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Bios. of early Lucchese members.


ABATE-JOSEPH    1902  Marsala, Sicily  /   USA  1924.     
Relations : - A.Acceturro [?].
Associates : - L + V.Pizzolato, A.Dolasco, C.Accardi.
Very little known of his early life  . May have spent some time in Chicago during the 1920-30’s. His criminal record includes entries for Tax Evasion, Boot-legging, and Conspiracy. Probably joined Family in 1940’s, and lived in Margate, NJ. After Sam Accardi fled to Italy in the 1950’s, Benny Pizzolato became Capo. He died in 1964, and Abate succeeded him as Capo. His Regime included the Pizzolato brothers, Anthony Dolasco and Anthony Accetturo, a relative he sponsored into the Family. Arrested in 1977 for Arson, he retired in 1979 to be succeeded by Accetturo. Died in 1996.

ACCARDO-GIUSEPPE   1909  Vita, Sicily   /    USA  1921
Alias : - Joseph Accardi
Relations : -  Settimo [Brother], Carmine [Nephew], S.DeCavalcante [Cousin].
Associates ; -  S.Badami, A.Santagata, Campisi brothers.
Along with his brother Sam, this member was an associate of Stefano Badami, the early head of the Sicilian faction in Newark, New Jersey.  The brothers, whose real name was Accardo, were from Vita, a small town near Trapani in Western Sicily. Although always in the shadow of his brother, Joseph played a full part in the foundation of the Newark Family.  The Family was in conflict with a Neapolitan gang, headed by Richie Boiardo, in the late 1920’s. Badami sided with Salvatore Maranzano during the “ Castellamarese War “, but was deposed after Maranzano’s murder.  Gaspare D’Amico succeeded  him as Family Boss, and the Accardi brothers continued their membership until the Family was disbanded in the late 1930-early 1940’s. The surviving members moved to one of the New York based Families, with the brothers choosing the Lucchese Family. Sam became the Families NJ Capo, and Joseph was his closest associate.  Involved in Boot-legging,  Counterfeit Ration stamps and Narcotics smuggling. The latter activity brought him to the Government’s attention, and at some point in the 1950’s he was  Deported.  Still involved in criminal activity back in Sicily,but ceased activity with age and died in 1997.

ACCARDO-SETTIMO  1902  Vita, Sicily  /   USA   19?
Alias : - Big Sam Accardi
Relations : - Joseph [Brother], Carmine [Son], S.DiCavalcante [Cousin], O.Abate [in-law].
Associates : - S.Badami, A.Santagata, Campisi brothers, C + P.LoCascio, C.Gambino.
Originally a member of the Newark Family, upon that Families dissolution he joined the Lucchese Family.  His brother Joseph, and several associates also transferred and Sam became a Capo in charge of the Lucchese New Jersey faction.  He continued to live in Bloomfield, and owned Real Estate in NJ.  His arrest record contained Narcotics + Tax Evasion in 1938, Gambling in 1942 + 1949, and Bootlegging for which he served a jail sentance in 1951.  He was also suspected of involvement in counterfeit ration stamps during WW2, along with Carlo Gambino.  Indicted for Narcotics in 1955, he fled to Canada and then to Italy.  Deported back in 1964, he was sentanced to 15 years imprisonment.  Accardo died in 1977.

Alias : - Joe Babs
Associates : -  J.Marone, N.Tolentino, A.Mancuso, S.Puco.  J.Rao[Genov.]
This member was born in NYC in 1910, probably too late to join the Family before the 1940’s. However, as his criminal record starts in 1930, he may have been just old enough to join before the “ books” were closed. His record contains arrests for Robbery, Policy and Narcotics. Lived on Long Island, and frequented the Family powerbase of East Harlem. Listed on the Valachi charts in 1963, the same year that he died.

Alias : - Danny Yankee
Not much known about this member, except that he is named as deceased on both the 1963 Valachi chart and the 1975 list of deceased members. Believed to have been born in NYC about 1900, on the 1930 Census he is recorded as an inmate in Sing Sing prison. No other details about his activities are known. The most likely death date for him is 1943, as stated on the NYDI.

CALLACE-FRANK    1900  Corleone, Sicily   /   USA  1913.
Alias : - Francesco Callaci [Real name] / Chick 99.
Associates : - S.Cavalieri,  E.Giannini, P.Correale. J.Valachi [Genov.]
Possible he entered the USA before 1913, as he states 1907 on the 1930 Census.  Came from Corleone, and settled into large Corleonese colony in East Harlem. On his WW1 Registration card his address is on East 107th street, the heart of the Families powerbase. According to Joe Valachi, Callace was already a member by the late 1920’s. In late 1930 Callace warned Valachi that Joe Masseria was “gunning” for him, and the rest of the Gagliano faction, after discovering their alliance with Maranzano. Callace was also present at Valachi’s initiation into Cosa Nostra. By 1937 he was involved with Sam Cavalieri in a nationwide Narcotics smuggling ring. Arrested in 1940, but released for lack of evidence, and again in 1943, and this time convicted. He spent the next few years in prison, and after release was arrested again for Parole Violation. Eventually he was deported to Italy. Settling in Palermo he continued to deal in drugs, this time in association with Eugenio Giannini. In 1951 he was arrested by the Italian Police, and in order to save his Nephew from prison, confessed.  He must have somehow avoided prison, as he illegally re-entered America by 1954. But one thing he could not avoid was underworld justice, as he was murdered in NYC in 1954.

