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Pittston family relationships


Yellow highights denote made LCN members

x-- Charles C. Bufalino---m. Nella Volpe
x    (B. 4-5-1878;             (B.         1879;
x     D.              )       x       (d.                )
x                              x
x                              x-- Angelo Bufalino (died @ age 18)
x                              x
x                              x-- "Josephine" Giuseppina J. Bufalino (never married)
x                              x    (B. 11-7-1917; D. 12-14-1993)
x                              x
x                              x-- Christina Bufalino---m. [          ] Mauriello
x                              x
x                              x--Angeline Bufalino---m. [            ] Capitano
x                              x
x                              x--"Dolly" Emmanuella Bufalino---m. Salvatore Falcone, Jr. (Utica NY LCN)
x                                  (B. 8-17-1927;  
x                                    D. 11-24-2005)
x-- Angelo Bufalino---m. Christina Bruculera
     (B.             ;    x
      D. 9-23-1904)  x
                           x-- Josephine Bufalino---m. [             ] Cordaro
                           x    (B. 3-7-1879;
                           x     D. 9-20-1991)
                           x-- "Charles" Calogero Bufalino---m. [                     ]
                           x    (B. 10-15-1898;
                           x    D. 7-  -1986)
                           x-- Cristina Teresina Bufalino---m. [                ] Cammella
                           x                                                         Rosario Sciandra---m.Angeline
                           x                                                                                 x     Funia
                           x                                                                                 x
                           x                                                                                 x
                           x                                                                                 x
                           x-- "Russell," "Russ" Rosario---m. "Carrie" Carmella Sciandra --x
                                 Alberto Bufalino                  (B. 5-22-1911; D. 12-30-2006)
                                 (B. 9-29-1903;
                                  D. 2-25-1994)           (According to Frank Sheeran, Russell and Carrie
                                                                 Bufalino had no children.)

(According to Frank Sheeran, William Bufalino -- who grew up in West Pittston and who earned a law degree from Dickinson School of Law in 1942, and who became a lawyer for the Teamsters and for Jimmy Hoffa in Detroit -- was not a first cousin of Russell Bufalino.  Sheeran says that Russell Bufalino allowed William Bufalino to represent himself to third persons as being a first cousin of Russell Bufalino in order to advance himself.  This accounts for the common misconception that William Bufalino, Hoffa's Lawyer, was a first cousin of Russell Bufalino.  William Bufalino's family was from Montedoro, Sicily, as was Russell Bufalino's family.  So William was probably distantly related to Russell Bufalino, but was not his first cousin.)

Salvatore Bufalino---m. [                           ]
                         x-- William E. Bufalino---m. Marie Antoinette Meli
                         x    (B.       1918;
                         x     D. 5-14-1990)        (She was a niece of a Meli who was an important
                         x     (Grosse Pointe,        Detroit mob figure.)
                         x       Michigan)
                         x--Eugene Bufalino   

Made LCN figures are highlighted in yellow:

Nicolo Bufalino---m. Josephine Castellino
                    x-- Caroline Bufalino---m. Angel Costanzo
                    x-- Julia Bufalino
                    x-- Angelo Bufalino
                    x-- Mary Bufalino
                    x-- Pauline Bufalino
                    x-- Salvatore Bufalino---m. Leonarda Girambia
                    x                             x
                    x                             x
                    x                             x-- William E. Bufalino
                    x                                  (B.         1918; D. 5-14-1990)
                    x   "Gregory"
                    x    Gregoria Alaimo-----m. "Rose" Maddelena Mantione Falcone
                    x                              x
                    x                              x
                    x                              x-- Charles Alaimo--m. Marion Salvi
                    x                              x   (B. 3-19-1926;
                    x                              x    D. 4-25-1968)
                    x                              x
                    x                              x-- "Sam" Salvatore Alaimo---m. Rose Rallo
                    x                              x
                    x                              x-- Mary Alaimo---m. [              ] Marranaca
                    x                              x
                    x                              x-- Carrie Alaimo
                    x                              x
                    x                              x-- Churtie Alaimo
                    x                              x
                    x                              x-- Dominic Alaimo---m. Carrie Falcone
                    x                              x     (B. 1-28-1910; x  
                    x                              x      D. 4-20-1990) x
                    x                              x                          x
                    x                              x                          x-- Dominick Alaimo, Jr.
                    x                              x                          x
                    x                              x                          x-- Josphine Alaimo
                    x                              x                                   
                    x--Charles Bufalino---mx-- Kay G. Alaimo
                         (B.             ;   x          (B. 7-2-1919; D. 12-29-2005)
                          D.                 x-- Nick Bufalino          
                                              x-- Dr. Jo Bufalino---m. Dr. Shaw Libaw


