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Bios. of early Colombo members.


Alias : - Frankie Shots
Relations : - Michele [Brother], Anthony [Son], Fontana bros. [ ? ].
Associates : - C.Persico, L + J.Gallo,  F.Ieole, A.Carfano.
Born in NYC, with parents from the Salerno area of Campania.  The family lived in South Brooklyn, and he worked as a truck driver, before following elder brother Michele into criminal activities.  His first known arrest was for Narcotics in 1921, for which he was sentanced to 2 years imprisonment.  By the mid-1920's he , and Michele, were associated with Frankie Yale's gang.  Yale[Ioele] was a Calabrian gangleader, whose mainly non-Sicilian followers dominated the Red Hook section of Brooklyn.  Yale was killed in 1928, and Michele soon after, so Frank allied himself to the Fontana brothers, and followed them into the Profaci Family.  He picked-up various arrests during the 1930's, including Grand Larceny [1931], Disorderly Conduct [1932], and Vagrancy [1934 + 38].  By the 1940's he was a Capo, and lived in the Bedford-Stuvesant area.  His legitimate front was owning a Funeral home, while illegaley running a large numbers bank .  He was arrested again in 1952 for this, along with the Gallo brothers.  In 1959 he fell-out with Family Boss Profaci, and was killed.  His son Anthony was protected by the Gallo faction, and eventually became Family underboss.

Alias : - Sweetheart
Relations : -Frank [Brother, Anthony [Nephew], Fontana bros. [  ?  ].
Associates : - F.Yale [Ieole], A.Carfano.
Like his brother Frank, he was born in Brooklyn to parents from Salerno, near Naples.  Listed in the 1910 and 1920 Census as a Truckman living on 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn.  Only known arrest for him was in 1922, although no other details are known.  Became associated with Frankie Yale [Ieole] and his gang, who dominated the Docks and surrounding area in South Brooklyn. By the late 1920’s was considered a senior member of the gang.  In July 1928 Yale was murdered, possibly in a dispute with Al Capone, and a bloody conflict erupted over who succeeded to his rackets.  It is possible that Salvatore D’Aquila, leader of the Sicilian’s in NYC, tried to take-over and meeting resistance from Yale’s old followers, resorted to force.  Michele Abbatemarco was killed in late 1928, but within days D’Aquila was also murdered.  Main sources are Newspaper articles.

ALOI-SEBASTIANO    1907  Riesi, Caltanisetta, Sicily.   /     USA   1920.
Alias : - Buster.
Relations : - Vincent +  Benedetto [Sons].
Associates : - J.Profaci, J.Magliocco. C.Gambino.
Arrived in USA in 1920, docking at Boston and among his fellow passengers was Michael Spinella, a future Genovese Capo.  No record of where the Family settled, but by the time of his Naturalization in 1944, he was living in Farmingdale, NY.  His criminal record commenced in 1930 with Robbery, 1939 Assault, 1940 Attempted Murder, and a conviction in 1944 for an unknown offence that earned him a 5 year sentence.  Operated mainly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and specialized in Gambling.  On the legitimate front, he owned a Demolition company.  A close friend and associate of Carlo Gambino, he became a Capo in the 1950’s.  Among his regime were his sons Vincent and Benny. Listed in the Valachi charts in 1963, about the same time he relocated to Florida.  Son Vincent became acting Capo, and then permanent Capo on his father’s death in 1980 in Florida.

AMOROSA-    ?       1909      ?
Alias : - Fred Speth.
Associates : - C.Bonasera, J.Oddo, F.Tumillo.
A relatively unknown member, not listed on the usual “ official “ charts.  Named in NARA Records as a member and close associate of Cassandros Bonasera and John Oddo.  Various spelling’s of his name, and an unknown Christian name make him hard to trace.  He was arrested in 1938, as a 28 year-old, for the murder of Anthony Colombo, the Father of future Boss Joseph.  He also served a 5 year prison sentence for Narcotics in 1948. And again in 1955, along with Bonasera and Oddo, for Gambling.  The source for this is Bonasera’s FBI File.  Seems to have died in 1990 in Westchester, NY.

Relations : - Magliocco brothers [M].
Associates : - J.Profaci, J.Oddo. F.Livorsi, M.Miranda [Genov.].A.Tocco, D.Corrado [Detroit].
Born 1907 in Pennsylvania, but later moved to Brooklyn. May have spent his early years in Sicily, his family returning to live in Brooklyn.  Listed on the Valachi charts, and various Goverment  list’s.  His record starts in 1935 and contains many arrests for Gambling, Bookmaking and Policy.  Operated in Bath Beach, Bensonhurst and Gravesend  sections of Brooklyn.  Was a partner in a Bakery in Brooklyn.Related to Ambrogio Magliocco by marriage.  Became a Capo by the 1960’s, and had strong connections to the other NYC Families and Detroit.  Known to have visited Italy in 1956, and believed to have died on a visit to Sicily in 1969.

BADALAMENTI-GIUSEPPE    1909  Carini, Sicily  /   USA  1911.
Alias : - Joe Badalamenta.
Relations : - Salvatore [Brother ].
Listed on the 1950 FBN Report as Joe Badalamenta, and a brother to Sam.  Very little known about him, he seems to have lived in his brother’s shadow.  Believed to own a Fish Market in Brooklyn and died in 1960.

BADALAMENTI-SALVATORE   1905 Carini, Sicily  /   USA 1911.
Alias : -  Sam.
Relations : - Giuseppe [ Brother ].
Associates : - L.Carlino, A.Colombo.
Sources are numerous, 1950 FBN Report, 1963 Valachi charts, NARA Records and the 1975 list of deceased members.  Despite this, very little is known of him. Lived on 71st street, and according to FBI tapes frequented the Bath Beach area. Naturalized in 1928, and gave his employment as a Fruit Dealer.   A Capo by the 1940’s, his regime included Leo Carlino, who may have succeeded him as Capo. Later moved to Long Island City, Queens. After the death of Profaci, Joe Magliocco became the Family Boss. However, pressure from the Commission forced his resignation, and Joseph Colombo was appointed. Badalamenti was one of several old Capos demoted.  Depressed by this he committed suicide in 1967. His brother Giuseppe was also a member.

Alias : -  Belsamo.
Associates : - J.Profaci, J.Magliocco, S.Nani. S.Sorge [Sicily].
Source is his entry in the FBN’s Mafia book.
Born and lived in Brooklyn and worked for Joseph Magliocco’s beverage company.  Had no criminal record, and seemed to have been a contact man to the Families allies in Sicily.  Made many trips to Italy. Died in 1989.

BARBUSCA-LUIGI    1901  Caltanisetta, Sicily  /   USA  ?
Alias : - Louis.
Relations : - Gaetano [Son ], J.Greca [in-law].
Little known member, the only source being the 1975 list of deceased members.   Possibly born in America, although an older man called Liborio Barbusca who lived at the same address, came from Caltanisetta Province in Sicily.  Our man lived on 70th street in Brooklyn, and was Naturalized in 1945. A brother-in-law, and possible partner, of Joseph Greca. His son Gaetano [ Thomas ]was a later member.  Louis died in 1971.

Relations : - R.Nastasa [ in-law].
An obscure member born in Manhattan in 1900.Believed to have been an Undertaker, and a power in the Garment centre.  Killed in 1945 [NYDI ], for reasons unknown.  Source is  JD.

