busso.  His record started in 1927 and contained mainly Narcotics arrests and two convictions [Source FBN book]. Also listed in 1983 and 1988 Family charts, although possibly died in 1966.


Relations – Cosmo [?]

Associates – N.Gentile, C.Lombardozzi, V.Corrao.

There is some mystery over this member, we may be confusing two separate people. Nicola Gentile wrote of a Joe DiFranco, a Calabrian, who conspired with him to kill Dominic Didato [AKA Terry Burnes] in 1936. While later sources [1950 FBN Report and Dead by 1975 list] state Joseph Franco was a Capo who died in 1957. Whether they are the same man is the mystery.

FRIA-PIETRO   1894       ?

Alias – Peter

Another member who we know little about, in this case, not even their birth place. Sources are the Dead by 1975 list and, long after his death, the 1983 and 1988 Family charts. He lived on East 13th Street in lower Manhattan and owned a luncheonette in the area [WW2 Reg.]. He was possibly Naturalized in 1952, and made trips back to Italy in 1951 and 1955. He died in 1972.


Alias – Frank the Wop

Relations – Anthony [?].

Associates – J.Armone.H.Fontana [Colombo].

This member is listed in the 1963 Valachi charts, and mentioned in the Pennsylvania Crime Report [1980]. Born in NYC, and lived in Brooklyn [1920 Census]. By the 1930 Census is described as an Ice Dealer, an industry that was in bloody conflict in that year. Rose to become a Capo by the 1970’s.Later associated with Harry Fontana, a Profaci / Colombo Capo, in shylocking on the Brooklyn waterfront. Relationship with Anthony Gagliardi, future Gambino soldier, unknown. Died in 1982, and was succeeded as Capo by Joseph Armone.

GAMBINO-CARLO   1902   Palermo, Sicily /  USA  1921.

Alias – Don Carlo

Relations – Paolo [Brother], C, B + G.Castellano [Uncles], P.Castellano + T.Masotto [Cousins], T.Lucchese [in-law].

Associates – F.Castellano, F.Scalici, V.Mangano, A.Anastasia, J.Biondo. S.Accardi [Lucchese].

Born into a Mafia Family in the Uditore / Passo Rigano area of Palermo in 1902.  His family was related to many Mafiosi, both in Sicily and NYC, including his father Tommaso.  Entered America at Norfolk Virginia in 1921, settling with his Castellano relatives in Brooklyn.  Joined a Family faction headed by Salvatore Masotto, and later by Frank Castellano.  Important enough by 1930 to be targeted by the Maranzano forces, with his brother Paolo mistaken for him.  Arrested in 1937 for Tax Evasion, but evaded prison.  A Capo by the 1940’s, when he ran a large scale counterfeit Ration Stamp racket, which made him rich.  Moved to Long Island, and became a partner in a Labour Consultancy.  He also had interests in Clothing and Trucking companies in NYC’s Garment Centre.  His brothers Paul and Joseph were members, as well as his cousins Paul Castellano + Thomas Masotto.  In 1951 control of the Family passed to the Calabrian faction, headed by Albert Anastasia.  Frank Scalice was underboss, and led the Sicilian faction, until his murder in 1957.  Gambino succeeded to both positions, and began to plot against Anastasia.  Supported by Genovese + Lucchese, his in-law, he used Joseph Biondo’s regime to kill Anastasia in late 1957.  Gambino was then elected Family Boss, with Biondo as underboss and brother Paul as Capo.  In alliance with Lucchese, he dominated the Commission and brought an end to rebellion in the old Profaci Family by supporting Joseph Colombo as the new Boss.  There then followed a power struggle with Joseph Bonanno, which led to an internal conflict in the Bonanno Family.  Bonanno retired in 1968, about the same time Lucchese died, leaving Gambino all powerfull.  His son Thomas was inducted, and inherited Lucchese garment business.  Gambino died in 1976, with his cousin Paul Castellano succeeding him as Family Boss.  

GAMBINO-PAOLO   1904  Palermo,Sicily  /  USA   19? .

Relations – Carlo [Brother], C, B + G.Castellano [Uncles], P.Castellano, T + V.Masotto [Cousins]. L.Giammona [in-law / Lucchese].

Associates – F.Scalici, G.Scarpulla, U.Rossi.

Sources for Carlo’s younger brother are the 1963 Valachi charts, and the Dead by 1973 list. Date of entry unknown, but active in Masotto / Castellano faction by late 1920’s. His record started in 1929 with Suspicion. Lived in Brooklyn, and played small part in Castellamarese War. Mistaken for Carlo, he was wounded in late 1930 by the Maranzano side. Not “made” at that point, but joined at the end of the conflict. Arrested again in 1937 for Bootlegging and Tax Evasion, and fled to Italy. Returned within a year and was later jailed for Counterfeit Ration Stamps, a racket run by Carlo. Registered as an Alien in 1940. Known to have visited “Lucky” Luciano in Italy in the early 1950’s. With Carlo’s rise, became a Capo and supported his brother against a rebellion by Anastasia loyalists. Through-out the 1960-early 1970’s was a very close advisor to Carlo. Died in 1973.

GARAFOLA-OLYMPIO   1904  Palermo, Sicily /  USA  1927. 

Alias – Lillo

Associates – C + P.Zaccaria, F.Scalici, J.D’Amico, V +M.DiLeonardo.

Different spellings of his name, and uncertainty over his date of birth, make this member very difficult to trace. Listed in the 1969 book Don Carlo as a Capo, and the 1983 chart. He seems to have lived on 2nd Avenue in Manhattan. May have been Naturalized in 1955. May have known Carlo Zaccaria, as Carlo’s son Paul succeeded him as Capo in the early 1980’s. Led a Regime during 1960-80’s. Died in 1986.

GARGANO-MARIO   1894  Salerno, Italy /    USA  1922.

Another mysterious member, known to us only because he is named on the Dead by 1975 list of deceased Family members. He came to America in 1922 from Consilina, in Salerno Province, Italy. He was joining his Father in Brooklyn. In the 1930 Census his occupation was listed as a Barber. Seems to have been Naturalized in 1935. Aside from his death in 1970, nothing else about him is known.

GENTILE-NICOLA    1884  Siculiana, Sicily  /    USA  1903.

Alias : - Cola

Associates  : - V.Mangano, J.Biondo, J.Parlapiano, G.Trapia,J.Franco, U.Valenti.

Gentile’s connection to this Family comes much later, but when he first arrived in NYC he lived at 90 Elizabeth Street in Little Italy.  This was a known Family gambling location, connected to D’Aquila + DiMino.  After serving in several Families during the 1910-20’s [Pittsburgh, Castellammarese [Brooklyn], San Francisco, Kansas City, Cleveland, ect.], he joined the Family around 1933-4.  Because of his experience, and birthplace, Family Boss Mangano put him in charge of 2 Regimes of Agrigento born members.  Was a suspect in the murder of Domenico Didato [Terry Burnes], a partner, in 1936.  During the late 1930’s he was involved in a nationwide Narcotics ring operating as far as Texas and New Orleans.  In 1937 he was arrested, along with many others, Fearing prison, he fled back to Sicily and settled in Palermo.  Once back in Sicily he was involved in Narcotics smuggling to America, using his son-in-law Pietro Davi.  In 1958 the FBN intercepted a letter between Gentile and Biondo, forcing him to inform.  Some 4 years later Gentile authored a book detailing his career in the Mafia.  This breech of “Omerta”caused a death sentence, which was never acted on.  In his last years he lived in poverty and contempt, subsisting on the kindness of his neighbours.  His DOD is 1966.       


Alias : - Joe the Wop.

Lived on Manhattan, and frequented the Little Italy area. Named in the FBN book, and various charts. Record dates back to 1936, and includes Narcotics convictions. Believed to be the secret owner of several NYC nightclubs. Closely associated with Vincent Corrao, who was probably his Capo. Died in 1968.

GRILLO-LEONARDO   1905  Marsala, Sicily /   USA  1921.

Relations : - F.Bongiorno [C], Ernest + Liborio [?].

This member only puts in an appearance on the 1983 Family chart. He originated in Marsala, Sicily and entered the USA in 1921 at Philadelphia. He was heading for Houston Street, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Later he lived in Brooklyn. An important Family meeting was held in his home in 1967.Several other Grillo’s appear in Family lists, but their connection to him is unknown. Died in New Jersey in 1993.

GRISAFI-CALOGERO   1885  Caltabelotta, Sicily /   USA  1904.

