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Conflicts : - Carlino - Danna [Colorado].

CONFLICT  : - Danna – Carlino  fued  1922-30.
In May 1922 a dispute within the Pueblo Family, led to the murder of Pelligrino Scaglia [AKA Tony Viola].  Scaglia, born 1882, had been involved in an old vendetta from his birthplace of Burgio, Sicily.  He was suspected of killing 3 members of the Cardinelli family in Brooklyn, for which he was arrested in St. Louis in 1911.  He also survived being stabbed, also in St. Louis, in 1910.  Eventually he, and his family, moved to Pueblo and opened a grocery.  Soon he became a member of the local Mafia Family, possibly even heading it.  His relatives included his brother Mariano, the Mulay [Mule] family, and Vincenzo Chiapetta.  He was also known to be allied to the Carlino brothers.
As always with Mafia Families, there was an opposition faction who disputed control with Scaglia’s group.  This faction was originally associated with Domenico Pistone, a previous leader killed in 1918, and included the LaRocca, Danna and Parlapiano families.  Members from both factions were mainly from Agrigento Province, especially the town of Lucca Sicula.
The catalyst for the conflict is unknown, although another Cardinelli [Antonio] had been killed recently in Pueblo.  Nicola Gentile tells us that a man called LaRocca accused the Scaglia’s of unsanctioned killings.  A national meeting was called in NYC to mediate the conflict, which ended in stalemate.  Another meeting in Pittsburgh ended with the expulsion of Mariano Scaglia, and Pellegrino’s father-in-law and nephew, who had fled to Kansas City.

May  1922  : - Pelligrino Scaglia killed in Pueblo, young boy helper also killed.
February  1923  : - John Mulay [Mule], associate of Carlino’s, killed.
June 1923  : - Vincenzo Urso killed, Carl Mulay escaped, [Carlino’s]. / Joseph Piscopo + James Giarratano arrested [Danna’s].
September  1923  : - Carlo Carlino + Domenico Ingo [Carlino’s]killed. / Vito + John Danna arrested and acquitted.
July  1924  : - Joseph Piscopo [Danna’s] killed. Assailant Andrea Lomeli [Carlino hired gunman] killed by James Giarratano.
Summer ?  1924  : - Joseph Spinuzzi [Danna associate] killed.  Frank Lucia arrested + acquitted.
April  1925  : - Frank Lucia [Carlino’s] killed.
July  1925  : - John Danna killed.
May  1926  : - Antonio + Vito Danna killed. / Sam + Pete Carlino,Vito LaRocca, John + Carlo Mulay arrested + acquitted.
October  1928  : - attempt to kill Sam Danna, wounded.
May  1930  : - Sam Danna killed.

The Carlino brothers having eliminated their rivals, tried to extend their control to Denver.  There they came into conflict with a Calabrian faction, led by Joseph Roma, and were defeated + killed.

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