Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Explaining the Mafia membership charts.


I first became interested in Mafia history after reading the book The Canary that Sang in the late 1960’s. Then, in 1974, I hitched around the USA and collected more OC books along the way. Eventually I decided to try to compile a chart of “original” members of the NYC Families. Using the Valachi charts as a starting point, and adding more names from every book, document, article and any other informed source I could find. Slowly it became a nationwide search, with the other cities Cosa Nostra Families involved.

The spread of the Internet, the easy access to Government and State records, newspaper archives, websites like Ancestry, NARA, Ellis Island, ect., have made researching much easier. Modern authors on the subject, have been much more diligent in their research.

Like most researchers I always meant to write a book, but found it beyond my capabilities. I feel that I have reached the point where I need outside input. Keeping information to yourself is pointless. So I have decided to put all my “stuff” on a blog, and encourage viewers to contact me to suggest changes, additions or deletions.

I am not conceited enough to believe my charts are anywhere near perfect. If they are 60-70% accurate i would be happy, but I think 40-50% is more likely. There has to be a starting point, so I have used the 1931 reorganization of the American Mafia / Cosa Nostra as that starting point. In some instances members from the 1910-20’s are included, but only if the source is unimpeachable [i.e. Valachi, Gentile, Bonanno, ect.].

Ethnicity was important in the early days, so I have included place of birth, where known. Relatives are even more so, and are listed if known. Any name with an asterisk * is a probable, but unconfirmed, member. Members will only be listed once, irrespective of the length of their membership. The charts are divided into time periods as follows : - 1920/30’s-1950 – originals
                                   1950’s-70’s – including the large increase of the 1950’s
                                    1980’s-2000 –
                                    Present members – this is others research, and can be found elsewhere i.e.Pogo's present NYC Family charts on the Real Deal forum. The last chart is of names of possible members [NYC, NYS and NJ] whose Family membership is unknown.

I hope this helps viewers to understand the charts, and am looking forward to any feedback.

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