We know of this member from a Secret Service report from 1912 . Salvatore Clemente, their most important informant, had attended a meeting at Vincenzo LoCicero’s store. Grisafi was inducted into the Salvatore D’Aquila Family. Our only sight of him after this is on the 1940 Census. He was a Naturalized citizen , living on 53rd street. No date of death available.

GUGLIELMINI-SALVATORE   1883   Cefalu, Sicily /  USA  1906

Relations – Frank [?], S.Masotto [?], F.Castellano [?], L.Morici [in-law].

Associates – C + P.Gambino, T + V.Masotto.

A veteran member of the dominant faction and related to the Patriarch of it, Salvatore Masotto. Numerous relatives in the Family, and named in the 1963 Valachi charts. Seems to have entered the USA in 1906 and gone to Baltimore. This may explain his marriage ties to Luigi Morici, the Gambino’s Capo there. After Masotto’s death [1934], he served under Frank Castellano, another relative and named on his WW2 Registration card. Like many of his “connected” relatives, he was a butcher. Never rose above the rank of soldier and died in 1958.

GIUSTRA-GIOVANNI   1898   Catona, Calabria /   USA  1913.

Alias – Silk Stocking Johnny

Associates – C.LiConte, V.Crisalli.

Mentioned in many books on the 1920-30’s period as a dominant power on the Brooklyn docks.  Some sources put him, and Carmelo Liconte, in the Masseria/Genovese Family. He and Liconte seemed to head a separate Calabrian faction, and they may have been eliminated for refusing to join Cosa Nostra.  However, the later connections of relatives point to the Mangano/Gambino Family as their likely home.  Naturalized in 1927, with a member of the Camarda family as a witness, when living at 1st Place, Brooklyn.  He controlled 6 ILA locals, with Emil Camarda as a front.  He was also a partner in an Undertaking firm with Liconte.  In 1930 he was arrested for Extortion. The Calabrian faction seemed to be in conflict with the Sicilian Peraino/Profaci Family for control of South Brooklyn rackets formerly run by Frankie Yale. After much bloodshed,  in May 1931 he and Liconte were invited to a peace meeting in Manhattan.  Giustra attended, and was shot to death on Monroe street.  Liconte was killed 2 months later, and their interests taken-over by Albert Anastasia and Vincent Mangano.   

IDA-DOMINIC   1899     ?        /   USA  1907.

This member is sometimes confused with a Domenico Ida, a member from Rochester, NYS. The source for Dominic is the Dead by 1975 list, and he arrived in America in 1907. A WW1 Registration tells us he resided on Spring Street, in Manhattan. He was Naturalized in 1919. Later he moved to Brooklyn. We have no details of his life or death.

IGNIZIO-JOHN   1901        ?      /   USA   1920.

Yet another member who appears on Family charts published in the 1980’s, without any prior mention. He can be found on the 1930 Census, living in Brooklyn. It states he entered the USA in 1920, and he was Naturalized in 1949. He seems to have retired to Florida at some point and died there in 1984.

LAGAIPA-CALOGERO   1895   Realemonte, Sicily /   USA  1913.

Alias – Big Nose Charlie

Associates – N.Gentile, A.Attardi, V.Mangano, A.Anastasia, J.Biondo. S.Maceo [Texas], A.Lima [SF].

A well-known Narcotics dealer, and close associate of important Family leaders, who is listed in the Dead by 1975 and the 1950 FBN Report. Seemed to come to America in 1913, from Porto Empedocle, Sicily. He took a trip back to Sicily in 1920, and was Naturalized in 1926. During the 1930’s he became associated with Nicola Gentile in a huge drug smuggling ring between NYC and Texas. At this point he lived on Staten Island. According to his WW2 Registration card  [1940’s], he was a travelling Jewelry salesman and lived in San Francisco, California. An informant, called James Carra [Alfonso Attardi], stated LaGaipa was convicted for dealing drugs, but bribed a judge to escape prison. But he could not escape his fellow Mafiosi, and in 1944, his blood-splattered car was found in California. His body was never found.

LAGANA-DOMINICK    1903 / 07   USA

Another of those members names that suddenly appears in Family charts in the 1980’s, without any previous mention. In this case we do not even have his birth date, the 1988 chart states 1903 and the 1989 one says 1907. All we do know is that he was born in NYC, and lived in Brooklyn. The man born in 1903, who died in 1977 in Florida, had an arrest in 1930 for Extortion.

LAPORE-VINCENT   1899         ?       /   USA  1906/08

Alias – Jimmy Marino

The uncertainty over his real name makes him a confusing figure. Mentioned by several sources, Valachi, Bonanno and Gentile, as a victim of the Castellamarese War.
He seemed to live in the Westchester area and frequented the Bronx. Believed to be involved in bootlegging in the NYC Central Railroad yards. Listed in the 1930 Census as a Contractor working at the City dumps. May have been Family Under-Boss, under Frank Scalici, in the summer of 1931. He was killed in September 1931 outside a barbershop, as part of the aftermath of Maranzano’s murder. This may have been a warning to Scalici to step-down as Family Boss, which he later did. Another theory was a statement found in NARA by Joseph Valachi, who said the murder was commited by Ciro Catania. He was a brother of Joe [the Baker] Catania, and blamed Lepore for his brothers killing in early 1931.

LICALSI-GIUSEPPE   1885  Aless. D. Rocca, Sicily  /   USA   1899.

Named in the Dead by 1975 list, this member was from Allesandria Della Rocca in Agrigento Province. In 1899 he came to America, to relatives in Tampa, Florida. The significance of this is that several other Gambino members, previously lived in Tampa. The Mangano brothers had relatives in Tampa, and the Arcuri and Amato families too.
Arriving on the same ship as LiCalsi, was a member of the Scaglione family, prominent Tampa Mafiosi. Many members of the Tampa Family originated in Allesandria Della Rocca. At some point LiCalsi moved to NYC and joined the Family, then headed by Salvatore D’Aquila. Seems to have obtained Naturalisation in 1933, and lived in Manhattan. By the early 1950’s was associated with John Robilotto, and with him, was a suspect in the 1951 murder of Willie Moretti. Retired by time of his death in 1972.

LICASTRI-FILIPPO   1887   Marineo, Sicily. /   USA  1910.

Alias - Phillip

Relations – Vincenzo [  ?  ].

This member arrived in the USA in 1910, going to a brother-in-law on Elizabeth Street. Apart from that, very little is known about him. Named on the Dead by 1975 list [ he died in 1968 ]. Lived on Staten Island and may have been related to Vincenzo, a member from the 1950’s.

LICONTI-CARMELO   1888   Calabria /   USA  1904.

Relations – Charles [Son].

Associates – G.Guistra,

A well known Gang leader of the 1920-30’s, mentioned in many books.  Along with John Giustra, he headed a Calabrian faction who were in conflict with the Peraino/Profaci Family for control of South Brooklyn rackets.  They may have started-out as associates of Frankie Yale, a fellow Calabrian who dominated this area before his murder in 1928.  He was arrested in 1923 on suspicion of murder, and gained Citizenship in 1925. Lived in Greenwood Heights, and took-over some of Yales rackets in Coney Island and Red Hook.  He, and Giustra, were partners in an Undertakers.  Liconte was also involved in union racketeering in the ILA and Barbers Association.  There was much bloodshed 1930-31, and in May he and Giustra were called to a peace meeting in Manhattan.  On the way there they suffered a puncture, which Liconte fixed, while Giustra went ahead.  Giustra was killed in an ambush, at the fake meeting.  Liconte checked himself into a Hospital, then he disappeared.  Two months later [July] he came out of hiding to meet someone at a hotel on West 46th street in Manhattan.  His tortured body was found the next morning.  His fellow Calabrian Albert Anastasia might have betrayed him, as the Mangano/Gambino Family inherited his interests.  Charles Liconte, a son, later became a Gambino member.  

LIMANDRI-MARCO   1891  Palermo, Sicily  /   USA  1913.

Alias – Mimi / Michael

Relations – Joseph [Son], John + Phillip [    ?    ], F.Fiorello [Son-in-law], S + J.Dippolito [ Los Angeles ],M.Pecoraro [  ?  ].