BONASERA-CASSANDROS  1897  Vallelunga, Sicily   /    USA  1906.
Alias : - Tony the Chief.
Relations : - Charles [Cousin ], Giuseppe, Joseph + Salvatore Di Carlo [in-laws]. All Buffalo.
Associates :-J.Oddo, F.Amorosa, S.Mussachia.  G.Ricci + G.Doto [Genov.].
Bonasera was born Vallelunga, Caltanisetta Province Sicily and arrived in 1906.  The family settled in the Bensonhurst district of Brooklyn, although some relatives settled in Buffalo.   He soon [1916]started a long criminal record [29 arrests], icluding Robbery [2], Murder [4], Extortion [3], Burglary, Larceny, Assault + Concealed Weapon.  The murders he was suspected of were Joe Barone [1923], Carmelo Peraino [1930], John Bazzano [1932] and James Bianco [1958].  Most of these crimes were commited with Johnny Oddo, a lifelong associate.  May have spent some time in Buffalo, as he married into the powerfull DiCarlo family there.  He was wounded in early 1930, during the Sicilian-Calabrian conflict in South Brooklyn.  Eventually, he emerged as an important Profaci member, who along with Oddo ran gambling and loansharking activities in the Bath Beach section.  He also had business interests in the Garment centre, and was Naturalized in 1956.  The next year he attended the Apalachin meeting, and was caught at a roadblock.  During the Gallo revolt, and the rest of the 1960's, he was inactive, and seems to have retired.  Bonasera died in 1972.     

BRANCATO-ANGELO   1884   ?   /  USA     1907.
Relations : - Joseph [Son].
Very little known about him, even our source is vague [JD].
An entry on the NYDI shows an Angelo born approx. 1885 and died in 1937.
The 1930 Census listed his son as Joseph, a future member, living in Brooklyn.
No other details known.

BUFFA-ANTONIO          ?
Alias : - Peppino.
Associates : - S.Badalamenti.
Our source for this member are the NARA records, which lists him as the Consiglieri to Joseph Profaci.  This would have been during the 1940-50’s as he was deceased at the time of these records[1963]. A possible DOD is 1960. Believed to have been a partner of Salvatore Badalamenti  in an Oil company. No other information is known.

CAMMARATA-EMANUELE    1903 Villabate, Sicily  /   USA   1910.
Relatives : - G, S + F. Profaci [Cousins].
Alias : - Nello.
Associates  :-S.Lombardino, J.Misuraca. S.Accardi [Lucc.].
From the same town, and related to, JosephProfaci, and several other early members.  Settled in W.Orange in New Jersey, and may have belonged to the original Newark Family, headed by another ex-Villabate resident  Gaspare D’Amico.  Arrested in 1927 for Auto theft and the following year in Cleveland, for association.  This was at the infamous Mafia conclave, also attended by Profaci, Magliocco and Lombardino.  Their joint attendance there might point to his being an early DiBella Family member, rather than a Newark member.  By the 1940’s he was certainly with Profaci, possibly under Capo Lombardino. Gained Naturalization in 1947. Named in NARA Records, and the FBN book. At some time in the 1950-60’s he moved to Miami, Florida where he ran a Night Club.  He was murdered there in 1972, the suspect being Ray Reino, the reason unknown.

CANNELLA-SALVATORE    1885 Palermo, Sicily /   USA  1910.
Associates : - S.Lombardino, J.Misuraca, E.Cammarata.
A native of Palermo, not sure if City or Province, he arrived in America in 1910 heading for Brooklyn.  By 1912 he was living in Newark, N.J.  Possibly a member of that Family, under Stefano Badami, or an early NJ based DiBella Family member.  In the mid-1930’s he was a suspect in the killing of Salvatore Fontana [1935], and the Scaduto brothers [1936].  Probably served under Capo Salvatore Lombardino, and later John Misuraca. By the 1940 Census he was living in Bloomfield,  owned a fruit wholesale business and was Naturalized.  Never listed on any official Family charts.He was retired by the 1950-60’s, and died in 1969.

Alias : - Jimmy Bat.
Relatives : - Joseph [Bro], F + M.Abbatemarco [C].
Associates : -H.Fontana, Gallo brothers.
Born in Brooklyn, and related to the Abbatemarco brothers. Probably joined  the Family as soldiers under Capo Harry Fontana, also related to the Abbatemarco’s.   Lived on President street, the area under Fontana’s control.  By the early 1960’s, he and his brother were associates  of the Gallo brothers, also from President street.  In 1961 a revolt against Joseph Profaci’s rule, led amongst others by the Gallo’s, broke out.  Eventually a compromise was reached, and most of the members returned to Profaci’s side.  The Gallo’s refused and they and their followers, including the Cardello brothers, were attacked by the loyalist’s.  Holed-up on President  street, Joseph Cardello was shot and wounded.  Finally James and Joseph, returned to the Family loyalty. The Gallo’s continued to resist, and in 1963 Joseph was killed in the fighting.  James died in 1975.

Alias : - Joey Bat.
Relatives :- James [Bro.], F + M.Abbatemarco [C].
Associates : - H.Fontana, Gallo brothers.
Like his brother born and lived in Brooklyn. Followed James into the Family, probably in the 1940’s, and served under Capo Harry Fontana. In 1959 his cousin Frank Abbatemarco was killed, reportedly on the orders of Family Boss Profaci.  This was one of the reasons the brothers joined the revolt against Profaci in 1961. After the rest of the rebels returned to loyalty, Joseph decided to stay with the Gallo faction.  They holed-up on President street, and were under siege.  Joseph was wounded in the foot in one shooting.  Eventually James reached an understanding, and the brothers left the Gallo faction.  During the ongoing conflict, Joseph was targeted and was killed in 1963.

CARLINO-LEONARDO    1897        ?     /   USA   ?
Alias : - Big Leo.
Associates : - S.Badalamenti, J.Oddo, C.Bonasera, V.Sabella, A.Colombo.
 No record of where he was born, or when he came to the USA.   But we know he was active by 1930, as his record shows an arrest for gun possession.  Arrested again in 1933 for extortion, he was a known associate of Salvatore Mussachia, Antonio Colombo [Father of the future Family Boss Joseph], and Salvatore Badalamenti.  Leo was a shylock, loaning-out money at extortionate rates. May have been involved in the 1938 murder of Colombo, with Mussachia.Became involved in the Garment District, part owning a Dress company with Vincenzo [James] Sabella.  With the membership expansion of the 1950’s, he became a Capo, as shown on the Valachi charts [1963]. That same year he was convicted of Tax Evasion and jailed.  Upon his release in 1964, he found himself side-lined under the new leadership of Joseph Colombo.  He died in 1969.

CATALDO-SALVATORE   1893  Catania, Sicily  /   USA  1910.
Alias : - Sam.
Relations : - Dominic [Son].
The source for this member is found in the book, The Sinatra Club.  He is described as a Capo, and the Father of future member Dominic.  He can be found on the 1930 Census as living in Queens.  Nothing more is known about him, except that he was in Prison in 1924.  Two entries on the SSDI fit his DOB, one dying in 1969 and one in 1979.

CLEMENZA-CHARLES    1901  Partanna, Sicily   /    USA  1906.
Relations : - James + Fred [Bros.], John  [  ?  ].
Associates : - J.Profaci.
Named in NARA records, along with John [1902-94], possibly a relative. Seems to have been a prominent man in Brooklyn, active in local politics. Known to be a close friend of Profaci, and the owner of a Restaurant.  It was at this Restaurant, in 1961,that Larry Gallo was almost throttled to death by Carmine Persico. A policeman was shot in this incident and Clemenza, who was present,  was arrested.  Possibly to avoid the Gallo’s retribution, he relocated to Florida and died there in 1979.  His brothers were later members under Harry Fontana.

CLEMENZA-JOHN   1902  Partanna, Sicily  /   USA  1921.
Relations : - Charles, James + Fred [  ?  ].
Named as a member in NARA records, and probably a relative of Charles.  Lived in Brooklyn and was Naturalized, but no other details available.  Died in 1994.