Many sources indicate that Rose LaTorre, wife of Scranton-Pittston LCN founder Steve LaTorre, was a sister of Santo Volpe.  However, this may not be correct; her maiden name may have been Rosina Fantione, since in 1913 a Francesco Mantione who arrived at Ellis Island in 1913 from Montedoro, Italy gave as his brother-in-law one Stephano LaTorre, of 19 Railroad Street, Pittston, Pa.   

Stephano LaTorre---m. Rose [Mantione?]
(B. 3-11-1886;     x      (B. 5-3-1887;
 D. 7-    -1984)    x       D. 9-  -1973)                    
                         x-- Steve LaTorre
                         x                         } Steve and Joseph LaTorre were arrested in Luzerne
                         x-- Joseph LaTorre     County on gambling charges on 12-18-1969. (Pa.Crime
Gaetano Volpe---m. [                         ]
                    x-- Alphonsina Volpe (she stayed in Sicily)
                    x-- Santo A. Volpe---m. Dorothea Licata
                         (B. 10-20-1879; x     (B.               ;                  
                          D. 12-2-1958)   x     (D. 6-  -1954)
                                                x--"Tina" Gaetana Volpe---m. Charles J. Bufalino (m. 1930)
                                                x    (B. 8-18-1905;               (B. 12-16-1905;
                                                x     D. 2-29-2006)                 D. 1-6-1970)
                                                x-- Stephanie Volpe---m. Anthony R. Agati
                                                x                                  (B. 11-8-1915; D. 5-18-1990)
                                                x-- Angela Volpe---m. Ettore Agolino
                                                x                              (B. 12-5-1912; D. 7-5-1996)
                                                x-- "Alfie" Alphonsina Volpe---m. Joseph Saraceno
                                                x     (B.          ;
                                                x       D. 10-31-1999)     
                                                x-- Santo Volpe, Jr.---m. Gaetana Medico
                                                      (B. 3-31-1927;
                                                       D. 6-30-2003)
Of all the genealogies I have constructed so far, I am the least confident of the following Sciandra genealogy.  There is a good deal of supposition in this Sciandra genealogy.  It could be pretty far off base.
x--"John" Giovanni Sciandra---m. Josephine [Bufalino?]
x    (B. 4-10-1899;            x       (B. 10-1-1901;
x     D.       1949?)            x        D. 5-22-1994)
x                                    x
x                                    x-- John N. Sciandra---m. Lisa [L         ]
x                                    x                            x
x                                    x                            x-- John N. Sciandra, Jr.
x                                    x
x                                    x-- Angelo Joseph Sciandra---m. Helen Driscoll
x                                    x    (B. 11-26-1923;           x
x                                    x     D. 4-  - 1987)             x-- John Sciandra
x                                    x                                     x
x                                    x                                     x-- Thomas Sciandra
x                                    x                                     x
x                                    x                                     x-- Patrick Sciandra
x                                    x                                     x
x                                    x                                     x-- Angelo Sciandra
x                                    x                                     x
x                                    x                                     x-- Eleanor Sciandra
x                                    x                                          (B. 4-28-1922; D. 4-8-2000)
x                                    x-- [   ?     ]
x-- Angelo Sciandra---m. [                       ]
x                           x
x                           x-- Edward Sciandra "the conductor"
x                                (B. 11-13-1912; D. 7-13-2003)
x-- Charles Sciandra, Sr.
     (B. 12-18-1880;
      D. 11-  -1967)


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