This man was originally a member of D’Aquila’s Family, he came from Palermo in 1913. He lived at various locations in Manhattan, and at one point in New Jersey [1920 Census]. He became Naturalized in 1930, but in 1935 was arrested for sending drugs and counterfeit money through the mail. In 1942 he was arrested again for Boot-legging. At some point in the 1940’s he moved to San Diego, California and bought a grape ranch, which he ran with Los Angeles Capo Salvatore Dippolito. By now he was deeply involved in Narcotics smuggling with his son-in-law Frank Fiorello. His son Joseph married Salvatore Dippolito’s daughter and joined the Los Angeles Family. Retired by his death in 1977.


Relations – Vincenzo [Father], Joseph [Brother].

Associates – J.Biondo.

Listed in the 1950 FBN Report, with brother Joseph, as living on Long Island. His Father was Vincenzo, probably one of the founders of the Family. There seemed to have been a Tampa connection, as Felix lived there at one point. The family may have originated in Santa Stefano in Agrigento Province, the birthplace of many Tampa Mafiosi. Felix was a witness on Joseph Biondo’s citizenship papers. Unable to find a death date for him.


Relations – Vincenzo[Father], Felix[Bro]’

Named in the 1950 FBN Report, along with brother Felix, he lived in Brooklyn. A son of Vincenzo, a very important early member. His common name makes it difficult to trace any further details about him.

LOCICERO-VINCENZO   1865  S.Stefano, Sicily ?   /   USA  1889

Relations – Felix + Joseph [Sons]

Associates – S.D’Aquila, C.DeLeo, G.Traina, C.Grisafi.

According to Nicolo Gentile, LoCicero was a Capo in the D’Aquila Family in the late 1910’s – early 1920’s. He is listed in the 1900 Census, entering the USA in 1889, and living in Manhattan. Secret Service records name him as an associate of D’Aquila from as early as 1912, when a Family meeting was held at his store. Naturalized in 1919, he lived on East 80th Street. Gentile says in 1920-21 LoCicero tried to induct him into the D’Aquila Family. The NYDI list’s a 1923 death for him, whether natural or violent is not known. The 1950 FBN Report listed his sons Felix [1897] and Joseph [1898] as members.

LOPICCOLO-GIUSEPPE   1899  Partinico, Sicily  /   USA  1923

Associates – P.Gambino, M.Pecoraro, L.Orlando.

One of three LoPiccolo’s in the Family, this man came to America in 1923 and spent the next 24 years living in Detroit, where he was Naturalized in 1947. He may have become a member there, having an arrest for Boot-legging, and transferred his membership. In 1947 he moved to Long Island, NY and opened a Shoe shop. Listed in the FBN book and Valachi charts. Suspected of Narcotics dealing, he was a close associate of Paul Gambino. Died in 1968 on Long Island.

LOPICCOLO-STEFANO ?    1882  Monreale, Sicily  /   USA  1910

Relations – Joseph [Nephew].

Associates – S.D’Aquila.

Nicolo Gentile is again our source, stating that a       ?      LoPiccolo was a Capo under D’Aquila in the 1910-20’s. My reason for thinking this was Stefano, is his relationship with Joseph, a future member. Stefano entered in 1905 at New Orleans, joining his brother Filippo [Father of Joseph]. He was from Monreale, birthplace of several important early NO Mafiosi. By 1916 he lived in Brooklyn [Naturalization papers]. In 1932 he made a trip home, by which time he owned a grocery shop. No other details are known.

LUCIANO-FRANK   1900  Salerno, Italy  /   USA   1904.

Alias : - Frank Miller

Named in the FBN book, and the Valachi charts, this member had a long criminal record dating from 1917. Lived in Queens, but frequented the Bronx area. Naturalized in 1940. A partner in a restaurant with Joe Valachi, who he fell-out with in the 1940’s.
Served under Joseph Riccobono, and suspected of Narcotics smuggling. Died in 1972.


According to Alfonso Attardi, a Family member turned informer, Salvatore D’Aquila was betrayed by his Under-boss. He names him as Salvatore Mambrao, who was later killed in the Castellamarese War. The problem with this is that there is no record of such a person. Most researchers assume that he meant Manfredi Mineo, who succeeded D’Aquila as Family Boss. However, it is possible that “ Mambrao “was another person. If so a possible contender would be Salvatore Manfre [ 1882-1928], who came to America from Ghibellina, Sicily in 1907.

MANCUSO-GIUSEPPE   1900  Alcamo,Sicily  /  USA  1930
MANCUSO-SALVATORE   1906  Alcamo, Sicily  /  USA  1929
MANCUSO-SERAFINO   1911  Alcamo, Sicily  /  USA    ?

All three Mancuso brothers illegally entered the USA during the late 1920’s- early 1930’s. They were probably made in Sicily, and associated with the Family. All were involved in Narcotics smuggling, for which Serafino and Salvatore were arrested in 1936. All were eventually deported back to Italy, Giuseppe in 1935, Serafino in 1947 and Salvatore in 1949. They continued their criminal activities in Alcamo.

MANGANO-FILIPPO   1898  Palermo, Sicily  /   USA  1909.

Alias – Phillip Cohen.

Relations – Vincenzo [Brother].

The younger brother of Family Boss Vincent, Phil Mangano served as his brother’s muscle. Arrived in1909, 4 years after Vincent, accompanied by another brother Girolamo. Settled in Brooklyn with the rest of the family. By the early 1920’s, with Vincent rising within the Italo-American underworld, Phil “ made his bones “. He was arrested for the murder of Giovanni Pecoraro, an old Mafioso and member of the Morello faction. This killing in 1923 was part of the D’Aquila-Morello conflict.
In 1925, the year of his Naturalization, he was arrested in Buffalo with local power Joseph DiCarlo. There is no mention of him during the Castellamarese War, but with Vincent becoming Family Boss, Phil was promoted to Capo. In reality, he became his brother’s right-hand man. This did not stop him keeping his hand in, in 1935 he was a suspect in the murder of Joe Amberg and his bodyguard.
The 1930-40’s were golden years for the Mangano brothers, Phil becoming a partner in a Shipping company. But trouble was brewing, the Families Calabrian faction, led by Albert Anastasia, were becoming restive. In 1951 Anastasia made his move, and his first victim was the dangerous Phil Mangano. Lured from a Brooklyn bookie’s, he was shot and his body dumped in marshland. Vincent Mangano disappeared the same day, his body never found.

MANGANO-VINCENT   1888  Palermo, Sicily  /  USA  1905.

Alias – Ace

Relations – Filippo [Brother], C.Scannavino + G.Parisi [ in-laws ].

Associates – N.Gentile, J.Biondo, A.Anastasia,G.Balsamo, G.Masseria [Genov.].

Mangano was born in the city of Palermo Sicily, and arrived as a teenager in 1905 possibly at Boston.  He lived at various locations in Brooklyn, before settling on President Street.  His brother Filippo [Phil] joined him in 1909.  Mangano had early arrests for Fraud [1912] and Assault + Robbery [1919].  His WW1 Registration card has him working as a clerk in a Fish Store, possibly belonging to Giuseppe Balsamo, a local Mafia power and patron.   He was a suspect in the 1923 murder of Irish gang leader “Wild Bill” Lovett.  Became a power on the Brooklyn docks, and a member under D’Aquila.  He also had strong connections in Buffalo, being a Godparent to Angelo Palmeri’s daughter.  After the murder of D’Aquila in 1928, he and Giuseppe Traina attended the Cleveland Mafia meeting.  All the attendee’s were arrested and charged with Criminal Association.  The new Family Head was Manfredi Mineo, who was supported by Masseria over the more senior Giuseppe Traina.  The murder of Mineo during the “Castellammarese War” forced members to choose sides, and caused disintegration.  Mangano, Traina and Scalice were reported to have shifted allegiance to Maranzano by Christmas 1930.  With the killing of Masseria, Scalice became the Family Boss supported by Maranzano.  Mangano moved to strengthen his position by making an alliance with Anastasia, and eliminating Guistra + LiConti, to dominate the dock area rackets.  Maranzano, not trusting Mangano, urged Scalice to eliminate him.  Scalice hesitated to do this, causing Maranzano to distrust him also.  With Maranzano’s killing in late 1931, Mangano finally became Family Boss, with Anastasia as underboss.  The Families Manhattan faction were put under Nicola Gentile, Anastasia ran the Calabrian faction, while Mangano controlled the Brooklyn Docks through the ILA.  The Family HQ was the Democratic Club on Clinton Street.  Mangano described himself as a Real Estate dealer.  He, with Bonanno, Profaci + Gagliano dominated the Commission for the next 20 years.  Anastasia’s activities were mostly with non-Family associates, especially Costello, Doto and Jewish gangsters like Lepke.  This allowed the Sicilians like Mangano, Scalice, Biondo, Chirico, ect. to run the Family rackets.  At the end of the “Castellammarese War”, Anastasia had been forced onto the Family by Luciano. By the late 1940’s, tension between Mangano and Anastasia were reaching breaking point, with distrust and fear growing.  This was complicated by the Costello – Genovese power struggle, with Anastasia a close ally of Costello.  In 1951 Anastasia and Costello plotted the death of the Mangano brothers, so that Anastasia could take-over the Family and strengthen the anti-Genovese alliance.  First taking-out the dangerous Phil, Vincent then disappeared without trace.   