COLOMBO-ANTONIO  1896  Brazil   /   USA   ?
Alias : - Tony Durante.
Relatives : - Joseph [Son] + Grandsons, S.Mussachia [B-in law].
Associates : - S.Mussachia + L.Carlino.
Although born in Brazil, his parents were Italian immigrants.  Arrival date is unknown but he was active by 1916, the date of his first arrest.  His record consisted of 10 arrests, and two convictions in 1916 for Robbery, and 1920 when sentenced to 2-5 years for Burglary.  He lived in Brooklyn and became a Cheese and Olive Oil dealer.  A known associate of Carlino, and his brother-in-law Mussachia.  In 1938 he broke Cosa Nostra rules by starting an affair with the wife of another member.  Justice was swift, and brutal, he and the woman were found strangled to death in his car. Mussachia was suspected of the crime.  His son Joseph became Head of the Family in 1964

COTTONE-ANTONINO    1904  Villabate, Sicily  /    USA     ?
Alias : - Nino
Relations : - Profaci  brothers [  ?  ].
The Cottone family were related to the Profaci’s in Villabate,, and both were active in the local Mafia cosca.  Nino Cottone was probably inducted in Sicily, and came to America in the 1930’s.  He worked for Joseph Profaci, in his Olive Oil business, and was accepted into the Family.  An illegal immigrant, the authorities caught up with him and he was deported back to Sicily [date unknown].  Became active again in the local cosca, he rose to head it by the 1950’s.  He became involved in a conflict, and was killed in 1956.  His sons were also members of the Villabate cosca.

CRIVELLO-VINCENZO    1899  Palermo, Sicily  /   USA   1903.
Associates : - C.Panarello +  G.Scarpa.
Arrived in 1903, going to his Father on Elizabeth Street in Little Italy, Manhattan.  By his WW1 registration [1916] he was a machine operator, living on East 33rd street.  In the 1930 Census, he listed himself as a Grocery Broker.  May have served under a man called Carmine Panarello.  By the 1950-60’s was an associate of Gregory Scarpa, a member and FBI informant.  Retired to Florida, and died there in 1974. Source is JD.

D’AGATI-SEBASTIANO   1897  Villabate, Sicily  /   USA  1921.
Relations : - Jerome [ ? ], J.Profaci + G.Magliocco [in-laws].
The source for this member is the 1950 FBN book.  The D’Agati family were very active in the Villabate cosca.  One Giulio D’Agati headed it in the 1920-30’s. Sebastiano arrived in 1921 in the company of Carmela Profaci his future wife.  In 1923 a Frank D’Agati killed his wife, Joseph Magliocco’s sister, and was killed in turn by her Father.  Naturalized in 1927, with Salvatore Fontana as a witness.  He lived in Brooklyn, and became a fruit dealer.  He visited Italy in 1933. No other details known, apart from his death in 1979.

Relations : - Paul [Bro].
Associates : - S.Andolino, C.Mutoli.
A close associate and childhood friend of Simone Andolino.  Born in the same year and place, New Castle, Penn. Probably joined the Family at the same time in the 1940’s, they became partners in a Bakery.  Believed to have risen to Capo status in the 1950’s, he lived in the Bronx. Made several trips to Italy, beginning in 1924. A suspect in the 1963 murder  of John Tuccillio, his brother Paul was inducted in the 1950’s.  There are two versions of his death, the SSDI has him dying in 1970 in Florida. The other is that he died on a trip to Sicily in 1969 and his body was returned to the US for burial. Carmelo Mutoli succeeded him as Capo.

DEBENEDETTO-ALLESANDRO   1900  Carini, Sicily  /   USA  1925.
Relations : - J.Profaci [  ?  ].
Associates : - N.Sorrentino, S.Badalamenti, A.Magliocco, S.Mezzasalma + C.Mutola.
Born in Carini, the same town as the Badalamenti brothers, he served in the Italian Army during WW1.  Arrived in America in 1925, his only known arrest was in Baltimore for Fraud in 1928.  Was a witness at Joseph Profaci’s , a relative, marriage in 1931.  When he himself got married in 1934, Salvatore Mezzasalma was a witness.  Lived in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn  and had an interest in a Garment company.  Served under  Capo Niccolene Sorrentino, and probably succeeded him . The Government tried to deport him in 1951, but failed.  He re-entered in 1952, and gained his citizenship in 1954. Made numerous trips to Italy in the 1950-60’s.  Under the new Family leadership, he was promoted to Consiglieri in 1965. Retired and returned to Italy in 1970. No DOD is known.

DIBELLA-SALVATORE  1878  Palermo, Sicily /   USA   1899.
Alias : - Salomon.
Relations : - Thomas [Son].
Associates : - G.Peraino + V.Mangano.
The early history of the Family is confusing, with several theories about it's origins.  A mention in NARA records, and Bill Bonanno's memoirs, lead us to DiBella.  They state that he was the Head of a Family in the mid-1920's, which may have existed since the 1910's.  As DiBella was born in Palermo, it may have been an offshoot of the Palermitani D'Aquila Family, and previously headed by Manfredi Mineo.  Another link is his 1911 Naturalization papers, witnessed by Vincent Mangano, a future Boss of that Family.  What we do know about DiBella is that he was employed as a foreman on the Brooklyn docks [WW1 Registration], a position his son Thomas held later.  They lived on Union Street, and he also ran a Laundry Drivers association [Newspaper 1929].  He seems to have stepped down as leader by the late 1920's, possibly succeeded by Joseph Peraino, and later by Joseph Profaci.  DiBella died in 1934 [NYDI], but his son later became Family Boss.[1970's].

Relations : - Salvatore [Father].
Associates : - C + A.Persico, G.Langella.
Born in Brooklyn in 1905 to a Father who would found the Family 20 years later.  He was probably a member by the 1930’s, although only at the level of soldier for many years.  Convicted in1923 of Vehicular Homicide and Bootlegging, he spent 3 years in prison.  Paroled in 1926, but arrested again for the same offence in 1932.  After his Father’s death in 1934, he seemed to disappear from view for many years.  During these years he lived on Staten Island, and worked as a Foreman on the Brooklyn docks.  After all the upheaval  of the early 1960’s, the new leadership revamped the Family and DiBella was made a Capo.  Later he was promoted to Consiglieri, and with Boss Joseph Colombo in a coma and prime candidate Carmine Persico in prison to Acting / Boss in 1973. He continued in this role until Persico was released in 1979, then retired.  Thirty-two years after his last arrest he was arrested in 1984 for Bribery and Extortion.  Died in 1988.

 FAILLA-NICOLO   1886  Carini, Sicily  /   USA   19?
Associates : - G.Peraino.
There is some confusion over when this member arrived in the US.  A Nicolo Failla was arrested in 1921 for Grand Larceny, along with Giuseppe Peraino, who was an early leader of the Family.  He fled back to Sicily, and did not return until 1939. The police finally caught him in 1948, but all winess were deceased, and the charge was dropped.  In his WW2 Registration he claimed to be a Baker , living on Union street in Brooklyn. Seems to have gained Naturalization in 1947. Had an arrest in 1949, offence unknown. Our source for him is the Dead by 1975 list.  Inactive, and possibly retired, by the 1960’s, he died in 1965 [SSDI].

FERRIGNO-BARTOLO   1903  Palermo, Sicily  /   USA  19?
Alias : - Barioco Bartoluci.
Relations : - Stefano [Brother], N.Schiro [?].
Associates : - G.Anaclerio, S.Canepa, B.Coniglio [ Gam.]
Listed as a Profaci member on the Valachi charts, he could just as easily be a Gambino member, as all his listed associates are Gambino members.  His brother Stefano was killed during the “Castellamarese War” with Manfredi Mineo, an early suspected leader of the Gambino’s.  It is possible that Stefano was also a Profaci member, which could mean Mineo was too. His other  intriguing family connection is his Mother’s maiden name of Schiro. Nicola Schiro was an early leader of the Bonanno Family. We have no entry date for Bartolo but we know he was in the USA by 1938, when his criminal record began with an arrest for Extortion. Later arrests include dealing in illegal Ration stamps [1944], and Narcotics dealing in 1951. Named in the FBN book as a butcher, operating in Manhattan. Never Naturalized, he died in 1985 [SSDI].

