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Family Connections : - Genovese Family


The future Genovese Family originated from Giuseppe Masseria’s alliance with the remnants of the Morello / Terranova faction.  They opposed the dominant Palermitani group under Salvatore D’Aquila.  As “outlaws” and not subject to the same rules as the “official” Families, this group recruited non-Sicilian members.  The Family became a combination of Sicilian, Calabrian, Neapolitan and native born members.  As a consequence it became a more modern Americanized business, less bound to the Mafia tradition.  Familial relationships crossed this racial divide too.

Terranova-Catania                                                                      Albero-Salerno
Pellegrino-Mogavero                                                                   Rao-Stracci
Tortorici-Rao                                                                                  Albanese-Argone
Alongi-Perrino                                                                                Corona-Vellucci
Criscuolo-Mauro                                                                             Genovese-Gazzio
Manfredonia-Tantillo                                                                      Valachi-Siano
Moretti-LaPlaca                                                                                Doto-Russo [NJ]
Morello-Terranova                                                                           LaPlaca-Palmieri
Lanza-Russo [NYC]                                                                            Russo [NYC]-Romano

Because of its racial diversity, this Family had more widespread familial relationships with other Families nationwide than the other NYC Families.

DiCarlo-LoCascio [Lucchese]                                                              Livorsi-Ormento [Lucchese]
Livorsi-DioGuardi [Lucchese]                                                              Livorsi-Meli [Detroit]
Mogavero-Mogavero [Buffalo]                                                           Genovese-Genovese [Pittsburgh]
Valachi-Reina [Lucchese]                                                                     Caruso-Oddo [Colombo]
DiPietro-Mari [Bonanno]                                                                       Palmeri-Palmeri [Buffalo]
Tantillo-Lucchese [Lucchese]                                                                Alongi-Gagliano [New Orleans]
Borelli-Licchi [Lucchese]                                                                       DeMartino-Massi [Gambino]
Loiacano-Coppola [Detroit]*                                                                    Caiffone-Vastola [Elizabeth, NJ]
Argolia-Argolia [Chicago]                                                                           Pennachio-Isabella [Lucchese]
Pappa-Pappa [Lucchese]                                                                             Geraci-Casso [Lucchese]
DiQuarto-Alberti [Gambino]                                                                        Rao-Rao [Lucchese]
Fiumara-Martirano [Philadelphia]                                                             Longo-Abramo [Elizabeth, NJ]

The asterisk* denotes an unconfirmed familial relationship.                                             

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