MANNINO-IGNAZIO    1889*   Palermo, Sicily  /   USA  1906.

Alias – John Mileno

There are two sources for this member, the Dead by 1975 list and several mentions in the NARA Records. On arrival in  NYC he went to relatives on Elizabeth Street, in Little Italy. Very little else known, apart from his death in 1957.

MARCIANO-LUIGI   1892  Sciacca, Sicily  /   USA  1903.

Associates – J.Parlapiano, N.Gentile.

Our source for this early member’s existence is Nicola Gentile’s manuscript. He was a member of Joseph Parlapiano’s regime, operating a gambling house in Manhattan. He personally lived in the Bronx [ 1930 Census ]. Gentile tells us that he became paranoid, and killed himself in 1933 [ NYDI ].

MASOTTO-COSTANTINO   1903  Palermo  /  USA  1916.

Relations – Salvatore [Father], Thomas + Victor [Brothers].

As the son of family patriarch Salvatore, he was an early member of the most important faction in the D’Aquila Family. On entering America, he went to his Father’s home on 105th Street in Harlem. Several books, and NARA documents, relate that he fled NYC for New Orleans in the early 1940’s. The reason seemed to be that he had stolen from / killed ? his sister Yolanda, thus disgracing himself and both his family and the Family. After tracing him to New Orleans, a contract was placed with the local Family. He was tortured and beaten to death, supposedly by future N.O. Boss Carlos Marcello, in 1943.

MASOTTO-SALVATORE   1863   Palermo  /   USA  1910/1913.

Relations – Costantino, Thomas + Victor [Sons], Castellano, Gambino + Guglielmini families.

The Patriarch of an inter-related group of Mafiosi, that formed the most important faction within the Family. Already middle-aged by the time of his arrival in the 1910’s, he soon became an important member of D’Aquila’s group. Lived on East 105th street in 1916, when his newly arrived son Costantino joined him. By 1930, returning from a trip back to Italy, he described himself as a merchant living in Brooklyn. In the aftermath of the “Castellamarese War”, he became a Capo under new Boss Vincent Mangano. His regime included his Castellano, Gambino and Guglielmini relatives. Died in 1935 in Palermo, and possibly succeeded by Frank Castellano.

MATRANGA-PASQUALE   1887  Monreale, Sicily  /  USA  1914.

Relations – Francesco, Giacomo, Joseph + Salvatore Scalici [in-laws].

From the old Stoppaglieri stronghold of Monreale, he first tried to enter America as a stowaway in 1913. Re-entered in 1914, and lived in Manhattan for some years before moving to Brooklyn. His Father’s name was Carlo, which makes me wonder if he was the old New Orleans Capo, also from Monreale. Started as a baker [1930 Census], then as an Olive Oil and Cheese merchant. Married into the Scalici family, and became a close associate of Frank Scalici. Naturalized in 1928. At one point owned a Construction company in New Jersey. In 1948 took a trip to Italy, believed to have delivered a car to Charles [Lucky] Luciano. Listed in the 1950 FBN Report. Date of death unknown.

MAUGERI-GIOVANNI   1906  Tunis, N.Africa  /  USA   ?

Alias – John

Associates – S.Bellanca, M.Cuomo.

Born in Tunis, which has had a strong Mafia presence for many years. Had a long criminal record in Italy, including murder, assault, theft, counterfeiting and narcotics.
Mentioned in FBN records and the Mafia book, as a well known Heroin dealer, with brother Corrado operating the Italian end. Associated with notorious trafficker Sebastiano Bellanca and Family member Matthew Cuomo. Not known when he entered the USA, but he was arrested and Deported in 1957. Last heard of living in Milan, no date of death available.

MELI-GIOSUE   1890  Palermo, Sicily  /  USA  1913.

Relations : - Angelo and Phillip [Sons]. D.Amodeo, G.Scarpulla [ in-laws].

Associates : - O.Garofalo, C.Zaccaria, V.DiLeonardo.

Another of those unknown members who show-up on official Family charts, in this case the Dead by 1975 list. From the Family homeland of Palermo, he entered America in 1913 and headed for a brother in Manhattan. By the 1930’s he was running a restaurant on 1st Avenue. Eventually he settled on Staten Island, Brooklyn.
As his Mothers maiden name was Scarpulla, he may have been related to Jack Scarpulla, a Family Capo. Good familial connections, and operated under Capo Olympio Garofalo. No other information, except his death in 1973.

MEZZASALMA-ROSARIO   1899  Vittoria, Sicily  /   USA   1913.

Alias – Salvatore.

Associates – S.Armone, P.Gambino, U.Rossi, E.Tramaglino.

This member is listed in the 1950 FBN document, and tied to the Family in NARA records. He entered the USA in 1913 and went to his Father living on Mulberry Street, Lower East Side. His arrest record started in 1923 and included Counterfeiting, Vehicular Homicide, Tax Evasion and Narcotics dealing. A known drug dealer, he frequented a Café he part-owned on West 49th Street. At some point he had moved to Brooklyn. Died in 1971.  

MINEO-MANFREDI   1880   Palermo  /  USA  1911.

Alias – Alfred / Al.

Relations  : - S.Mineo [   ?   ].

Associates – S.Ferrigno, J.Masseria.

Recent research has revealed Mineo to be an important early power, and possibly the founder of the future Colombo Family.  Born in the city of Palermo, and an associate of Antonino Grillo the Capo of the Resuttana cosca.  Arrived in NYC in 1911, and soon arrested for visiting a suspected counterfeiter.  He settled on Utica Avenue in Brooklyn, and became a lemon importer.  In 1912 a Secret Service informant stated that Mineo headed a faction, who in alliance with the Morello / Terranova and Castellammarese Families, opposed D’Aquila’s election as National Head.  Several murders followed in 1913-14, before a truce was negotiated.  Mineo was known to have made visits home to Sicily in 1915, 1922 + 1929, the year he was Naturalized.  It is a matter of some debate if there were two separate Palermitani Families, or just one reunited after the 1913-14 conflict.  Mineo is not mentioned during the 1921-23 D’Aquila – Morello / Masseria conflict.   But sources like Gentile, Valachi + Bonanno agree that Mineo succeeded as Boss of the Family after D’Aquila’s murder in 1928.  And that he was closely allied to the Masseria group.  If this is correct, he must have left the future Colombo Family, then headed by Salvatore DiBella.  Several clues point to his membership of this Family.  Reports that he ordered Musacchia + Bonasera [future members] to kill another member in 1930, the fact that the brother of his close associate Ferrigno was a future member, and that a possible relative Salvatore Mineo [Charlie Lemons] was a future member.  Mineo, and associate Stefano Ferrigno, were killed during the “Castellammarese War” in late1930.

MODICA-ONOFRIO   1885  Sciacca, Sicily  /   USA  1902.

This member is listed on the Dead by 1975 list. As he originated in Sciacca, in Agrigento Province, he was probably a member of one of the two Regimes made-up of Agrigento natives and operating in Manhattan. Travelling with a brother, he came to America in 1902 and was going to another brother on Elizabeth Street, Lower East Side. He was still in Manhattan on the 1910 Census, and was Naturalized in 1928.
But by the 1940’s, he had moved to Brooklyn [WW11 Registration Card].
Although no other details about him are known, several other Modica’s became Family members. He died in 1971.  

MORICI-LUIGI   1896  Palermo, Sicily  /  USA    ?

Alias – John Maurice / Lugene

Associates – F.Scalici, J.Gallo, F.Corbi, J.Gigliotti.