FIGLIA-VINCENZO   1888   Villabate, Sicily  /   USA  1906.
Alias : - Fiolia.
Relations : - Emmanuele [Son] SJ.G.Balsamo [?].
From the Family stronghold of Villabate, he arrived in 1906 and settled in Brooklyn. Nothing  much is known of his early activities in Brooklyn. Married in 1916, into the Balsamo family,his son Emanuel was born there in 1918. He worked as a Longshoreman on the Brooklyn docks. Naturalized in 1945, he and his family moved to San Jose, California in 1946.  They may have been joining relatives, as his mother’s maiden name was Mule, a family with connections to both the Bonanno and San Jose Families. Vincenzo transferred his membership, and later Emanuel also joined the San Jose Family.  Both were named as members in NARA records. Vincenzo died in 1963 [CDI].

FONTANA-ENRICO   1899  Palermo, Sicily  /   USA   1902.
Alias : - Harry
Relations : - Salvatore + Phillip [Brothers],Abbatemarco brothers [Cousins]. A.Rava [M] Gam.
Associates : - G.Profaci, G.Magliocco, Cardello brothers, D.Scialo, J.Cerrito [SJ].
As a Palermo born member, who arrived as early as 1902, he may have belonged to the Family in the Mineo / DiBella era's.   He lived in the Bensonhurst area, the heartland of the Family.  His first known arrest was in 1920, with brother Phillip, for Assault + Robbery.  He became a citizen in 1925.  By the 1930's he was a Capo, running a Red Hook regime that included his brothers, Frank Abbatemarco, and the Cardello brothers.  Gambling, Extortion and Loansharking, for which he had a 1938 arrest, were the regimes main activities.  Fontana moved his home to Long Island, and was a partner in a Car conveyancing agency.  His only other arrest was for Coercion in 1946.  Trouble within the Family started with the 1959 murder of Abbatemarco, followed by the Gallo revolt.  Fontana was reputed to be one of the men kidnapped in 1961, which led to the Magnasco killing.  The brothers left NYC for a period, and Fontana may have stepped down as a Capo.  However, during the late 1960's, he seems to have been an advisor to new Family Boss Colombo.  Fontana retired in the early 1970's, and moved to Florida to take-over a relatives Stevedore company.  He died in Florida in 1979.

FONTANA-JOHN  1895  Palermo, Sicily  /  USA   1902.
Alias : - Salvatore [RN].
Relations : - Enrico + Phillip [Brothers], Abbatemarco brothers [Cousins].
Source for him, and his brother Phillip, is a 1980’s Government chart and brother Harry’s FBI File.  Arrived with his family in 1902, and settled in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn. First arrest was in 1920 for Bootlegging, with the Magliocco brothers. Naturalized as a citizen in 1923. In 1927 he was a witness to the Naturalization of Sebastiano D’Agati, a member and relative of the Magliocco’s. Arrested again in 1933 for Bootlegging, he spent time in prison.  In 1939 he was aquited of a murder in Newark, NJ. At various times described himself as a Food Broker and a partner in a Garment company. By the 1950’s his brother Harry was the Capo in charge of the Red Hook district, and was kidnapped by the rebel faction. After his release Salvatore served as his bodyguard and in 1961 killed Joseph Magnasco, one of the Gallo faction who attacked them. Eventually the Fontana brothers faded from view and retired. Salvatore / John died in 1980.

FONTANA-PHILLIP 1897   Palermo, Sicily   /    USA   1902.
Relations : - Enrico + Salvatore [Brothers], Abbatemarco brothers [Cousins].
Associates : - Cardello brothers, C.Frasca [Genov.].
Listed on Government charts and NARA records, he was the least well known of the 3 Fontana brothers.  Arrived in 1902 with the rest of his family, and settled in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.  Served with the US Navy in 1919, which automatically gave him Citizenship.  Arrested in 1920, with brother  Harry, for Assault + Robbery.  Worked on the Brooklyn docks, where he rose to a position of Pier Boss. Arrested again in 1948 for unknown offences. Moved to Staten Island at some point.  Like his brothers, he became inactive during the 1970’s and died in 1986.

FONTANA-SALVATORE       ?    /    USA     ?
Relations : - Magliocco brothers [Cousins].
We have hardly any information on this possible member.  Our source is his family relationship to the Magliocco’s, and the fact that his murderers were all known Family members.  He was probably a member of the New Jersey Family, or a NJ based Profaci member. His killing occurred in Newark in 1935, and Family members Salvatore Lombardino, John Misuraca and Salvatore Cannella were arrested for it.  This was a period when the Newark Family was disbanding, and in conflict with Profaci.  We know nothing of his date and place of birth, or of his criminal activities.

FRANZESE-CARMINE  Snr.  1881  Naples, Italy   /   USA   1898.
Alias : - Tudie the Lion.
Relations : - John [Son], Michael [G/Son].
Another possible member, never listed on “official” charts, but mentioned in the book The Crime Confederation as a member.  Born in Palma, Campania [near Naples] in 1881, he was an early arrival in US. In 1919 his son John, a future Profaci Capo, was born on a visit back to Italy. He appears to have been connected to the early Camorra organisation in Brooklyn. In 1926 he was a visitor to condemned Camorra killer Antonio Paretti in the death cell.  Amongst other visitors were Vito Genovese and Frank Amato, fellow Queens residents of Neapolitan origin, and future leaders of Cosa Nostra Families. The next sighting we have of him is in the 1930’s, when he was questioned in the 1934 Bocchia murder.  This case involved Genovese, and several of his Neapolitan associates, and Joseph Profaci.  All these connections to the Genovese faction may point to him being a member of that Family.  On his WW2 Registration card he claims to own a business, which could be a Bar, as on the 1940 Census he is listed as a bartender.  He made several trips to Italy, the last one being in 1952. We have no record of his criminal activities or his DOD.

Alias : - Dickie Dare.
Relations : - Salvatore, Anthony  + Richard [Sons], Pasquale [  ?  ].
Born and raised in Brooklyn, he was first arrested in 1922 for Gambling.  In fact most of his 14 arrests were for the same offence.  A bookmaker and loan-shark, he probably joined the Family in the 1940’s.  His sons Salvatore and Richard, both born in Brooklyn in the 1930’s, became members. Another member called Fusco, Pasquale, was possibly a cousin.  At various times he claimed to be a Chauffeur [1940 Census], or own a Club, Candy store or Trucking company.  Under the new Colombo leadership, he was made a Capo in the 1960’s. Among his regime were his relatives, Joseph Gentile and  the LaPonzina brothers.  Seems to have retired in the late1970’s to early 1980’s. Pasquale Fusco may have succeeded him as Capo. Died in 1992 at 88 years-old.

GAGLIARDI-VINCENZO   1891  Calabria, Italy  /   USA 19 ?
Relations : - Frank [?] [Gambino].
The source for this member is the Dead by 1975 list.  This still leaves us with several alternatives.  His surname suggests he came from Calabria.  Another possibility is a man born in 1882, arrived in 1914 and lived on Staten Island.  He had an arrest for speeding in 1942, and died in 1967 [SSDI]. There are also several possible Naturalization dates for him.  Frank Gagliardi, of the Gambino Family, may have been a relative.  Apart from a possible death date of 1969, nothing else is known.

GALLO-CIRO   1898  Avellino, Italy.  /  USA  1912.
Associates : - S.Nani.
The first we hear of this member is his arrest, along with several important Mafiosi, in connection with the murder of Pittsburgh Boss John Bazzano in 1932. He lived on Bushwick Avenue in Brooklyn, and associated with well-known underworld figures like John Oddo and Tony Bonasera, both Profaci members.  We know little else about him as he seems to have left Brooklyn soon after.  He seems to have moved to San Mateo, near SanFrancisco in California. In 1947 he was a witness for Sebastiano Nani, a transplanted Profaci member, charged with murder.  A man of this name was Naturalized in San Francesco in 1948, and died in Nassau, NY in 1975.

Alias : - Allie Lamonte.
Associates : - L.Lampasi, N.Forlano, A.Persico.
Born and raised in Brooklyn, as listed in the 1910 and 1930 Census.  Probably joined the Family in the 1940’s.Seems to have been a protégé of Lorenzo Lampasi, a veteran Profaci member. Moved to New Jersey at some point.  According to the book Joe Dogs, he was a Capo at the time of his death in 1979.  His crew included Dominic Cataldo and Dominic Montemarano, who succeeded him.