Alias : - Frank Bell
There is some confusion about this member, who is listed on the 1975 Deceased members list [Campanella] and the 1963 Valachi charts [Campanello] under different spellings.  If it is Campanello, then a SSDI entry for 1906-69, born in the USA and lived in Queens, is the most likely one.  If Campanella, he is probably a man born in Racalmuto, Messina in 1882, who came to America in 1908 and settled in the Bronx [WW11 and Ellis Island records].  Naturalized in 1944, he died in 1974 [SSDI].  Other than this, nothing else is known about him.

Relatives : - John + Joseph ? [Sons]
Not too much known about this member.  According to the 1910 Census he lived on East 110th street, in Harlem.  Arrested for Extortion in the 1930’s, with several Lucchese Family members, he was described as a local Harlem politician.  His sons joined the Family in the 1950-60’s, by which time he was probably inactive. May have moved to the Bronx at some point, as he died there in 1967.

CAPUZZI-NICOLO   1900 Guardiagrele, Italy   /   USA  1921
Alias : - Nick the Thief
Associates : - G.Santuccio, S.Shillitani, J.Valachi.
This member is known to us through Joseph Valachi’s testimony.  He seems to have come from the Chieti area of Abruzzi, not a traditional breeding ground for Mafiosi.  Already a seasoned member by the time Valachi first met him in the late 1920’s. Very active in the Castellamarese War as a gunman for the Gagliano faction.  Valachi claims he was involved in the murders of Manfredi Mineo, Stefano Ferrigno [1930] and Joe Catania [1931], all important events in the conflict.  He seems to disappear from view after Maranzano’s murder in late 1931. He is not listed on Valachi’s 1963 chart, and when asked about Capuzzi , Valachi stated he was dead.  This leaves us with no known date of death, although a Nicolo died around 1963-4. As he was only known as “Nick” it is possible his name could be Nicola, Nicolo, Nicholas or even Dominick.

Alias : - Frankie  /  Mr. Grey.
Associates : - J.Plumeri. E.Coco. R.Buffalino [Pittston], F.Palermo [Philadelphia].
Frankie Carbo was an unusual member in that his activities were more far flung and non-traditional than most NYC members.  Born on the Lower East Side of New York in 1904, he started a criminal record as an 11 year-old juvenile in 1915. By the age of 20 he was convicted of Manslaughter [1924], and after going “ on the lam”, served prison time. Eventually he would have 17 arrest’s, including 5 for murder.  The 1930’s saw him suspected of several  high profile murders, Micky Duffy [1931 Atlantic City, NJ], Max Greenberg and Max Hassell [1936 NJ], and Harry Greenberg in Los Angeles in 1939. He was also suspected of the Bugsy Siegel killing in Las Vegas in 1947. During this time he travelled widely, and as a Boxing Manager and Promoter, became a sinister power in that sport.  Among his closest associates was Frank [Blinky] Palermo, an accomplice in the extortion of Boxers and the fixing of fights. Eventually the authorities caught-up with him, and in 1961 he was jailed for 25 years for Conspiracy and Extortion.  Released on health grounds, he retired to Florida and died there in 1976. 

CASELLA-FRANCESCO   1894/5           ?       /    USA  1906
Associates : - T.Gagliano, A.Montforte, G.Alberti, A.Marziano.
This man is a suspected member, and was a partner of Tommaso Gagliano in the United Lathing Company. Listed in the 1930 Census as a Lather, he entered America in 1906. Lived in the Bronx and with Gagliano, Montforte, Alberti and Marziano was convicted of Extortion and Tax Evasion in 1932. Seems to have been more of a corrupt businessman than a racketeer, and after serving prison time , died in 1941 [NYDI].

CECALA-ANTONIO   1875   Corleone, Sicily  /  USA  1889.
Relations : - I.Lupo.
Associates : - G.Morello, G.Reina, T.Gagliano, I.Milone.
A veteran Mafioso, previously associated with the Morello/Terranova gang, who was convicted with them of Counterfeiting [1910] and sentenced to 15 years.  The 1910 and 1920 Census records show him in Sing Sing Penitentiary.  Upon release became associated with Gaetano Reina and Tommaso Gagliano in both the United Lathing Company and the Empire Yeast Company.  His Presidency of the later may have been the reason for his murder in 1928, as he was succeeded by Giuseppe Traina of the D’Aquilla Family.

Alias : - Frank Cintrano  /  Chick Wilson.
Relatives : - Joseph Frangipane [Nephew].
Associates : - J.Biondo, A.Alberti, J.Busso [Gambino].
Listed on both the 1963 Valachi charts and the 1975 list of Deceased Family members as Frank Cintrano.  Born in 1900 in NYC, and lived on Mott Street in Little Italy.  A partner of Andrew Alberti , of the Gambino Family, in a Bakery on East 12th street.  Most of his associates seemed to be Gambino members, although positively a Lucchese member. Mentioned in Joseph Biondo’s FBI File as running a Social club on Thompson Street, in association with John Busso. May have been a Capo by the 1950’s. Died in 1960.