Sources are Frank Corbi’s FBI file, and the Mafia book.
This member became the leader of a Family Regime in Baltimore, Maryland. The date of his arrival in America is unknown, but he had a gun conviction in Italy. He came from Palermo, the hometown of most of the Families early leadership. He was possibly sent to Baltimore, by Frank Scalici, to organize the local Italian underworld.
Gathering together a few fellow Sicilians, he began to dominate gambling and other rackets. Several arrests followed. When the Family membership expanded in the 1950’s, he became a Capo and recruited local Calabrian’s into his crew. By now Scalici had become Under-Boss, so Morici’s NYC contact was Joseph Gallo. Ill health forced his retirement in 1958, with Frank Corbi succeeding him. Died in 1971.


Alias – Rizzo

Relations – Ignazio [Son]

Associates – J.LoPiccolo, V.Todaro, A.Napolitano.

This member is mentioned in FBN files and the Mafia book.
Born and grew-up in New Orleans, he moved to NYC in the early 1920’s.  He eventually settled in Elmont, Long Island. Had several arrest’s from 1928, mostly for bootlegging. During the 1940’s moved into Narcotics trafficking, associating with known dealers like Joseph LoPiccolo and Vincent Todaro. His son Ignazio became associated with him in the 1950’s, and both were convicted in 1957 and sentenced to 17 years in prison. Died in 1975, several years after his release from prison.

PALERMO-GIUSEPPE   1896       ?    , Sicily  /   USA    ?

Associates – G.Traina, V.Mangano.

This member was arrested at the 1928 Cleveland meeting, in company with Joseph Traina and Vincent Mangano. He described himself as a merchant, living in Brooklyn.
Information from Sicily stated he was a suspect in the murder of several people in Trapani Province. It may be that he was deported back to Italy to face these charges. But if he remained in America, the best match for him was a man called Joseph Palermo who died in 1961.

PAPPA-FILIPPO   1891 Minturno, Italy  /   USA  1911

Alias – Philip

This member is mentioned on the Dead by 1975 list of Family members. He appears to have entered the country in 1911 and settled in Westfield, Mass. He made trips to Italy in 1928 and 1930, by which time he was living in Hartford, Connecticut. Other than his death in 1969, no other details are available. Another possibility is an entry on the NYDI for a man called Philip Pappa, aged 73 who died in the Bronx in 1948.

PARISI-GIOACCHINO   1899  Bagnara, Calabria  /   USA  1920.

Alias – Dandy Jack

Relations – V + F.Mangano [in-laws].

Associates – A.Anastasia, A + J.Scalleat [Pennsylvania].

Although a member of Albert Anastasia’s faction Parisi, as Vincent Mangano’s brother-in-law, had a foot in both the Calabrian and Sicilian factions of the Family.
On entering the USA in 1920, he went to a cousin on Sackett Street in Brooklyn. Found work on the docks and joined the ILA, soon becoming a power within that Union. His record started in 1926 with entries for Rape, Extortion, Gun, Grand Larceny, Murder and Narcotics trafficking. Wanted for questioning for one of the Murder Inc. killings, he fled to Pennsylvania, staying with Albert and Joseph Scalleat in the early 1940’s. Parisi stayed  and probably transferred his membership to the Pittston Family. In later life had an interest in garment companies in Pennsylvania with Russell Bufalino. Died in 1982.

PARLAPIANO-GIUSEPPE   1886   Sciacca, Sicily  /   USA  1900.

Alias – Joe 90

Associates – V.Mangano,G.Trupia, L.Marciano, N.Gentile.

Nicola Gentile is our source for this early member, a native of Sciacca, and leader of the Sciaccatani faction within the Family. He came to the USA as a child in 1900, joining his Father on Elizabeth Street on the LES. By the 1930’s was a Capo leading one of two Regimes made-up of fellow Agrigento natives, operating in Manhattan. His main source of income was a gambling house at 92, Elizabeth street, next door to his home at number 90 [ thus his alias ]. He was Naturalized in 1927. The last we hear of him is in the middle 1930’s, and his date of death was 1947 [NYDI].

PATERNO-ANTONIO    1893  Catania, Sicily  /   USA  1911.

Alias – Bada Noste

Relations – Joseph [Son]

Associates – W.Malanga.

The Father of future Capo Joseph, who succeeded him as Capo in charge of the Families Newark rackets. Not much is known about the Father, except he lived in Lyndenhurst, NJ and dealt in Real Estate [1930 Census].  He may have been a member of the Newark Family, moving Families after the Newark Family disbanded.  His death in1957 is recorded on the SSDI.

PATTI-NICHOLAS   1895   ?     /  USA   1913.

Associates – P.Agresta, F.Piccolo, D.Iacovetti.

Origin unknown, came to America in 1913 and went to an Uncle on East 48th Street in Manhattan. Within a short time he was living in Ansonia, New Haven, Connecticut [WW1 Reg.]. Ran his own Grocery store [1930 Census]. Served under several Capo’s through the years, but retired by the 1970’s. Still consulted on Family matter’s, as in a 1974 meeting with Carlo Gambino and the Families Connecticut Capo, Frank Piccolo.
Died in 1991.

PECORARO-MICHAEL   1898   Sancipirello, Sicily  /   USA   ?

Alias – Skinny Mike

Relations – M + J.LiMandri [Los Angeles].

Associates – C + P.Gambino, S.Mezzasalma.

Sources for him are the Valachi chart and the Mafia book. It is possible this member is the son of Giovanni [John] Pecoraro, an old Mafioso killed in 1923. Lived on 1st Avenue, Manhattan, and his criminal record started in 1917. Entries include Theft, Grand Larceny, Conspiracy, Fraud, Boot-legging and Forgery. This last arrest caused him to flee to California, to hide with his LiMandri relatives. Died in San Bernardino, California in 1967.


Alias – Joe Pitts

Associates – J.Colozzo, E.Zappi, C.Lombardozzi. A.Pero [Genov.].

Several sources for this member, including the Valachi charts, the Mafia book and the book Don Carlo. Born in NYC in 1904, he worked on the Brooklyn docks as a longshoreman. He soon became active in the Mafia dominated ILA. His record shows several arrest’s for Assault + Robbery, Gambling, and twice for Murder. Served under Joseph Colozzo during his later years, and worked as a loanshark. Possibly died in 1967.

RICCOBONO-GIUSEPPE   1894  Palermo, Sicily  /   USA   1905

Alias – Staten Island Joe

Relations – Salvatore [Brother], B.Pinzolo [B-in- Law].

Associates – C.Gambino, C.Lombardozzi, S.Chirico.

The Riccobono’s were important Mafiosi from the area north of Palermo city, and related to the D’Aleo, Virzi and Scalici families.  The father Giovanni spent many years incarcerated, for the murder of a policeman.  Joseph, and his brother Salvatore, arrived in 1905 and the family settled on East 13th Street on the LES.  Until 1930 all sources [ WW1 Registration, 1922 Naturalization and 1930 Census ]have him owning a Fish Store in Manhattan.  1930 was also the year of his first known arrest for Gun Possession in New Jersey.  At some point he joined the Family, and moved to Staten Island.  One early influence on him was Bonaventura Pinzolo, his in-law and a later leader of the future Lucchese Family.  By the late 1930’s he owned a clothing firm, and was a power in the Garment Centre.  Among his associates were Carlo Gambino, and notorious Jewish gangster Lepke.  In 1945 he was convicted of Extortion + Conspiracy, but escaped prison.  Promoted to Capo, he attended the 1957 Apalachin meeting.  With Gambino becoming Family Boss, he promoted Riccobono to the Consiglieri position.  Now in his 70’s, Riccobono suffered from depression and attempted suicide.  This forced his retirement in 1967, and he died in 1975.  His nephews  John + Samuel later became members.    

RICCOBONO-SALVATORE   1895  Palermo, Sic.  /   USA  1905.

Relations – John + Samuel [Sons], Giuseppe [Brother].

Named in the Dead by 1975 list, little else is known about this brother of Family Consiglieri Joe. Both brothers arrived from Palermo in 1905. Salvatore predeceased his brother in 1968. His son’s John and Samuel kept the family tradition going, and became members in the 1950’s.

RIZZO-ANTONIO    1887   Palermo, Sicily  /    USA    1906

Relations – John [Son]

Associates – A.Rava

This member is named in the Dead by 1975 list. May have been Naturalized in 1918, and lived in Brooklyn. He seems to have been a Jeweller, and had a Bootlegging  arrest in 1937. An associate of Armand [Tommy] Rava, who led a revolt against Carlo Gambino in the late 1950’s. May have risen to rank of Capo, his son John became a member in the 1950’s. Died in 1962.

RIZZO-FRANCESCO   1897       ?        /  USA    ?

