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Family Connections : - Genovese Family


The future Genovese Family originated from Giuseppe Masseria’s alliance with the remnants of the Morello / Terranova faction.  They opposed the dominant Palermitani group under Salvatore D’Aquila.  As “outlaws” and not subject to the same rules as the “official” Families, this group recruited non-Sicilian members.  The Family became a combination of Sicilian, Calabrian, Neapolitan and native born members.  As a consequence it became a more modern Americanized business, less bound to the Mafia tradition.  Familial relationships crossed this racial divide too.

Terranova-Catania                                                                      Albero-Salerno
Pellegrino-Mogavero                                                                   Rao-Stracci
Tortorici-Rao                                                                                  Albanese-Argone
Alongi-Perrino                                                                                Corona-Vellucci
Criscuolo-Mauro                                                                             Genovese-Gazzio
Manfredonia-Tantillo                                                                      Valachi-Siano
Moretti-LaPlaca                                                                                Doto-Russo [NJ]
Morello-Terranova                                                                           LaPlaca-Palmieri
Lanza-Russo [NYC]                                                                            Russo [NYC]-Romano

Because of its racial diversity, this Family had more widespread familial relationships with other Families nationwide than the other NYC Families.

DiCarlo-LoCascio [Lucchese]                                                              Livorsi-Ormento [Lucchese]
Livorsi-DioGuardi [Lucchese]                                                              Livorsi-Meli [Detroit]
Mogavero-Mogavero [Buffalo]                                                           Genovese-Genovese [Pittsburgh]
Valachi-Reina [Lucchese]                                                                     Caruso-Oddo [Colombo]
DiPietro-Mari [Bonanno]                                                                       Palmeri-Palmeri [Buffalo]
Tantillo-Lucchese [Lucchese]                                                                Alongi-Gagliano [New Orleans]
Borelli-Licchi [Lucchese]                                                                       DeMartino-Massi [Gambino]
Loiacano-Coppola [Detroit]*                                                                    Caiffone-Vastola [Elizabeth, NJ]
Argolia-Argolia [Chicago]                                                                           Pennachio-Isabella [Lucchese]
Pappa-Pappa [Lucchese]                                                                             Geraci-Casso [Lucchese]
DiQuarto-Alberti [Gambino]                                                                        Rao-Rao [Lucchese]
Fiumara-Martirano [Philadelphia]                                                             Longo-Abramo [Elizabeth, NJ]

The asterisk* denotes an unconfirmed familial relationship.                                             

Family Connections : - Colombo Family


The future Colombo Family originated from a split amongst the early Palermitani group.  There is some evidence that this occurred as early as 1910-12, and that Manfredi Mineo was an early leader.  By the late 1920’s a faction from Villabate, led by Giuseppe Profaci, seem to have assumed leadership.  As they were one of the smaller NYC Families, the familial relationships seem to be less intense than in other NYC groups.

Profaci-Magliocco                                                            Fontana-Abbatemarco
Mussachia-Magliocco                                                      Magliocco-D’Agati
Abbatemarco-Cardiello                                                    Orena-Persico
Grancio-Tolino                                                                    Persico-Russo
Tipa-Profaci                                                                          DeRoss-Panarella
Colombo-Mussachia                                                            Langella-Stripoli

The next list shows familial relationships with other Families nationwide.

Bonasera-DiCarlo [Buffalo]                                                      Misuraca-Misuraca [San Jose]
Profaci-Zerilli [Detroit]                                                               Profaci-Bonanno [Bonanno, NYC]
Profaci-Tocco [Detroit]                                                               Bonasera-Magaddino [Buffal]*
Profaci-Schillaci [Genovese]*                                                    Baudanza-Baudanza [Lucchese]

The asterisk* denotes an unconfirmed relationship.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Family Connections : - Lucchese Family

FAMILY  CONNECTIONS  : -  Lucchese Family.

The Lucchese Family were directly descended from the earlier Corleonese group.  Although the Terranova / Morello faction were absorbed into the Masseria Family, the majority of Corleone born members  regrouped and formed the core of the future Family.  Within the Family familial relationships were not as intense as the Palermitani or Castellammarese dominated ones.