COCO-ETTORE   1908  Palermo, Sicily  /   USA  1922.
Alias : - Eddie Coco.
Associates : - F.Carbo, J.Plumeri, A.Granza, G.Lucchese, A.Corallo.
Listed as a Capo in the 1963 Valachi charts, this member arrived in America in 1922 heading to his Father on East 11th street.  His criminal record started in 1928, and contained arrest’s for Vagrancy, Felonious Assault, Robbery, Gambling, Rape, Extortion and Narcotics.  A member by the Castellamarese War [1930-31], he was involved in an attempted “ hit “ on some of  Valachi’s associates in 1931. Later moved to the Bronx, and became involved with Frankie Carbo in managing Boxers. At one time managed Rocky Graziano, a World Champion.  Also a shylock, lending money to gamblers at extortionate rates.  Rumour was that he was banned from NYC, and he moved to Florida.  Convicted of Murder in Florida in 1955, and sentenced to Life. Released in 1965 and returned to NYC.  Served a short term as Acting Boss after the death of Gaetano Lucchese in 1967. Still active in 1970-80’s, and sentenced to another long term in the 1980’s. Died 1991.

Alias : - Tony Ducks
Associates : - J.Vintaloro, J.Dioguardi, E.Coco, M.Macaluso, F.Falco.  A.Ioele, F.Persico.
Born and raised in East Harlem, Corallo started his criminal record in 1928 with a Grand Larceny arrest.  This was followed by a prison stint for Robbery [1930 Census], and further Robbery arrests in 1932 + 1936.  Another short prison stretch for Narcotics followed in 1941.  At some point in the 1940's Corallo was inducted into the Family, and concentrated on Union Racketeering in association with John DioGuardi.  By the 1950's he was made a Capo, and moved to Queens.  As well as Garment Centre business interests, he ran Gambling clubs in London, from where he was expelled in 1967.  With Family Boss Lucchese's death in 1967, Corallo was considered a leading candidate to succeed him.  But a bribery conviction led to a  jail term [1968-70], and he had to wait until 1973 to become Boss.  His tenure lasted only till 1987, when after his auto was bugged, he was jailed on a RICO charge.  Along with several other Family heads he was sentanced to 100 years, dying in prison in 2000.

Alias : - Paulie Ham
Associates : - J.Rosato, F.Callace, C.Tramunti, A.Dolasco, J.Abate.
Born 1911 in NYC, he was barely in his teens before his first arrest in 1924. Later he teamed-up with Carmine Tramunti, another future member, and in 1932 they were convicted of Robbery and firing at the Police in an attempt to escape.  Sentanced to 15 years, he was released in 1937.  Probably joined the Family at some point in the 1940’s, possibly as a replacement for a deceased member. Served a short sentence for Parole Violation [1942-43]. At this point lived on Long Island and was a partner in a Garment company.  Believed to be involved in Policy in Harlem, and serving under Capo Joseph Rosato. By the 1950’s was considered a rising power and rose to Capo.  Died suddenly of Natural Causes in Florida in 1962.

CURIALE-SALVATORE   1887  Ioppolo, Sicily  /   USA   1903.
Alias : - Don Turridru.
Relatives : - Alfonso [Son].
Associates : - P.D’Anna, J.Schiavo, G.Lucchese, P.Vario.
This, previously unknown, member was “outed” by Alfonso D’Arco in 1991.  D’Arco informed on Cosa Nostra, and during his interrogation was asked about the past history of the Brooklyn regime.  He stated that this regime was first headed by Salvatore Curiale as Capo.  From Agrigento Province in Sicily, he settled in Brooklyn and opened a Grocery.  Became a member and Capo of the Families Brooklyn regime. A partner with Lucchese and Schiavo in the Garment centre business. Retired around 1960, succeeded by Paul Vario. Died in 1978.

D’ANNA-PAUL   1885  Ravanusa, Sicily  /   USA   ?
Alias : - Zu Paolo.
Associates : - S.Curiale, J.Schiavo.
Our source is Al D’Arco, who on becoming Capo in 1988 was introduced to D’Anna then 103 years-old. Probably “made” in Sicily. On coming to America he went first to Colorado, where he was involved in a conflict. He may have been related to the Danna brothers, who were fighting the Carlino family for control of Pueblo’s rackets. Later settled in Brooklyn, and joined Curiale’s regime. Died in 1988. 

DIFRISCO-LEOLUCA    1896  Corleone, Sicily  /    USA   1913.
Alias : - Louis
Relations : - N.Pomilla [in-law]
Associates : - T.Gagliano.
A suspected member, never appearing on any official Family membership charts.  Named in newspaper reports as a partner in Lathing companies with Tommaso Gagliano.  Arrived in America in 1913 from Corleone, and lived for many years in East Harlem [ WW1 and WW2 Registration records ].  Also  connected to Family by marriage through Nunzio Pomilla.  Eventually moved to the Bronx, and owned a Bakery supply company there.  Died in Bronx in 1972 [ SSDI ].

DICARLO-ANGELO   1891   Corleone, Sicily  /   USA  1926.
Alias : - Captain.
Relations : - Giovanni,  Calogero [Brothers], P.LoCascio [in-law].
This member had a brother Giovanni [John], who was a Capo in the Family, and another, Calogero [Lelio], who was a member of the Gambino Family.  Was a captain in the Italian Army, and was acquited of murder in Sicily in 1926. Entered the US illegally in 1926, going to an Uncle living on East 106th Street in Harlem.  Had an extensive criminal record in Italy, including Murder, Extortion, Assault and Narcotics dealing.  With his brothers, ran a Travel Agency as a cover for his Drug and Alien smuggling rackets, and lived in the Bronx.  Interned from 1941 to 1943 as an enemy alien, then deported back to Italy.  Upon return to Corleone rejoined local Cosca, then led by a Cousin Dr. Michele Navarra.  Rose to position of prominence in Corleone Cosca.  Date of death was 1967 in prison.

