Thursday, 11 September 2014

Family Connections : - Colombo Family


The future Colombo Family originated from a split amongst the early Palermitani group.  There is some evidence that this occurred as early as 1910-12, and that Manfredi Mineo was an early leader.  By the late 1920’s a faction from Villabate, led by Giuseppe Profaci, seem to have assumed leadership.  As they were one of the smaller NYC Families, the familial relationships seem to be less intense than in other NYC groups.

Profaci-Magliocco                                                            Fontana-Abbatemarco
Mussachia-Magliocco                                                      Magliocco-D’Agati
Abbatemarco-Cardiello                                                    Orena-Persico
Grancio-Tolino                                                                    Persico-Russo
Tipa-Profaci                                                                          DeRoss-Panarella
Colombo-Mussachia                                                            Langella-Stripoli

The next list shows familial relationships with other Families nationwide.

Bonasera-DiCarlo [Buffalo]                                                      Misuraca-Misuraca [San Jose]
Profaci-Zerilli [Detroit]                                                               Profaci-Bonanno [Bonanno, NYC]
Profaci-Tocco [Detroit]                                                               Bonasera-Magaddino [Buffal]*
Profaci-Schillaci [Genovese]*                                                    Baudanza-Baudanza [Lucchese]

The asterisk* denotes an unconfirmed relationship.

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