GIORDANO-VINCENT   1902  Partinico, Sicily  /   USA   1918.
Alias : - Jimmy.
A veteran member of the Family, with a long criminal record. Arrest’s including for Assault, Robbery, Extortion, Forgery [2], Vagrancy and Bootlegging.  Our source is an article in Newsday in 1976. Originally lived in Brooklyn, but later moved to Long Island.  Served under Capo Sebastiano Aloi , and operated as a Shylock. Died in Florida in 1975.

GRECA-JOSEPH   1897  Enna, Sicily  /   USA   1913.
Relations : - Angelo [Son], L.Barbusca [M], A.Fontana [M].
Source for this member is fellow researcher J.D.  First appears on the 1930 Census, employed as a Presser in a Dress Factory.  He had ties to two Family members, his Brothers-in-law, Louis Barbusca and Angelo  Fontana.  Fontana probably owned the Dress Factory Greca worked in.  He served under Capo Salvatore Mussachia. His Son Angelo became a member in the late 1970’s.  Died in 1979, and Angelo barley survived him, being killed in 1980.

LAMONICA-PETER   1904 Brooklyn, USA.
Relations : - J.Vitale [M] St.Louis.
Associates : -  S.Nani, G.Profaci.
Sources for this member are the 1950 FBN Report, and the FBI book.  Although no record is stated, he has a case number  [SE202] listed by the FBN.  Born, and lived in, Brooklyn and owned a fish cannery in New Jersey, and a fish market in Brooklyn.  Associated with Profaci, and known Narcotics violater Sebastiano Nani.  Believed to sponsor immigrants, who later resorted to crime.  Also allowed his business to be used by parolees for false employment claims.  No death date known.

LAMPASI-LORENZO   1887  Monreale, Sicily  /   USA  1909.
Relations : - Lawrence [Son].
Very little is known about Lampasi senior, apart from his arrival in 1909 from Monreale.  Monreale was the birthplace of a Mafia faction called the Stoppaglieri . At the time of his WW1 Registration he was living in Queens.  Became a Naturalized citizen in 1920.  A son also called Lorenzo, AKA Larry, was a future member killed in the Persico-Orena conflict in1992. Lorenzo senior died in 1975.

LOCICERO-CALOGERO   1904  Villabate, Sicily  /   USA  1920.
Alias : - Charlie the Sidge.
Relations : - Benjamin + Frank [Sons].
First named in the Valachi charts in 1963, he was a native of Villabate, the hometown of the Family leadership.  Within 5 years of arrival, he was charged with murder [1925].  A further arrest in 1938 followed for gun possession.  He kept a low profile during the 1940-50’s, his business interests including a Furniture company.  By the early 1960’s he had risen to the position of Consiglieri, but the Family was about to implode.  In 1960 a widespread revolt broke-out against the leadership of Joe Profaci, descending into open warfare.  LoCicero tried to act as a mediator, but it only resulted in an attempt on his life.  After the Commission deposed Magliocco, he was a possible successor, but they supported Joseph Colombo as Boss. LoCicero was demoted to Capo, his crew including Greg Scarpa, and his own sons.  He spent some time in Italy, before spending time in Prison for Tax Evasion [1965].  He was killed in 1968, and there were several theories about who was responsible.  It could have been the new leadership, removing the old-guard.  Or the Bonanno Family, as a warning to the Commission to stay-out of the “Banana War”.  But the most likely theory is that his son Frank was responsible, after LoCicero had killed his own grandson [Richard], Frank’s son.

LOFARO-FRANK   1893   Calabria, Italy  /   USA     ?
Associates : - V.Randazzo, S.Mezzasalma, S.Nani + E.Cammarata.
A longtime associate of the Family, as a non-Sicilian he may have had to wait many years to become a “made” member.  His record began in 1923 with Grand Larceny, and later Felonious Assault.  He lived in Queens, but frequented the Brooklyn Docks.  Seemingly employed as a Carpenter for a stevedor company on the docks.  In 1931 he was suspected to be involved in the shooting of Ettore Zapi, a future Gambino Family Capo.  Listed in both the 1950 FBN Report and the FBI book.  Considered to be involved in Narcotics dealing on the Brooklyn docks by the FBI.  No known death date.

Relations : - Salvatore [Uncle]. Paul [?] Genovese.
Associated : - J.Profaci, J.Magliocco, E.Cammarata. S.Accardi [Lucchese].
This member is listed by many sources [Valachi charts, 1950 FBN Report, FBI book], but not always in the same Family.  Sometimes named as a Genovese member, or possibly of the disbanded Newark Family.  Involved in gang warfare in Newark, he was arrested for murder in 1927.  He attended the 1928 Cleveland Mafia summit, along with Emmanuele Cammarata, a future Colombo member.  Also attending were Joseph Profaci and Joseph Magliocco.  Arrested several times in the 1920-30’s for Assault, Battery, Vagrancy, Intimidation and Atrocious Assault.  He owned a Masonry company, and was active in Construction Union racketeering.  Died 1979.
LOMBARDINO-SALVATORE    1891  Ghibellina, Sicily /  USA   1907.
Relations : - Salvatore + Rosario [Sons],Andrew [Nephew], Paul [?] Genovese.
Associations : - S.Cannella, J.Misuraca, E.Cammarata.
He arrived in 1907 from Ghibellina, and was headed for a brother in Newark.  This brother was called Luigi, and was the Father of Andrew, a fellow future Colombo member.   By the 1910 Census he was imprisoned for a 1909 offence.  He may have been an early member of the Newark Family, and was believed active in Gang warfare in the late 1920’s.  Arrested in 1927 for murder, with his Nephew Andrew.  Later he attended the 1928 Cleveland Mafia meeting, with his residence given as Brooklyn, along with Andrew, Cammarata, Profaci + Magliocco.  Police arrested him 3 more times on suspicion of murder in 1928-29.  In 1930 he was the target himself being wounded.  He was suspected in one final murder, of Salvatore Fontana in 1935.  After the disbanding of the Newark Family [approx. 1937], Lombardino became the New Jersey Capo for Joseph Profaci.  Among his soldiers were Misuraca, Cannella + Cammarata.  He remained in this position until the early 1960’s, when he was succeeded by John Misuraca, and died in 1967.  

MAGLIOCCO-AMBROGIO   1901  Villabate, Sicily  /   USA  1914.
Alias : - Ambrose
Relations : - Giuseppe + Antonio [Brothers], S.D’Agati,  G.Profaci + G.Tipa [M].
Sources are the 1963 Valachi charts, and NARA records.  Arrived with the family in 1914, and settled in Brooklyn.  In 1922 his Sister was killed in a domestic dispute by her Husband, Francesco D’Agati.  He was instantly killed by their Father Giovanni, who was acquitted on self-defence.  The  D’Agati’s were members, both in Villabate and Brooklyn.  The brothers Mother was a Fontana, another infamous name in Villabate and Brooklyn.  Ambrose was Naturalized in 1926, and owned a Linen company.   A Capo by the 1950’s, he supported Profaci in his struggle against Family rebels in 1960-62.  During Joseph’s short reign as Boss [1962-63] he grew in importance, but after his brother’s death he was demoted by the new leadership.  He lived-out his remaining years in retirement, and died in 1982.

MAGLIOCCO-ANTONIO    1909  Portella Di Mare, Sicily  /   USA  1914.
Relations : - Giuseppe + Ambrogio [Brothers], S.D’Agati , G.Profaci + G.Tipa [all M].
The least well-known of the Magliocco brothers, he arrived with the rest of his family in 1914.  They originated in Portella Di Mare, a small village close to Villabate, in Palermo Province.  They settled in Brooklyn, where he grew-up in his elder brother’s shadow.  Anthony compiled a record of 6 arrests, including Bootlegging, Disorderly Conduct and Public Nusiance.  As can be seen from this he was a low-key member, never rising above the rank of soldier.  He was a partner in 2 companies with his brother Ambrose, and outlived his brothers, dying in 1994.