DICARLO-GIOVANNI    1887  Corleone, Sicily  /   USA  1905.
Alias : - John DiCaro / DeCarlo.
Relations : - Angelo + Calogero [Brothers], P.Locascio [in-law].
Associates : - S.Maranzano, T.Gagliano, G.Lucchese.
Generally called John DiCarlo, this long serving member arrived in America in 1905 from the Family powerbase of Corleone.  He was heading to a brother on East 105th street, in Harlem.  His occupation is listed as a Plasterer, the same as the Morello’s, Terranova’s, Rao’s and Gagliano’s.  Soon became involved with Tommaso Gagliano, and joined the faction headed by Gaetano Reina.  In the 1920’s his brothers Angelo and Calogero joined him in NYC.  When Reina was murdered in 1930, he joined Gagliano in alliance with Salvatore Maranzano.  Became a close associate of Maranzano, but lost prestige after the latters killing. Naturalized in 1931, he ran a Travel Agency as a cover for Narcotic and Alien smuggling.  Moved to the Bronx, and may have become a Capo.  Retired by the 1960’s, he died in 1971. Named on the 1975 Deceased members list, and mentioned [as DiCaro] in Joe Bonanno’s book.  

DIDATO-DOMINIC  1897   Baucina, Sicily  /   USA  1901.
Alias : - Dick Terry
Relations : - D.Didato [Cousin]-Genov.
Associates : - J.Plumeri, J.DioGuardi.
From the same town as the DioGuardi’s, and possibly related to them. He arrived as a child in 1901, heading to an Uncle on Prince street. As he had a namesake and Cousin, known as Terry Burnes and a Genovese Family member, tracing his roots is confusing.  On various official records his birth place is given as NYC, or Baucina and his arrival in America as 1901 or 1910. What is known is that he was closely allied to James Plumeri, a relative of the DioGuardi’s and a Lucchese member. Together they ran an association that extorted the Trucking industry.  Their methods were violent, as Didato’s arrest record shows.  This includes Coercion, Disorderly Conduct and 2 counts of Felonious Assault. In August 1933, he and Plumeri had a falling-out in the Association’s office, gunfire followed and both men were hit. Didato was dead and Plumeri wounded, and the only witness was Plumeri’s teenage Nephew John DioGuardi. Plumeri  would go on to become a Lucchese Capo, as would John DioGuardi. Didato’s Cousin and namesake would be killed 3 years later.

DIOGUARDI-GIOVANNI   1884/1895  Baucina, Sicily  /   USA  1895

Relatives : - John, Thomas + Frank  [  ?  ], J.Plumeri  {  ?   ].
The sources for him are the book Viscious Circles, and newspaper reports of his murder in 1930.This man lived on Forsythe street in Little Italy, just a few doors from the other DioGuardi’s and James Plumeri. Although never named in official documents, it is probable he was a member in the 1920’s. Arrested twice for Homicide and acquitted, before his own killing on Coney Island in 1930. The NYDI list’s him as 46 years-old, but a newspaper article states he was 35.

Alias : - Johnny Dio
Relatives : - Thomas + Frank [Brothers], Giovanni [  ?  ], J.Plumeri [Uncle]. 
Associates : - D.Didato, A.Corallo, T.Lucchese.
Numerous sources for this member, including the 1963 Valachi charts. Lived on Forsythe street, close to his Uncle James Plumeri, who operated in the Garment Centre. Plumeri and Dominic Didato ran a trucking association that extorted clothing manufacturers. In 1932 the partners fell-out, and a shoot-out occurred in the association’s offices. Didato died  and Plumeri was wounded, with DioGuardi as the only witness. Arrested and acquitted twice for extortion [1932 +33], Plumeri  and DioGuardi were finally jailed in 1937. Paroled in 1940, he diversified into illegal boot-leg still’s, for which he was arrested in 1944. Probably joined the Family in the 1940’s, possibly replacing a deceased member.  By the 1950’s he was a Capo and had moved into Union rackets, and was a close associate of Jimmy Hoffa. In 1956 a newspaper writer, Victor Riesel, who had exposed these links was blinded in an acid attack. DioGuardi was arrested, but never tried. But the publicity from this incident was to haunt him thereafter. Through-out the 1950-60’s he was arrested several times for conspiracy, fraud and extortion, spending much of these years in prison. Because of this he missed the chance to head the Family, after Tommy Lucchese died in 1967. His close associate Tony Corallo succeeded Lucchese. DioGuardi’s influence suffered a blow in 1970, when his Uncle James Plumeri was murdered.  Finally released in the 1970’s, his time had passed and he died in 1979.

Alias : - Tommy Dio
Relatives : - John + Frank [Brothers], Giovanni [  ?  ], J.Plumeri [Uncle].
Source is the Valachi chart, and several other Government documents. Very little is known about Johnny Dio’s younger brother Tom. Joined the Family about the same time as John [1940’s], he always seemed to be in the shadow of him and their Uncle James Plumeri. Active in Union rackets in the Garment Centre, and known as John’s loyal right-hand man. With John in prison, Tom worked under his Uncle, until Plumeri’s murder in 1970. Thereafter the DioGuardi’s influence was gone, and Tom stayed low-key until his death in 1985.