Plumeri-DioGuardi                                                           Gagliano-Rao
Ormento-Pappadio                                                           Lucchese-Rosato
Abate-Acceturro                                                                Borelli-Licchi
D’Ercole-Zanfardino                                                          Rao-Vento
Acceturro-Taccetta                                                           Taccetta-Ricciardi
Panica-Pappadio                                                                Pomilla-Gagliano
Tuminaro-Fuca                                                                    Goia-Salanardi
Rannelli-Rao                                                                         Vadala-Lucchese
Rao-Speciale                                                                         Licchi-Magistro

However the familial connections to other Families, especially within NYC, were extensive : -

DiGuardi-Livorsi [Genovese]                                               Lucchese-Gambino [Gambino]
Campopiano-Abbamone [Gambino]                                  LoCascio-DiCarlo [Genovese]
DiNorscio-DiNorscio [Philadelphia]                                    Perna-Perna [Buffalo]
Castaldi-Penosi [Gambino]                                                   Castaldi-Ciccone [Gambino]
Isabella-Pennacchio [Genovese]                                          Santoro-Zangoglia [Gambino]
Rannelli-Riccobono [Gambino]                                             Tuminaro-Presinzano [Bonanno]
Didato-Didato [Genovese]                                                      Speciale-Speciale [Colombo]
Pappa-Pappa [Genovese]                                                        Casso-Geraci [Genovese]
Galione-Galione [Gambino]                                                     Baudanza-Baudanza [Colombo]
Rao-Rao [Genovese]*                                                               Vitalitti-Maugeri [Gambino]
Casso-DelDucca [Genovese]*                                                   Castaldi-Piccolo [Gambino]
DiNapoli-DiNapoli [Genovese]                                                  DeSimone-DeSimone [Los Angeles]                                                                                                                                         

Friday, 5 September 2014

Family connections : - Bonanno Family


The Bonanno Family, that came to be dominated by members from Trapani Province, actually started as group from various towns in Palermo Province.  Early members from Camporeale, Roccamena and Partinico seem to have started to organize in the early 1900’s.  They were soon joined by relatives, with the Castellammarese arriving in ever increasing numbers during the 1900-10’s.  The following is a list of familial relationships within the Family  : -

DiGaetano-Ruffino                                                         Grippi-Costantino
Schiro-Grippi                                                                    Saracino-Domingo*
Orlando-Schiro                                                                 Governale-Schiro
Saracino-Minore                                                               Orlando-Governale
Maranzano-Minore                                                          Vultaggio-Mule
Galante-Bonventre                                                           Bonanno-Magaddino
 Bonventre-Bonanno                                                         Magaddino-Bonventre
Candella-DiBella                                                                 DiBella-Bonanno
Embarrato-Mirra                                                              Cantarella-D’Amico
DePasquale-Bonanno                                                       Tartamela-Genna
Morale-Bonventre                                                             Vitale-Massino
Greco-Marulli [o]                                                                Marulli[o]-Galante
Domingo—Bonventre                                                       Galante-Giglio
LaBruzzo-Bonanno                                                              Asaro-Zapprano
Amato-Bonventre                                                                Graziano-Zannocchio
Evola-Buccellato                                                                   Buccellato-DeBenedetto
Mari-Sciacca                                                                          Embarrato-Cantarella
DiGregorio-Asaro                                                                  Mirra-Cantarella
Lino-Lino                                                                                Mazzara-DiBenedetto
Garafola-Buccellato                                                              Buccellato-Spadaro
Magaddino-Buccellato                                                          Buccellato-D’Angelo*
Presinzano-Galante                                                                   LaBruzzo-Spadaro

Many of the early relationships occurred in Sicily, before later emigration to America.  The next list shows familial ties to other Families in NYC and nationwide  : -
Bonanno-Profaci [Colombo]                                                      Magaddino-Magaddino [Buffalo]
Mari-DiPietro [Genovese]                                                           Cannone-Barbara [Endicott / Pittston]
Bonanno-Genovese [Endicott / Pittston]                                  Parrino-Parrino [Detroit]
Mirabile-Mirabile [Detroit / Los Angeles]*                                Bonventre-Bonventre [Los Angeles]*
Crociata-Magaddino [Buffalo]                                                      Alfano-Traina [Genovese]
DePasquale-Genovese [Endicott / Pittston]                                Lino-Lino [Gambino]
Genna-Magaddino [Buffalo]*                                                        Galante-Galante [Philadelphia]
Sabella-Sabella [Philadelphia]                                                         Bonventre-Camarda [Gambino]*
Presinzano-Tuminaro [Lucchese]                                                   Morsellino-Accardi[o] [Lucchese]