This man is listed in both the 1969 list of Capo’s [ Book-Don Carlo ], and the 1988 Family chart. This despite the fact he died in 1985 in Arizona, possibly the place he retired to. Nothing else is known about him. Possibly related to Antonio and other later members named Rizzo.

ROMEO-ANTHONY   1894  Calabria, Italy  /   USA  1910.

Alias – Tony Spring.

Relations – J.Indelicato [Nephew].

Associates – A.Anastasia, J.Feraco, J.Florino, G.Parisi.

As can be seen from his associates, this member was an important part of Albert Anastasia’s Calabrian faction. Lived in Brooklyn and worked on the docks there, becoming a power in the Mafia- dominated ILA. Named in several books and official documents as a close associate of Anastasia. Jailed for Assault + Robbery, he was later arrested 3 times for murder. A suspect in killing of Joe Santoro in 1933, and Peter Panto in 1939. When Police pressure over the “Murder Inc.” case became too intense, Anastasia decided to eliminate anyone who could link him to the killings involved. Romeo was one of those who knew too much, and was murdered in 1942.

RUSSO-GAETANO   1891  Palermo, Sicily /   USA  19?

Alias :- Don Russo

Associates :- A.Anastasia, C.Gambino. G.Profaci, G.Magliocco, S.Nani [ Colombo]
S.Luciano [Genov.].

This man is sometimes listed as a Colombo member, because of his close association with Joseph Profaci [plus Magliocco and Nani]. Ostensibly a respected businessman, he had no criminal record, he was in fact a Gambino Capo in the Bensonhurst area of Brooklyn. Arrived in 19?, from Palermo, although the Mafia book states he was Naturalized in 1924. A suspect in the murder of Joseph Vecchio in 1922. Settled in Brooklyn, and listed in the 1930 Census as an importer of Cheese and Olive Oil. He later owned a Funeral Parlour on West 6th Street in Brooklyn. In 1955 he visited Luciano in Italy, and the FBN suspected his involvement in Narcotics smuggling. His name was found on an arrested drug courier.  Probably made a Capo after the membership surge of the 1950’s, and listed as such in 1969 [Book-Don Carlo]. Died in 1970, and is named in 1975 list of deceased members.

SALICA-GIOVANNI   1883  Palermo, Sicily /   USA  1902

Alias :- John

Relations :- J.Traina [Nephew].

This long forgotten member is named on the 1975 Deceased members list. Fortunatly we can confirm his existence, as he is named in his nephew Joseph Traina’s FBI File.
Entered America in 1902, heading for an in-law called Garofalo on Madison Street. Made a trip to Italy in 1914, giving his address as Oliver Street, Manhattan. Became a Naturalized citizen in 1915. There is no record of his criminal activities, but probably a member by the 1920’s. By the time of another trip to Italy in 1926, he was living in Brooklyn. This is confirmed by his WW2 Registration card. No further details known, including date of death.


The only source we have for him is the Dead by 1975 list. This also list’s a Paul Sanfillippo, but no other trace of them can be found. Spelling the name Sanfilippo gives us too many options, so they remain a mystery.

SAVIO-PETER    1888  Masserano, Italy. /   USA  1910.

Alias :- Pete O’Brien

Associates :- A.Anastasia, G.Doto.

Although never listed as a member, Savio was a very close associate of Albert Anastasia. He may also have been an in-law to Joseph Doto [Joe Adonis]. Primarily a bookmaker, he originally came from Northern Italy.  Settling in Chicago, he obtained citizenship there in 1920. This was still his home at the time of a 1926 visit to Italy. However in his WW2 Registration, he was residing in Queens. If a member his influence had virtually ceased by the 1950’s, and he remained a nonentity till his death in 1975.

SCALICI- FRANCESCO   1893  Palermo, Sicily /    USA  1912.

Alias :- Frank Scalice / Cheech

Relations :- Giacomo, Giovanni, Giuseppe + Salvatore [Brothers], G.Scarpulla [ in-law].

Associates :- S.Maranzano, A.Anastasia, P.Matranga, V.Mangano, L.Morici.

The most prominent Scalici brother, he followed his brothers to America in 1912.  Took-up residence at the family home in the Bronx, and became a citizen in 1919.  The family may have had familial connections to the Virzi + Riccobono families. His criminal record started with Grand Larceny arrests in 1919 + 1920.  A member by the mid-1920’s, he added another arrest in 1925 for Counterfeit Stamps.  On the 1930 Census he is listed as owning a butcher shop in the Bronx.  The brothers were involved in the bootlegging racket, possibly with Vincent Lepore [Jimmy Marino].  During the “Castellammarese War” he rallied to the Maranzano faction, which was rewarded by his being named Family Head in 1931.  Maranzano pressured him to eliminate Vincent Mangano, but he resisted.  This caused Maranzano to mistrust him, and order him to Buffalo, where he suspected he would be killed. Through his brother Joseph, a friend of Luciano, he made his peace with the opposition faction.  On Maranzano’s death Scalici was demoted to Capo, with Mangano succeeding him as Family Boss.  In 1936 he suffered another arrest for Counterfeit Liquor stamps.  During the 1940’s he was responsible for the Families expansion into Baltimore, placing Luigi Morici in charge.  When Anastasia seized control of the Family in 1951, he made Scalici underboss to placate the Sicilian faction.  Scalici was known to have visited Luciano in Italy at this time.  In the mid-1950’s Cosa Nostra “opened the books” to new members, and Scalici was among the most active recruiters.  Soon there were rumours that he was selling memberships for £40,000 each.  Anastasia, possibly to cover his own guilt, ordered his death and he was killed in the Bronx in 1957.  

SCALICI-GIACOMO   1902  Palermo, Sicily /   USA  1909.

Alias :- Jack Scalice

Relations :- Frank, Giovanni, Giuseppe + Salvatore [Brothers], G.Scarpulla [B in-L].

Associates :- G.Scarpulla, F.Luciano, M.Cuomo. S.Luciano, M.Barra [Genov.].

Youngest of the  brothers, and a close associate of his older brother Frank. Arrived in 1909, with the oldest brother Salvatore. Settled in the Bronx, and followed his brothers into the Family. No criminal record. Owned and operated a Candy store in the Bronx, from which he ran gambling, bootlegging, and other rackets. Lost prestige after murders of his brothers Frank and Joseph [1957], and remained inactive till his death in 1989.

SCALICI-GIOVANNI   1899  Palermo, Sicily /   USA     ?

Alias :- John Scalice

Relations :- Frank, Giacomo, Giuseppe + Salvatore [Brothers], G.Scarpulla [B-in-L].

Associates :-  G.Scarpulla, S.Bellanca, M.Cuomo, V.Squillante. S.Luciano [Genov.].

This Scalici brother was the last to arrive, having an arrest record for Theft, Counterfeiting, Resisting Arrest, Gun, Fraud and Bribery in Italy during the early 1920’s. Upon arrival in America he settled in the Bronx, where Frank ran the Family rackets.  Soon ran-up a rap-sheet of arrests for Gun, Grand Larceny, Felonious Assault and Bootlegging. Never became a citizen, and eventually returned to Palermo.
Owned a Gas station, and ran the Sicilian end of his brothers Narcotics smuggling operation. The murders of Frank and Joseph in 1957, signalled the end of his influence. Lived-out the rest of his life in anonymity, death date unknown.

SCALICI-GIUSEPPE   1889  Palermo, Sicily /   USA    ?

Alias :- Joseph Scalice

Relations :- Frank, Giacomo, Giovanni + Salvatore [Brothers], G.Scarpulla [B-in-L].

Associates :- G.Scarpulla, P.Matranga. S.Luciano[Genov.].

Second in importance to only Frank amongst the brothers, Joseph was a close personal friend of Salvatore Luciano. It was this friendship that may have saved Frank, after his mentor Salvatore Maranzano was killed in 1931. As a known Maranzano ally, Frank was demoted, but not killed. Joseph continued to work in his brothers shadow throughout the 1930-40’s. In 1951 Albert Anastasia eliminated the Mangano’s, and took-over the Family. He promoted Frank to Under-boss, and Joseph to Capo to run the Bronx regime. The Scalici brothers were once more powerful.
In 1957 it was discovered that Frank had been selling Family memberships and Anastasia, possibly to cover his tracks, had him killed. Joseph was the first on the scene, and emotionally vowed vengeance. Upon finding-out who was behind the killing, Joseph went into hiding. Persuaded back with assurances of safety, Joseph was murdered and his body disposed of in a garbage truck. This murder would cause the Families Sicilian faction to overthrow Anastasia later that year.