Alias : - Joe Beck
Relations : - Peter + Charles [Brothers].
Associates : - C.Galante, F.Garofalo [Bonanno]. V.Genovese, A.Velucci [Genovese].
Born in NYC in 1907, he is listed on every Family chart since the 1963 Valachi hearings. Lived on Elizabeth Street in Little Italy. His record starts in 1925, and includes arrest’s for Bootlegging, Dangerous Weapon, Homicide, Counterfeiting,  and Narcotics. A suspect with Galante and Garofalo in the 1941 murder of Newspaper editor Carlo Tresca. Believed to run a Policy racket in Little Italy. Attended the 1957 Apalachin meeting and drove Genovese from the scene.  By the late 1950’s he was deeply involved in Narcotics, along with his brothers, and Vito Genovese. Finally arrested [1959] and convicted, he drew a 15 year sentence. Already a Capo, this sentence kept him in prison through-out the 1960’s and prevented him from being considered for the Family leadership after Lucchese’s death in 1967. Whilst in Levanworth,probably under orders from Genovese, he tried to set-up Joseph Valachi to be killed. Consequently  Valachi killed a man he thought was DiPalermo, and having no alternative, started to talk to the FBI. Upon release DiPalermo returned to the Family, and as late as 1988 was listed as a Capo. Died in 1992. 

DOLASCO-ANTHONY     1907  Newark, NJ.
Relations : - Salvatore [   ?   ].
Associates : - B.Pizzolato, J.Abate, S + J.Accardi, A.Accetturo.
His parents seem to have come from Castleferrato, Sicily, and settled in Newark, NJ.  May have been a member of the original Newark Family, which was disbanded in the mid-1930’s.  If so he moved over to the Lucchese Family, or joined in the 1940’s.  A boxer in his youth, he operated under successive Capo’s Benny Pizzolato, and Joseph Abate.  A protégé of his, Anthony Accetturo, would later rise to lead the Families NJ regime.  Dolasco died in

DURSO-NATALE    1903  Pracino, Italy   /   USA  1912.
Alias : - Charles
Associates : - G.Reina, J.Gaudio.
This man has never been listed as a member, as he was murdered in 1930. Lived in the Bronx, and was a known associate of Gaetano Reina, the Family Head in the 1920’s. A partner of Reina in the Ice Distribution business, Durso and John Gaudio were reportedly questioned by Police after his killing in Febuary 1930. Both Reina and Durso may be victims of either the Castellamarese War or a lower profile conflict in the Ice industry. 

EMANUELE-GIUSEPPE   1888 / 1899  Messina, Sicily/   USA  1905.
Alias : - Pelham Bay Joe
Associates : - Joseph D’Ercole.
This member is named in the 1963 Valachi chart as deceased. He is probably the man listed on the 1910 Census , born in Messina in 1888. He entered America in 1905, heading for a brother living on East 107th Street in Harlem. This was the heart of the Families territory, and Messina one of it’s points of origin. As can be seen from his alias, he later lived in Pelham Bay and may have owned a clothing company in the Bronx. Became a Naturalized citizen in 1927. No other details known about him, including his date of death.

FALCO-FELICE   1906     USA.
Alias : - Philly Black
Relations : - Phillip + James [Brothers].
Named  on a 1988 Government chart, and a 1969 Long Island newspaper article as a Lucchese member. Had an extensive criminal record, including arrest’s for Rape, Disorderly Conduct, Assault, Vagrancy [2], Policy [5, with 4 convictions]. As can be seen from his record, he and his brothers were in the Vending machine racket. He also doubled as a Shylock. A close associate of Anthony Corallo, who he once hid during a Congressional inquiry, he lived in Queens. Still active at the time of his death in 1976.

GAGLIANO-ANGELO    1878  Corleone, Sicily /  USA  1899.
Relations  : - Vincenzo [Brother], Joseph [Nephew], V + C.Rao [  ?   ].
Associates : - G.Reina, M.Macaluso, S.Lasala, M.Marsalisi. G.Morello, I.Greco.
One of the most prominent men in the Corleonese colony in East Harlem, Angelo Gagliano may have been one of the founders of the Family. Arrived from Corleone in 1899, his Mother’s maiden name was Streva, the leading Mafia family in Corleone. He knew Giuseppe Morello, and testified for him at his 1910 Counterfeiting trial. Like Morello, DiCarlo, Terranova and others he started-out as a Plasterer, living on East 107th Street. He and his partner Ippolito Greco owned several business, including a Saloon, Laundry and the infamous “ Murder Stable “. Among his employees were Gaetano Reina and Jack Dragna, the future Los Angeles Family Boss. Greco and Gagliano were involved in the 1914 Baff murder conspiracy. Gagliano was arrested in 1916, while Greco was killed that same year. By the 1920’s he had distanced himself from the criminal side, and concentrated on his business interest’s. These included Plastering, Construction, and Lathing companies. May have been related to Tommaso Gagliano, with whom he was associated in the Plasterers Information Bureau. Angelo Gagliano was never again linked to Mafia activity, and lived a respectable life until his death in 1954.

GAGLIANO-GIUSEPPE   1902?  Corleone, Sicily  /   USA   1905?
Alias : - Joseph / Pip the Blind.
Relations : - Vincenzo [Father], Angelo [Uncle], C + V.Rao [Cousins].
Associates : - D.Petrelli, J.Valachi, M.Coppola, C.Terranova.
The Son and Nephew of founder members of the Family, he was known as “Pip the Blind” because of a blind spot on his eye. An early associate of Joe Valachi part of a burglary gang that included several future Genovese and Lucchese members. Lived on East 107th street, and used his Cousin Vincent Rao as a fence for the gangs stolen property. By the mid-1920’s had become associated with Dominic Petrelli, and was convicted with him for Robbery [1925 – 3 years]. Upon release he stayed under the radar for several years, and his activities during the Castellamarese War are unknown. The next we hear of him is a possible Naturalization in 1939, and then his conviction for Narcotics in 1942. This was a large-scale case, involving several members, and he was jailed for 3 years. Within a short time of his release he was again arrested for Narcotics [1947]. While on remand he was found hanged in his cell, with his cellmates denying any involvement. Joe Valachi, for one, did not believe it was suicide.