MAGLIOCCO-GIUSEPPE   1898  Villabate, Sicily  /   USA 1914.
Alias : - Joe Malyk.
Relations : - Ambrogio + Antonio [Brothers], S.D’Agati, G.Profaci + G.Tipa [M].
Associates  : - S.Mussachia, F.Fontana, S.Badalamenti, J.Oddo, S.Nani.
The Magliocco family were from Portella Di Mare, a small village close to Villabate in Palermo Province.  They may have been distantly related to the Profaci family in Villabate.  Giuseppe and his siblings arrived in 1914, and the family settled on Union Street in Brooklyn.  Afew years after they arrived a family tragedy occured.  His sisters husband killed her, and their father killed his son-in-law in turn.  Giuseppe was first arrested in 1920 for bootlegging, while working in the family grocery.  Naturalized in 1924, he became associated with Joseph Profaci when Profaci moved from Chicago to Brooklyn in 1925.  Soon they became in-laws, as Profaci married Magliocco's sister.  They were close associates by 1928 as both attended, and were arrested at, the Cleveland Mafia meeting that year.  When Profaci became Family Boss, Magliocco was named underboss.  At that point he lived on Bay 11th Street, and owned a grocery business [1930 Census].  Over the next 30 years he was Profaci's right hand man.  His brothers Antonio + Ambrogio [Ambrose] joined the Family.  He moved to an estate on Long Island, and was a partner in Beer + Linen companies.  Both he, and Profaci, were caught at the 1957 Apalachin conclave, and he was convicted of Conspiracy, later overturned.  Magliocco was kidnapped by the Gallo faction in 1961, as part of a revolt in the Family.  After being released, he helped Profaci fight back, isolating the Gallo brothers and winning over some rebels.  Profaci died in 1962, and Magliocco was elected as Boss.  However, the Commission refused to recognise him,  fined and suspended him.  He died of a heart attack in 1963, with the revolt still ongoing.    

MANGANO-GAETANO     1882       ?    , Sicily  /   USA   1897.
Relations : - Vincent + Filippo [Sons], I + S.Italiano [M/Tampa].
There is some confusion about this long-time member, including his birthplace.  Seems to have made many trips between Italy and the USA, the first of which was in 1897.  His son Vincenzo was born in NYC in 1906, but he spent much time in Sicily.  Finally arriving in 1921, at Boston, with Vincenzo and one Giuseppe Profaci.  The Mangano’s headed to Tampa, where another son Filippo married into the Italiano family.  The Italiano’s were founding members of the Tampa Mafia Family.  Gaetano was Naturalized there in 1928.  At some point he became partners with Profaci in a Chicago grocery, which failed.  Followed Profaci to Brooklyn in the late 1920’s, and joined the Family.  In 1933 he and Joseph Magliocco founded the Sunland Beverage company.  Owned an Undertaking business.  Retired in 1950’s, and died in 1969.

Relations : - Gaetano [Father], Filippo [Brother], Italiano’s [M / Tampa].
Although born in NYC, during one of his Fathers visits, he grew-up in Sicily.  Eventually he returned in 1921, with Gaetano and Giuseppe Profaci.  The family relocated to Tampa, where his brother Filippo married into the Italiano family.  The family lived in Chicago in the 1920’s, as Vincenzo’s passport was issued there in 1923.  First arrested in Tampa for Robbery in 1938, with Salvatore Italiano.  Arrested in SanFrancisco for Vagrancy in 1948. Finally settled in Brooklyn, where he worked for Joe Maggliocco’s beer company.  Joined the Family in the 1940’s, serving under Capo Ambrose Magliocco.  Inactive by the late 1960’s, sidelined by the new leadership, he died in 1975.

MARTORANO-IGNAZIO   1885  Palermo, Sicily  /   USA      ?
Source for this member are fellow researchers Pogo and JD [Real Deal Forum].  Very little details known on his history.  Early records have him living on Spring Street in Manhattan [1916].  His only known arrest was in 1947, when he was found gambling with fellow Family members Simone Andolino and Joseph Tipa.  Apart from this, we know only that he died in Brooklyn in 1977. 

MEZZASALMA-ROSARIO   1899  Vittoria, Sicily  /   USA  1913.
Alias : - Salvatore
Associates : - V.Randazzo. P.Gambino, S.Armone, U.Rossi [Gambino], S.Shillitani [Lucchese].
Arrived in 1913, heading to his Father on Mulberry Street, Little Italy.  Lived well away from the Family base in Brooklyn.  Started a criminal record in 1923 with arrests for Counterfeiting, Vehicular Homicide, Tax Evasion and a 1951 Narcotics conviction. Mentioned in the 1950 FBN Report, and the FBI book.  Most of his associates were Gambino and Lucchese members. Nara records list him as a Colombo member.  Lived in Brooklyn, and had an interest in a Restaurant in Manhattan.  A known narcotics trafficker, he died in 1971.

MINEO-SALVATORE   1897  Palermo, Sicily  /   USA   1903.
Alias : - Charlie Lemons.
Relations : - Manfredi [?], S.Rannelli [M ?] Lucchese.
Arriving as a child in 1903, he joined his Father Benedetto  on East 14th street, Manhattan.  He kept a very low profile, with no known criminal record.  According to the 1920 Census, he worked as a labourer on the docks.  He may have had some very interesting familial ties.  The same Census intimates a marriage connection to the Rannelli brothers [Lucchese Family].  An enticing thought is a connection to Manfredi Mineo, possibly an early leader of the Family.  Manfredi was a fruit importer, Salvatore’s alias was “Lemons”.  Became a Naturalized citizen in 1938, and known as a loanshark. The first public mention of Salvatore was by informer Greg Scarpa in the 1960’s. At this point his Capo was Harry Fontana.  Later, promoted to Consiglieri, he had a role in ordering the killing of Joe Gallo.  The source for this was Joseph Luparelli, an informant involved in the murder.  Eventually demoted by new boss Carmine Persico, he retired and died in 1977.

MISURACA-ETTORE   1900  Giardinello, Sicily  /   USA  1910.
Alias : - Art Price.
Relations : - Giovanni + Peter, San Jose [Brothers]. S.Caruso [M] Detroit, A.Cammarata [M] San Jose.
From the very moment he arrived, in 1910 with Giovanni, he lived in the shadow of his brother.  They originated in Giardinello, Palermo Province and were joining their Father in St.Louis.  The family moved to Flint, Michigan to some relatives called Giammona and Cusenza.  They became involved in gang warfare, losing a relative Sam Misuraca in 1919.  Following this the Giammona and Cusenza families went to San Jose, California, and the Misuraca’s moved to New Jersey.  It was here that Giovanni became involved with the Family, Ettore / Art probably joined later in the 1930-40’s.  Never rose above soldier status, and remained a loyal subordinate to his brother.  After Giovanni retired in 1965, he moved to Tampa, Florida and died there in 1967.

MISURACA-GIOVANNI  1897   Giardinello, Sicily  /   USA  1910.
Alias : - Big John.
Relations : - Ettore + Peter [San Jose] –[Brothers], S.Caruso [M] Detroit, A.Cammarata [M] San Jose.
Associates : - S.Lombardino, S.Cannella, S.Fontana, J.Yacovelli.
First arrived in 1910, with brother Ettore, going to their Father in St.Louis.  By his WW1 Registration, the family had moved to Flint, Michigan.  In the 1920 Census he is recorded as a prison inmate, possibly related to the gang warfare he was involved in.  As a result of this Giovanni and Ettore moved to New Jersey, while Peter and other relatives relocated to California.  Soon became involved in the Families New Jersey faction, led by Salvatore Lombardino.  A suspect in the 1935 murder of fellow member Salvatore Fontana, along with close associate Salvatore Cannella.  Naturalized in 1943, he spent much time visiting relatives in California.  Lombardino retired in the early 1960’s, and Misuraca became Capo.  In the aftermath of the “Gallo revolt”, he was appointed Under-boss by Joe Magliocco, but was demoted back to Capo by his successor Joe Colombo.  Decided to retire in 1965, to be succeeded by Joseph Yacovelli.  Relocated to California, but eventually moved to Florida, where he died in 1986.