SCALICI-SALVATORE   1886   Palermo, Sicily /   USA  1909.

Alias :- Sam Scalice

Relations :- Frank, Giacomo, Giovanni + Giuseppe [Brothers], G.Scarpulla [B-in-L].

Associates ;- G.Scarpulla, G.Maugeri, M.Cuomo.

As with all the brothers, sources for him are numerous, including the 1963 Valachi charts, the 1975 Deceased members list, ect. Although arriving in 1909, Sam the oldest of the brothers, must have returned to Sicily within a few years. He was arrested there for a double murder in 1915. Upon returning to America he joined the D’Aquila Family. Soon his brothers followed him, and they made the Bronx their home and powerbase. Heavily involved in bootlegging, even after prohibition ended.
Also suspected of involvement in Frank’s Narcotics smuggling operation.
At some point moved to Burlington, New Jersey, and opened a wholesale egg business. Retired after brother’s murders, and lived quietly till his death in 1972.  

SCANDIFIA-GUISEPPE   1895  Pomarico, Italy /   USA  1897.

Relations : - Michael [Son].

The source for this member was an article in the Informer magazine. Very little known about him, only that he lived in Brooklyn, was Naturalized and was a truck driver. His son Michael was a later member who was a suspected informant, and disappeared in 1968.

SCANNAVINO-COSTANTINO   1897   Palermo, Sicily /   USA  1912.

Alias :- Gus

Relations :- V. + F.Mangano [in-laws].

Associates :- G.Parisi, E.Camarda.

The source for this member is the book East Side / West Side. Arrived from the Family stronghold of Palermo in 1912. Found work on the Brooklyn docks and joined the ILA, the dock workers union. At some point married into the Mangano family and became involved in the D’Aquila Family rackets. He became a business agent for the ILA and a member of the City democratic Club, the Families political powerbase. In 1942 the ILA vice-president Emil Camarda was murdered, and Scannavino took his place. The Families control of the Brooklyn docks survived the killing of the Mangano brothers, but Scannavino was eased-out and replaced by Anthony Anastasia.
He retired and lived in anonymity till his death in 1969.

SCARPULLA-GIACOMO   1899  Palermo, Sicily /   USA    ?

Alias ;- Jack / Michele Giacomo [RN].

Relations :- Angelo [Son], Frk,Giac., Giov., Gius. + S.Scalici [in-laws].

Associates :- Gambino + Castellano bros., F.Luciano, S.Bellanca, J.Bisogno.

The Scarpulla’s seem to be related to half the Family. As well as the Scalici brothers, he may be related to the Castellano’s, and through them, the Gambino’s. His record starts in 1933, and includes arrests for Grand Larceny and Bootlegging. Married the Scalici brothers sister, and joined their Bronx regime. Owned a Meat Market in Brooklyn, with his son Angelo, a future member. Not Naturalized till 1950. Succeeded brother-in-law Joseph Scalici as Capo in the Bronx, after Carlo Gambino became Boss. Ran the Bronx till his death in 1971.

SCIASIA-GIOVANNI   1903  Racalmuto,Sicily /  USA  1907.

Alias :- John

Another little known member, whose name only surfaced in Family charts in 1983 + 1988. Arrived in 1907, going to his Father on Stanton Street on the Lower East Side.
Later lived on East 24th Street, and as he originated from Agrigento Province, was probably a member of one of the two Regime’s made-up of men from that area. Nothing else is known about him, but was inactive well before his death in 1998.

SERU-ALBERT   1906    ?     

Another mystery member, named in both the 1963 Valachi and 1989 Family charts.
An unusual name, with no entries on early databases, suggest’s he was an illegal immigrant. What is known is that he lived in Brooklyn, and came to notice in 1935.
In that year a gangster called Rosario Riggio was murdered and newspaper reports state that Seru was his bodyguard. In the same year he was convicted of a serious [but unknown] crime and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Apart from the entries in Family charts, nothing else is heard of him until his death in 1989 [SSDI].

SETTIMO-SALVATORE   1900   Partinico, Sicily /   USA  1923

Alias :- Toto

Relations :- S.Speciale [ ? – Lucchese].

Associates :- M.Pecoraro, S.Mezzasalma, M.LiMandri, S.Armone, C.Gambino.

This man is named in the Mafia book, and as he worked for Carlo Gambino and all of his associates were Gambino members, it is a safe say he too was a member.
A man of this name entered America in 1913, but the age was wrong, so it seems he arrived in 1923. Within 3 years he had started a criminal record for Concealed Weapon, Forgery and Counterfeiting. Lived on Long Island, but frequented the Lower East Side. Naturalized in 1950, and worked at a Brooklyn Paper Company owned by the Gambino brothers. Suspected by the FBN of trafficking in narcotics. Died in 1975.


Alias :- Joe Rivers

Associates :- A.Anastasia, N.Richichi, J.Indelicato, T.Altamura.

Born in NYC and lived on Lafayette Street, on the Lower East Side. He started as a Union racketeer, but found that he had a talent for gambling. Soon he was running dice games in Little Italy, and coming to the attention of Family leaders. His criminal record showed many arrests for Gambling and Disordely Conduct. At some point in the late 1940’s he was sent to Cuba, then wide-open for Casino gambling. With Albert Anastasia’s backing, he became a important power in Havana gambling circles.
But in the late 1950’s the Communist revolution overthrew the Government, and Silesi, among others, had to flee. Relocating to Florida, he was made a Capo in charge of the Families Florida rackets. Among those serving under him were Joseph Indelicato, Thomas Altamura and Natale Richichi. Silesi lost his position in 1967, when Altamura was killed by an underling. He was demoted and forced into retirement, dying in Florida in 1987.


First mentioned on the 1975 Deceased members list, and subsequently on Family charts from 1983 and 1989. This despite the fact he died in 1966. Little is known of his activities or record, except a conviction for drug dealing in Buffalo in 1924, for which he received a 3 year sentence. His accomplice in this crime was James Alascia, a Bonanno member. Born in NYC, he lived on East 14th Street in Manhattan. As this was the Family territory of Joseph Biondo, it is probable Spallino served under him.

SPARACINO- GIOACCHINO      1899  Sambuca, Sicily /   USA  1902

Alias :- Jack

Relations : - Carlo [Brother].

Although named in several sources [1950 FBN Report, 1975 Deceased members list, ect.], he is still little known. We are not even sure of his Christian name, as he is referred to as Jack in all documents. Seems to have entered the US in 1902 and gone to a brother in Chicago. May have been Naturalized in 1922, at which time he was living in Brooklyn. He was mentioned by Ernest Rupolo, an informant, as a possible murder target in the 1940’s. Apart from this we only have his death date, 1952 [SSDI].

STASSI-JOSEPH    1906   USA / Parents Sicilian.

Alias :- Joe Rogers / Hoboken Joe

Relations :- James + Anthony [Brothers]

Associates :- S.Trafficante [Tampa], A.Zwillman, M.Lansky, J.Stacher.

A very unusual member, in that he moved in high criminal circles and rarely associated with fellow Mafiosi. Listed in the 1963 Valachi charts. Born on the Lower East Side of NYC in 1906, he soon started a record of Gun and Robbery arrest’s. It’s not known when Stassi was “made”, but by the late 1920’s he was working for Longy Zwillman in New Jersey. After prohibition, he moved into Gambling and ran a large numbers racket in Union County. Later admitted involvement in the 1935 Dutch Schultz murder as well as others. In the 1950’s moved to Havana, Cuba and became a partner in several Casino’s with Santo Trafficante, head of the Tampa Family. Lost a fortune after Castro’s revolution, and resettled in Miami. Turned to Drug smuggling and arrested in 1962. Convicted again in 1967 and sentenced to 18 years in prison. Would eventually spend over 30 years in jail for various crimes. By the time of his last release he was over 90 years-old. Died in 2002. His brothers Anthony and  James were members, joining the Family in the 1950’s.

STINCONE-PIETRO   1897   Canicatti, Sicily /  USA  1907.

Associates :- J.Biondo, E.Aronica, S.Curto.