GAGLIANO-TOMMASO   1884 Corleone, Sicily  /   USA  1905.
Alias : - Masi
Relations : - N.Pomilla [B-in-law]
Associates : - G.Reina, G.Lucchese. S.Maranzano.
Numerous sources for him, books, newspapers, and official documents name him as the Head of the Family in the 1930-40’s. He grew-up in a Mafioso environment, as his father Luciano was a member of the local Cosca, the Fratuzzi.  Came to America in 1905 and settled into the Corleonese colony in Harlem. By the 1920 Census he lived in the Bronx, was Naturalized  and ran a Dance Hall/ Saloon. He was well connected to the local Corleonese colony, as his mother was a Oliveri, his wife a Pomilla and his mother-in-law a Milone. In 1928 he started the Plasterers Information Bureau, a scam that fixed prices and established a monopoly in the Plastering, Lathing and Hoisting industry. He also became a partner of Giuseppe Morello in the Empire Yeast company. By the late 1920’s he was Under-boss to Gaetano Reina and a wealthy man. The murder of Reina in early 1930, and the imposition of Joseph Pinzolo as the new Boss, forced Gagliano to revolt against Masseria. Starting with only a handful of followers, Gagliano and Lucchese secretly planned the murder of Pinzolo [Sept. 1930]. Gagliano then made an alliance with Salvatore Maranzano, he providing the money and Maranzano the manpower to combat Masseria’s power. The war continued through 1930-31 until both Masseria and Maranzano were dead. At the wars conclusion Gagliano was confirmed as Family Boss, with Lucchese as Under-boss. But 1932 brought a setback as he and several associates were arrested and convicted of Tax Evasion. He served 15 months, and on his release insulated himself from further prosecution by letting Lucchese conduct all Family interest’s, while keeping the title of Family Head. The Family prospered under this arrangement through-out the next 20 years. Gagliano died of natural causes in 1951.

GAGLIANO-VINCENZO    1875  Corleone, Sicily /   USA  1901
Relations : - Angelo [Brother], Joseph [Son].
Associates : - M.Marsalisi.
The brother of Angelo, and father to Joseph [Pip the Blind], was identified as a member in Dave Critchley’s book [The Origin of O.C. in America]. Three years younger than Angelo, he arrived earlier  and joined Harlem’s Corleonese colony in 1901. Their Mother was a Streva, one of the leading Mafia families in Corleone. One of his earliest associates was Mariano Marsalisi, a fellow Corleonesi and future member, who witnessed both brothers citizenship papers. Always in his brothers shadow, Vincenzo left few traces and seemed to have died in 1931 [NYDI]. His Son Joseph became a member in the 1930’s.

GAUDIO-JOHN   1887  Irsina,It.   /   USA  1921     
Alias : - Scupette / Scoperto.
Associates : - G.Reina, N.Durso, G.Lucchese, J.Rosato.
Sometimes known as Scupette, and listed on the Valachi chart as Charles Scoperto, this member was a close early associate of Family Boss Gaetano Reina. His birth place is unknown, but he lived on 115th Street in East Harlem, Morello territory. His criminal record started in 1915, and contained arrest’s for Burglary [2], Felonius Assault [7], Homicide and Robbery. As his record indicates, he was a strong-arm man. Naturalized in 1927. Arrested with Gaetano Reina and Joseph Rosato for the murder of Louis Cerasulo in 1928. Involved with Reina and Natale Durso in an organisation that extorted the Ice Distribution industry in the Bronx. He escaped the violence that claimed the lives of both Reina and Durso in 1930. After the death of Reina, he grew close to Gaetano Lucchese, the new Under-boss. By the 1940’s operating as a bodyguard for a Family connected politician. Later followed Family tradition, and moved to the Bronx. Became less active with age, and died in 1970.

Alias : - Charley the Bear.
As with several other members, this man seems to have been a low-key member, who evaded recognition for many years. Not listed until a Senate document named him as a Capo in 1988. What is known in the 1930’s he lived on Elizabeth Street in Little Italy, and made at least two visits to Italy [1930 + 37]. Later he moved to Mount Vernon in Westchester County. Apart from this we know nothing of his associates or criminal record. He lived to the age of 95, and died in 2000.

GIANNINI-EUGENIO    1906  Bari, Italy  /  USA  ?
Alias : - Gino
Associates : - G.Reina, S.Shillitani, D.Petrelli. J.Valachi, V.Mauro [Genovese].
Sources for him are Joseph Valachi’s testimony and the 1975 list of deceased members. Date of entry into USA is unknown, but believed to have lived on 109th Street in Harlem. Was a boxer in his youth, but started a criminal record from 1927 with an arrest for Robbery. The following year  he was jailed for possession of a gun. Back on the streets, he was arrested for the killing of a Policeman during an armed robbery [1934]. By the 1940’s he had moved into Narcotics smuggling, for which he was convicted [1942]. BY 1950, the year he became a citizen, he was living in Greenwich Village and had an interest in a Waste haulage company. Tried in Italy for carrying Counterfeit money, he was aquitted. Over the years he had co-operated with Police, and word had reached the Family that he was talking again. The “ contract ” was given to Joseph Valachi, a close associate, and Giannini was killed in 1952.