MUCE-SALVATORE  1888  Villabate, Sicily  /   USA   1921.
Relations : - James [Son].
A little known member from the Family heartland of Villabate.  He bounced back and forth between Italy and America in the early 1920’s, finally settled in 1925 in Brooklyn.  Worked on the Brooklyn docks, along with other Family members like Thomas DiBella and Frank Lofaro.  Father to James, a later member.  Salvatore died in 1956.

NANI-SEBASTIANO   1906  Pozzalo, Sicily  /   USA  1914.
Alias : - Benny.
Associates : - G.Profaci, V.Randazzo, S.Badalamenti + C.Gallo. M.Abati + L.Calamia [San Francisco].
Listed on the 1963 Valachi charts, and numerous other sources, Nani was a known narcotics violator.  Entered the USA in 1914, headed for an Uncle in Buffalo, NYS.  Settled and grew-up in Brooklyn, opening a Butchers shop.  His first arrest in 1932 was for Auto theft, followed by Extortion, Bribery and a 1947 arrest for the murder of a man called DiAngelo.  Fled to California, and settled in San Matteo, where he became an Olive Oil importer.  This profession was a cover for his narcotics trafficking.  Was involved with San Francisco Family members Michael Abati and Leonard Calamia in the murder of Nick DeJohn of Chicago [1948].  Finally convicted of narcotics dealing in 1954, and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment.  Deported in 1958, he returned to his hometown Pozallo in Ragusa Province, Sicily.  No known date of death.

ODDO-GIOVANNI   1903  Pietraperzia, Sicily  /   USA  1907.
Alias : - Johnny Bath Beach.
Relations : - J.Livoti [M]. J.Tortorici [?] Genovese.
Associates : - C.Bonasera, Gallo brothers, S.Musacchia + C.Panarella.
Entered the USA in 1907, heading to his Father on Stanton Street in Manhattan.  The family soon moved to the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, where he started a long criminal record[20 + arrests] in 1923.  Along with close associates Bonasera + Mussachia he was a suspect in several murders, Sciammeta [1930], Peraino [1930], Bazzano [1932], ect.  They were all active in a Sicilian-Calabrian conflict in the late 1920- early 1930's, with Oddo himself wounded in 1930.  Despite various spells in prison, he and Bonasera built a large gambling and shylock business in the Bath Beach area.  He was promoted to Capo status, was Naturalized in 1931, and overcame an attempt to deport him.  Oddo owned the 13 club in Brooklyn and had interests in a Record company and the Garment industry.  He was shot at during the Gallo revolt in 1960-63.  With new Boss Joe Colombo reorganizing the Family, Oddo was one of the old guard to be sidelined.  He lived in retirement until his death in 1975.     

Alias : - John.
Another member who could be listed in another Family.  Even his origins are uncertain, as his is a common Italian name.  Known as a former associate of Frankie Yale’s gang, which broke-up after Yale’s murder in 1928.  Like the Abbatemarco’s, he may have joined the Family after the “Castellammarese War”.  He was known to live in Brooklyn, and be a close associate of Gaetano Maiorano, a Genovese Capo.  Thus the confusion over Family connections.  His only known arrest was in 1947 for High-Jacking. Died in 1957.

This member is first mentioned on a 1988 Goverment list of current Colombo Family members.  It gives his DOB as 1902, which matches a name on the SSDI who died in Florida in 1991.  However different spellings of his surname, might suggest a man coming from Catania, Sicily in 1915.  This man was heading to a cousin living on Hester Street in Manhattan.  A possible relative is Charles Panarella, a future Family Capo.

PERAINO-GIUSEPPE   1889  Palermo, Sicily  /   USA  1910.
Alias : - The Clutching Hand.
Relations : - Anthony [Son].
Associates : - N.Failla, F.Yale [Ioele].
An infamous Mafiosi, who fled a 25 year sentence for murder and arrived in 1910.  He settled in Brooklyn, on President Street and was soon involved in criminal life.  Arrested twice for murder during the 1910’s [1918 + 1920].  He and Nicolo Failla were convicted of Grand Larceny in 1921, he was a close associate of the Frankie Yale gang. After Yale’s murder in 1928, he was considered the prominent power in Red Hook.  At this stage, 1929-30, he was possibly a senior member, or even the leader of the Family, with Salvatore DiBella.  Other factions were attempting to control Brooklyn, with over 100 murders in 1930, including a Calabrian faction led by Albert Anastasia. Early in 1930 Peraino attended a peace meeting , but no agreement was reached.  Returning to President Street, he was shot and killed.  The main suspect was Joseph Florino, Anastasia’s top gunman.  Peraino’s son Carmelo and brother-in-law Peter Leone were both killed soon after.  Several other relatives were future Family members during the 1950-80’s.                                          

PROFACI-FRANCESCO   Villabate, Sicily  /   USA   1920/25.
Alias : - Frankie.
Relations : - Giuseppe + Salvatore [Brothers], Salvatore [Son], G.Magliocco + J.Tipa [M].
Mentioned on the 1963 Valachi charts,the youngest of the Profaci brothers, he may have been the first to arrive in 1920, if a statement by his wife is to be believed. Otherwise it could have been 1925, after Giuseppe’s 1921 arrival. Settled on Avenue Pin Brooklyn, and started work in Giuseppe’s Olive Oil importing company. He had no known criminal record, and became a Naturalized citizen in 1944.  He owned a clothes company, and became a power in the Garment centre.  Promoted to Capo status by the 1950’s, he was one of those held hostage in 1961by the Gallo led rebels.  Supported his brother and brother-in-law Joe Magliocco during the revolt [1961-3].  After the death of both, he was demoted and sidelined by the new leadership, and died in 1971.

PROFACI-GIUSEPPE   1898  Villabate, Sicily.  /   USA  1921.
Alias : - Joe / The Old Man.
Relations : - Francesco + Salvatore [Brothers], Magliocco brothers + J.Tipa [M].
Associates  : - J.Bonanno, V.Mangano, G.Mangano, V.Tocco + J.Zerilli [Detroit].
Brought-up in a Mafia culture in Villabate, his Uncle was a member of the Zubbio [the local Mafia cosca].  His record in Italy included Theft, Attempted Rape and, while serving in the Army, Horse theft, for which he spent a year in prison.  He entered America in 1921, travelling with the Mangano family, and heading to a cousin on Elizabeth Street.  The following year he,and the Mangano's, moved to Chicago and opened a grocery.  The business failed in 1925, so they all moved to Brooklyn.  He started associating with Giuseppe Magliocco, a distant relative, and married hiis sister.  Profaci became a citizen in 1927, and became a wealthy importer of Olive Oil.   He, and Magliocco, were arrested at the 1928 Cleveland Mafia meeting, for gun possession.  Although supposedly neutral in the "Castellammarese War", he secretly supported Maranzano.  At the end of the conflict he emerged as the Head of the former DiBella Family, with Magliocco as his underboss.  He was suspected of involvement in the 1934 Bocchia murder, but never charged.  Profaci allied himself with Bonanno, Mangano and Gagliano to form the conservative majority on the Commission.  Over the next two decades he grew rich through his Mamma Mia import company, and intersts in the Garment Centre.  He owned homes in Brooklyn, New Jersey and Miami.  He used marriage alliances to Bonanno and the Detroit Family to spread his influence in the organization.  The murder of Abbatemarco [1959], and his old fashioned ways caused a revolt of the younger members of the Family.  Although he compromised,and won back some rebels, the Gallo faction holed-up on President Street and fought on.  Profaci was suffering from cancer, and died of it in 1962.      