This man is named in a Senate report of 1969 as a Capo in the Family. He arrived in America in 1907, heading for his Fathers home on 38th Street, Manhattan. As a native of Canicatti he was probably a “compare” of fellow townsman Eduardo Aronica and Salvatore Curto. They all belonged to one of the Manhattan based Regimes, made-up of Agrigento natives, controlled by Joseph Biondo. By the 1930 Census he had moved to Queens, and became a citizen in 1942. Believed to run a Society of Canicatti natives in NYC.With the rapid membership expansion of the 1950’s, he was promoted to Capo. Still in this position in 1960, he seems to have retired by the end of the 1960’s. Died in 1977.

TOCCO-SALVATORE    1888  Terrasini, Sicily /   USA   1915

Another virtually unknown member, named on the Deceased members list in 1975.
The only entry on SSDI that fits is of a man from Terrasini, heading to Detroit in 1915.
He may have gained citizenship in 1938, and by the time of his death in 1967, was living in the Bronx.

TORREGROSSA-ANDREA   1892  Licata, Sicily /   USA   1909.

Relations :- Andrew, Angelo + John [Sons].

Associates :- A.Anastasia, C.Gambino, C.Lombardozzi.

This long time member arrived in 1909, and settled in Brooklyn. He became a Naturalized citizen there in 1920. Believed to control a portion of the Italian Lottery in Brooklyn during the 1920’s. Operated a store, and later two Funeral Homes, with his sons. Forced-out of the Lottery in the 1930’s, he allowed his business premises to be used for Family meetings. His sons Andrew, Angelo and John were suspected to be later members. A 1967 FBI report suggested that he, and his son John, had been “ shelved “ by the Family. Date of death is 1985. 

TRAINA-GIUSEPPE   1883  Belmonte, Sicily /  USA  1901.

Alias :- The Peasant

Relations :- Mario [Son]

Associates :- S.D’Aquila, V.Mangano, N.Gentile. S.Sabella [Philadelphia], G.Morello.

Born in Belmonte Mezzagno, a village in Palermo Province Sicily.  He entered America as a teenager in 1901, and settled on 73rd Street in Brooklyn.  Although little is known about his early years in Brooklyn, he was a respected member by the late 1910’s.  The authorities believe he was instrumental in appointing Salvatore Sabella as Family Head in Philadelphia in 1918.  He became a naturalized citizen in 1919. This implies his status was recognised nationwide within the Mafia.  Indeed by the early 1920’s he was recognised as the Underboss to D’Aquila.  Some of this might be due to his familial connections to the Motisi family, the leading Mafiosi in the Pagliarelli cosca in Palermo. Gentile tells us that around 1924 Traina “stood-in” for D’Aquila at a National Assembly in Pittsburgh to settle a major conflict.   He attended the 1928 Cleveland meeting, and along with all the attendee’s, was arrested on suspicion.  Traina might have been expected to succeed the murdered D’Aquila, but Masseria’s support enabled Mineo to become Family Boss.  Traina took over the presidency of the Empire Yeast company, a major supplier to bootleggers, after it’s previous president was murdered in 1928.  Among his fellow directors were Joseph Morello and Joseph Siragusa of Pittsburgh.  On the 1930 Census he was listed as an Importer, still living in Brooklyn.  With the start of the “Castellammarese War” the Mineo Family started to unravel, and Traina was initially neutral.  When another National Assembly was called in 1930, he was elected to head a commission to mediate the conflict.  Maranzano refused to compromise, and several leading Family members, including Scalici, Gambino and Traina, rallied to him.  At the end of the conflict he was again overlooked for Family leadership, this time Mangano was chosen.  Thereafter he seems to have remained inactive, possibly acting in an advisory role.  He continued heading the Empire Yeast company, and was a partner in a Clothing firm.  His record shows an arrest for Homicide, but with no date or other information.  Traina lived to the age of 96 [1979], and his sons Mario + Joseph became Family members.

TRUPIA-GAETANO   1884   Agrigento, Sicily /   USA  1907.

Alias :- Trapia

Associates :- S.D’Aquila, J.Parlapiano, N,Gentile.

Our source for him is Nicola Gentile’s memoirs, where he is identified as the Capo of a Manhattan based Regime, composed of fellow Agrigento Province natives. Gentile even gives us his address, East 39th Street, which matches his WW1 Registration card.
At that time he was a Grocer, but by the 1920 Census he called himself a Coal Dealer. He was still active at the time of Gentile’s flight to Italy in 1937.Unfortunatley, that’s all we know about him, as he vanishes from all records until an entry on the NYDI for his death in 1941 in Queens. 

VALENTI-UMBERTO  1891  Barcellona, Sicily  /   USA  1910.

Alias : - The Ghost

Associates  : - S.D’Aquila, A.Dimino, J.Biondo, R.Dongarra, N.Gentile.

Valenti was born in Barcellona Messina Province in eastern Sicily, and moved to America in 1910.  He settled on East 14th Street on the LES of Manhattan.  Little is known of his early activities, but Gentile described him as a much feared gunman.  D’Aquila used him during a short conflict in 1913-14, when he and Demino were suspected of killing Fortunato LoMonte of the Morello faction.  That same year [1914] he made a visit back home to Sicily.  According to his WW1 Registration card, he listed his trade as a tailor.  Valenti ran the Family rackets in the area of East 12-14th Streets, and recruited several followers.  These included future members Rosario Dongarra, Stefano Armone, Francesco Alberti and Giuseppe Biondo.  Biondo was a fellow Barcellona native, and his protégé.  In 1920 Morello + Lupo were released from prison, and tried to regain their previous positions.  D’Aquila called a assembly, and had 12 members condemned.  These included not just Morello, Terranova, Lupo and their supporters, but for some reason, Valenti too. All the condemned fled to Sicily to seek help in overturning the death sentence.  Valenti appealed to his old friend Gentile, then in Sicily.  The Sicilian leaders supported D’Aquila, and the condemned members returned to NYC.  Valenti reached an accord with D’Aquila, and was ordered to eliminate the rebels.  Several killings followed on both sides, including Vincent Terranova + Accursio Dimino.  Joseph Masseria was leading the Morello faction, and eventually it came down to who would kill who first.  Both Valenti and Masseria survived being ambushed, before Valenti was killed in May 1922.


Alias :- Big Tony

Associates :- J.Riccobono. J.Lanza [Genov.]

Another mysterious member, only coming to light on the Deceased members list from 1975. Although there are a number of Antonio or Anthony Vanella’s on record, the only one that fits was born in NYC in 1894. He lived on Catherine Street, in Manhattan [WW1 Registration] and gave his occupation as a driver. Had arrests for Armed Robbery and Parole Violation, which meant he spent most of the years 1914-46 in Prison. Known to work in the Garment district rackets as a partner of Joseph Riccobono. The only other record of him is on the SSDI, giving his date of death as 1971 in Queens.

ZACCARIA-CARLO    1888      ?     /   USA  1912.

Relations :- Paul [Son], S.D’Aquila [B-in-Law]..

Associates :- V.DiLeonardo, S.D’Aquila, G.Meli, O.Garofalo.

Our only source for him is the testimony of Michael DiLeonardo much later.
He was a member in the 1980-90’s, and served under Paul Zaccaria, Carlo’s son.
He stated that Carlo was an early member, and knew his Grandfather, Vincenzo DiLeonardo. Carlo is mentioned in the 1930 Census as living in Bath Beach, Brooklyn. Belonged to a Regime headed by Olympio Garofalo. He was seemingly retired when unexpectedly murdered in 1948. Police believed it was an old-country vendetta, although there was a spate of gang murders in Bath Beach in the late 1940’s.

ZAPPI-ETTORE   1904  Caserta, Italy /  USA  1906.

Alias :- Terry

Relations :- Anthony [Son], C.Gambino [  ?  ].

Zappi is unusual in that most Family members are Sicilian or Calabrian, but he came from the Naples area. Named by several sources, including the Valachi charts, he arrived in America as a child in 1906. He was heading to his Grandmothers home on Carroll Street in Brooklyn. Soon started a criminal record that included Assault + Robbery, Gun, Assault, and a Bootlegging charge in Connecticut. Wounded in May 1931, after attending John Guistra’s wake. This may indicate he was a member of the mainly Calabrian Guistra-LiConti faction. Gaining his citizenship in 1931, he became a Teamsters official. Also owned a Mattress manufacturing company in Brooklyn. Known as a big shylock, lending money at exorbitant rates. Possibly related to Carlo Gambino, and through him the Castellano / Masotto faction. By the 1950’s Zappi had relocated to Florida to look after the Families growing interest’s there. With several members retiring there, he was promoted to Capo to oversee them. Sill listed as such up to the 1970’s, he became inactive through age and died there in 1986.