GRECO-IPPOLITO    1876  Castellamare, Sicily /  USA  1905.
Associates : - A.Gagliano, A + G.Reina.
An important early power among the Corleonese colony in Harlem.  Recent research has proved that although he emigrated from Corleone, he was actually born in Castellamare. An interesting fact in view of the later conflict involving men born in both towns.  He arrived in 1905, heading to an Uncle living on 107th Street. He became a business partner of Angelo Gagliano, with whom he owned a Saloon on 107th Street. Greco was involved in the series of murders revolving around a stable on 108th Street, called the “ Murder Stable “, which he would come to own. He was also the man who arranged the 1914 murder of Barnet Baff, for some business rivals. Gaetano Reina and Jack Dragna were among those arrested for this killing. Whatever position he held in relation to the Family, it could not save him from being killed in 1916.

LAGANO-JOHN   1906     USA
Alias : - Joe Calabrese.
Relations : - Frank [   ?   ]
The source here is an article in Newsday in 1969, as well as a Government document listing Family leadership’s and Capo’s. This may be a man, born in NYC, listed on both the 1910 Census [Bronx] and the 1920 Census [Syracuse]. His only known conviction was for Narcotics in 1928, for which he served a year. Eventually settled on Long Island, and entered the Garment Industry rackets. Became a partner in two Clothing companies with Gaetano Lucchese. By the 1960’s he had risen to Capo status.  Still active at the time of his death in 1973.

LAIETTA-DONATO    1908     ?
Alias : - Dempsey.
Another of those mysterious members about whom we know next to nothing. Named in the 1963 Valachi charts, and a 1988 Senate document. The only possible record is of a man living in Auburn, NY. In the 1930-40’s. Apart from this we have no other details.

LAMELA-JOHN   1908   ?

LAPORTA-JOSEPH    1889  Piazza Amerina, Italy    /     USA      ?
Associates : -  G.Lucchese, J.Rosato.
Mentioned in the 1950 FBN Report, and the Kefauver  hearings.  Some sources claim he founded the Family.  He was a shadowy figure, about whom we know little. He lived in the Bronx, owned a Fabrics company and was an associate of Thomas Lucchese and Joseph Rosato.  We know he was still alive in 1960, but have no details of his death.

Alias : - Daniel
Relations : - Joseph [B]
Listed on the Deceased members list [1975], and was the brother of Joe Laratro, a future Capo. The only other facts we know about him are that he lived in Queens and died in 1961.

LASALA-STEFANO   1889  Corleone, Sicily  /   USA  1896.
Alias : - Steve LaSalle
Relations : - Vito [B].
Associates : - A.Gagliano, Morello + Terranova bros., G.Lucchese, J.Riccobono [Gam.].
Record from 1909 Counterfeit, Murder, Grand Larceny.
This menber had a very long history of Mafia involvement, starting with the Morello Family in the 1910's.  His date of birth is different on various documents, but he was known to live on East 107th Street in East Harlem, the original base of the Family.  His speciality was running a numbers bank and lottery for the Morello's.  He was in jail in 1916, when the Brooklyn Camorra killed the Morello's leader.  With the Corleonesi  faction splitting, he stayed in Harlem and joined the Reina [later Lucchese] Family.  At some point in the 1930's he became a Capo, and built-up business interests in a clothing factory and Construction + Lathing companies.  He became a naturalized citizen in 1943, moving to the Bronx.  When Lucchese became Family Boss in 1953, he appointed Lasala as his under-boss.  A very low profile kept him out of the limelight, but he was very well respected.  When Lucchese died in 1967, Lasala was part of the ruling faction that chose the new leader.  He retired around 1972, and died in 1975.

LASALA-VITO   1893  Corleone, Sicily  /    USA    ?
Alias : - Victor LaSalle.
Relations : - Stefano [B].
Our source is Valachi who relates that Steve and Vito LaSalle were two brothers, members of the Gagliano Family, who ran a Numbers bank in the 1920-30’s. Stefano we know as a long-time associate of the Morello / Terranova gang, but Vito was less well-known. He lived on 107th street, the heart of the Family territory, and had an arrest for firing a gun in 1911. Seem’s he  made a trip back to Italy in 1931. When he returned, he was accompanied by an in-law called Liggio, an infamous Mafioso family name in Corleone.  At some point he moved to Englewood NJ, where he died in 1972.  

LATONA-JOSEPH   1894  Cerda, Sicily  /    USA  1898.
Alias : - Joe Laduco
Associates : - A.Tuminaro, J.DiPalermo.
Although not listed on any official Family charts, his entry in the FBN Mafia book makes it clear he was a member.  His record starts in 1919 and contains mostly Larceny arrest’s. Despite this, he was Naturalized in 1925, by which time he lived in Brooklyn. His usual haunts, however, were around Madison street in Manhattan, where he was a partner in a Pastry shop. Probably long retired by his death in 1985.

LICATA-THOMAS    1881* Racalmuto,Sic.   /   USA   1905                    
Alias : - Tommy Bullets
Listed in both the 1950 FBN Report and the 1975 Deceased members list. His name was probably Gaetano, and he visited his hometown of Racalmuto in1919. All we know is that he lived on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and died in 1952. His alias suggests he was a gunman.