PROFACI-SALVATORE  [Snr.]   1905  Villabate, Sicily  /   USA  1926.
Relations : - Giuseppe + Francesco [Brothers], Magliocco brothers + J.Tipa [M].
Came to  America in 1926, the last of the brothers to arrive, landing first in Canada.  He then crossed the border to Buffalo, where he met-up with Joseph Bonanno, who was to become a lifelong friend.  Moved to Brooklyn, and married a D’Agati who was Joe Magliocco’s niece. Soon became a power in the Garment centre, with brother Francesco.  Also owned Real Estate, and was Naturalized in 1943.  A Capo by the 1950’s, he ran Gambling for the Family.  In 1954 he was killed in a freak accident, when his boat engine blew-up.  Was succeeded as Capo by his brother Francesco.

RANDAZZO-VINCENZO   1901  Carini, Sicily  /   USA  1922.
Relations : - James [ ? ].
Several sources for this member, the 1950 FBN Report, and two later “official” members charts in 1988-89. Entered in 1922, heading to a brother in Detroit, but soon settled in the Bath Beach area of Brooklyn.  Within 2 years of arriving he had started a criminal record, with arrests for Vagrancy, Gun possession, and Bootlegging.  In 1940 he was accused of narcotics trafficking, along with Nicola Gentile.  Not learning his lesson from this, he was convicted for the same crime in 1951.  Among his accomplices were fellow Family member Salvatore Mezzasalma, and Lucchese member Salvatore Shillitani.  Spent some time in prison, but release date not known.  Like many of the older members, he was sidelined by Joseph Colombo, the new Family Boss, in the 1970’s.  Faded from the scene, and died in 1987.

Alias : - The Barber.
Sources are NARA records, and information provided by member informant Greg Scarpa. He was  born in Brookyn to Calabrian immigrants.  Rubertone seems to have been a legal advisor to the Truck Rental Corp. a Magliocco front. He served under Capo Ambrogio Magliocco, alongside the brothers Vincent and Filippo Mangano, running Crap games and shylocking in the Bensonhurst area.  In 1966 he committed suicide, seemingly after killing two people. 

Alias : - Jimmy.
Associates : - G.Profaci, G.Magliocco, S.Nani  +  L.Carlino. J.DioGuardi [Lucchese].
Born in NYC in 1900, he lived in Brooklyn and frequented the Bensonhurst and Bath Beach area.  Named on the 1963 Valachi charts, and had an entry in the FBI book.  Had a criminal record from 1923, starting with Grand Larceny, Gun possession [1933], Attempted Rape [1938], and Assault  [1942].  Described as a gambler and heavy drinker, he was suspected of being a silent partner in several garment factories.  His partner was Leo Carlino, and they had contacts in the Garment centre unions through Johnny DioGuardi.  No known connected relatives, but it is possible he was related to Michael, a future Family Capo.  We do not have a death date.

SAVINO-MICHAEL   1908    ?
Relations : - J.Colombo [M], John [?].
Associates : -  F.Falanga.
This man is listed on two Goverment charts, in 1988 + 1989, as a member. He probably joined the Family in the 1940’s.  We know little about him, except that he was a brother-in-law of Joseph Colombo.  This allowed him to rise to Capo status, under Colombo’s leadership.  A close associate was Frank Falanga, Colombo’s driver / bodyguard.  Savino died in 1991.

SCADUTO-GIUSEPPE    1904  Villabate, Sicily  /   USA   1920.
SCADUTO-DOMENICO   1912  Villabate, Sicily  /   USA  1920.
Two brothers from Villabate, the town of origin of Profaci and other Family members.  They lived in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn and may have been members.  In 1936 they became embroiled in a conflict with Family Boss Joseph Profaci.  Giuseppe was murdered in NCY, and Domenico fled to Chicago.  He was murdered there several months later.  The chief suspect was Salvatore Lombardino, the Families New Jersey Capo.  My source for this is fellow researcher JD.

SORRENTINO-NICOLINE   1891   Salemi, Sicily  /   USA    ?
 Alias : - Peanuts
Associates : - A.DeBenedetto, R.LaPonzina.
Not much known about his early history, not even the date of his arrival.  Lived in Queens, according to his WW1 Registration card.  May have been Naturalized in 1926.  Only came to notice in the late 1950’s, when named in NARA documents.  Also mentioned by informant, and Family member, Greg Scarpa.  A Capo by the 1960’s, possibly operating in Florida for a time.  In aftermath of the “Gallo revolt”, he was promoted to Consigliere by the new leader Joseph Colombo.  Involved with Alessandro DeBenedetto and Ralph LaPonzina in running numbers in Brooklyn.  Seems to have resigned his position in 1970, and retired to Sicily.  He died in 1973. In his hometown of Salemi.

SPECIALE-ANGELO   1909  Montelepre, Sicily  /   USA  1921.
This member first appears in NARA Records, in the 1960’s.  Listed as a member living in Newark, New Jersey.  Later also listed on a Goverment chart in the 1980’s, even though he died in 1974.  Seems to have been a stone mason, and probably joined the Family in the 1940’s.

SPRIZZA-RALPH   1896  Naples, Italy  /   USA   1905.
Alias : - Captain Moon.
Associates : - F.Yale, A.Carfano, M + F.Abbatemarco.
Lived on Union Street in the Red Hook district of Brooklyn [WW1 Registration].  He was a close associate of Frankie Yale and a member of his Gang.  He had a long criminal record, starting in 1915 with Burglary, then Burglary again in 1920, and Assault + Robbery in 1924. All of these arrests ended in time spent in prison.  With Yale’s murder in 1928, he became close to Michele Abbatemarco and was the last man to be seen with him before his murder, for which he was arrested again.  With rival factions in conflict, he had to choose which to join.  So he followed Frank Abbatemarco into the Profaci Family.  Continued to gather arrests in 1936, 1940, 1949 and 1951.  Owned a paint company [WW2 Registration], but never became a citizen.  No date of death is known, but it seems to have been in the early 1960’s. 

TIPA-GIUSEPPE   1888  Villabate, Sicily  /   USA  1906.
Relations : - Joseph [Son], J.Profaci + J.Magliocco [M].
As a relative of both Joe Profaci and Joe Magliocco, he had the best possible Family connections.  A native of Villabate, the Family homeland, he arrived in 1906.  He settled on 14th Avenue in Brooklyn, as stated on his WW1 Registration.  In 1937 the Immigration Service started a file on him, and noted his relationship to Profaci and Magliocco.  In 1938 he made a trip to Cuba, and is listed on the manifest as a Merchant.  He had no known criminal record, so was granted Naturalization in 1946.  Named on the 1963 Valachi charts, and several times in Nara Records.  Although some of these may pertain to his Son, also called Joseph, and a possible Family member.  Died in 1963. 

TORNABE-SALVATORE   1896   Canicatti, Sicily  /   USA  1920.
Associates : - Magliocco brothers.
Best known as a attendee at the 1957 Mafia summit at  Apalachin, NYS.  Within a year of his arrival he was arrested for Bootlegging [1921].  He became a citizen in 1928, when he was living on East 16th street in Manhattan  The following year he visited Italy, returning with two older people who could have been relatives.  According to his WW2 Registration he worked for Sunland Beveridge, the Magliocco brothers company.  The only other early record of him, is as a witness on the 1944 Naturalization record of Angelo Caruso, the future Bonanno Under-boss.  By the 1950’s he was a Capo, and had acquired a summer home in Marlborough, NY.  Arrested at Apalachin in the company of Joe Profaci and Joe Magliocco.  The attendant publicity proved too much, and he died within months of natural causes [Dec. 1957].

TUMMILLO-FRANK   1903  Muro Lucano, Italy  /   USA   1921.
Alias : - -Bopeep.
The only source that names Tummillo as a possible member is Cassandros Bonasera’s FBI File.  Lived in the Bronx, and believed to be an Ice Dealer.  This was a dangerous occupation in the 1930’s, with several murders in the industry.  Had a criminal record of Gambling, Disorderly Conduct and Conspiracy.  Gained citizenship in 1933.  Aside from Bonasera, he was a close associate of John Franzese, a Family Capo.  No other information before his death in 1986.

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