Alias : - Chut.
Associates ; - A.Tuminaro, S.Santora, G.Ormento.
Lived on Madison street, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Began his criminal record in 1928, and was arrested for Narcotics, Felonious Assault, Robbery, Homicide and Policy. His 1936 arrest for Robbery, was in the company of future Family Boss Anthony Corallo.  Basically a Book-maker and Policy operater.  Later moved to New Jersey, and died there in 1993.

LoPINTO-ANTONIO   1893  Paterno, Messina, Sicily.  /   USA   1912.
Alias : - LaPINTA .
Different spellings of his name, make him hard to trace.  There was another member called Tony Pinto, who may be the same person, but he was born in 1926 which is too late to fit the profile.  Our man was arrested in 1930 for Narcotics possession, and sentenced to 3-4 years jail. There may also have been an attempt to Deport him in the 1930’s.  Nothing else is heard of him until his death in 1983.

LUCCHESE-GAETANO  1899  Palermo, Sicily  /   USA  1911.
Alias : - Tommy Brown / Three-fingered Brown.
Relations : - Joseph [Brother], J.Rosato,C.Gambino [ in-laws].
Associates : - T.Gagliano, G.Reina, A.Vadala, Valente bros.
Arriving in 1911, the family settled on East 106th Street in East Harlem.  In his youth Lucchese lost two fingers in an accident while working in a lathing shop. He then started a window washing scam, breaking the windows of those who would not pay.  His first arrest was in 1921 for stealing a car, ending in his only conviction and imprisonment.  By the mid-1920's he was a member of the Reina Family, and very friendly with Gaetano Reina his Capo.  Further arrests for Fencing [1927], and Homicide [1928], along with his brother-in-law Joseph Rosato,  followed.   At the start of the "Castellammarese War" in 1930 Reina was killed, and a New Boss, Joseph Pinzolo forced on the Family by Giuseppe Masseria.  A rebel faction, led by Tommaso Gagliano and Lucchese, killed Pinzolo [in Lucchese office] and allied with Masseria's enemy Maranzano.  The conflict continued into 1931, until Masseria was killed and a truce arranged.  Lucchese now became underboss to Gagliano, and allied himself to Masseria's successor Luciano.  Lucchese set-up Maranzano's murder in laste 1931, being present as a visitor.  Gagliano was more of a businessman, and so allowed Lucchese to run the Family and attend Commission meetings.  By the 1940's he had moved to Long Island, and owned Garment + Construction companies.  The witness to his Naturalization in 1943 were Family members Sam + Tom Valente and Tony Vadala.  Lucchese became a power in local politics, rivalling Frank Costello.  In the early 1950's he allied with Vito Genovese, Costello's rival.  Together they and Carlo Gambino [an in-law]schemed against Costello and Anastasia to oust them from the Commission.  Eventually, Anastasia was killed and Costello wounded [both 1957], so that Lucchese, Genovese + Gambino controlled the Commission.  Genovese was imprisoned in 1959, but Lucchese + Gambino then turned on the remaining Families, Bonanno + Profaci, and instigated rebellion in them.  Lucchese would not live to see his plan succeed, as he died of Cancer in 1967.      

LUCCHESE-JOSEPH   1910  Palermo, Sicily  /   USA  1912.
Alias : - Joe Brown
Relations : - Gaetano [Brother], J.Rosato [b-in l].
Little is known of Tommy Lucchese’s younger brother, even though he reached the position of Capo. Mainly concerned with Gambling, for which he had arrests, and a known Bookmaker. His only other known arrest was for Extortion, linked to Labour racketeering. Lived in Queens and  was his brothers ears and eyes amongst the lower ranks of the Family. After Tommy’s death in 1967, he is reputed to have served for a short time as Under-Boss. Survived his brother by 20 years, dying in 1987.

MACALUSO-MARCO   1875  Corleone, Sicily  /   USA  1887.
Relations : - Mariano [Son].
Associates : - J.Morello, A.Gagliano.
A very early arrival amongst the Corleonesi colony , entering America in 1887, and joining family in Rochester. Possibly among the founders of the Family. Naturalized in 1899, by which time he was living on 117th street in East Harlem. In 1902 he was one of the directors of the newly incorporated Ignatz Florio Association, an extortion scheme run by Joe Morello. He also witnessed the Naturalization papers of Angelo Gagliano. A son, Mariano a future member, was born in 1910 and in 1913 he took a trip back to Sicily. By the 1930 Census, he is described as a Real Estate broker, living in the Bronx. We have no date of death for him.

MAGISTRO-FRANCESCO   1901   Messina, Sicily  /   USA  1909.
Relations : -  Licchi bros.[?].
Listed on 1988 Family chart, when well into his eighties. Arrived in America in 1909 from Messina, and gained Naturalization in 1926. On the 1930 Census, he is described as a foreman for a Lathing company, an industry with strong Family ties. Resided in the Westchester area of the Bronx.  No information on his criminal record or later activities. Believed related to the Licchi brothers, later suspected members. Died in 1993.

Alias : - Meady
Associates : - J.Ormento, S.Santoro.
Our source is NARA Records for this member. A very early start to his criminal career, 1912 as a 7 year-old, led to arrest’s for Burglary and Felonious Assault. Originally lived in Manhattan, and by the 1940’s was heavily involved in Narcotics dealing with John Ormento and Salvatore Santoro. In 1947 he was indicted, but instead of surrendering, he went on the “lam”. This is the last we hear of him, until his death in 1993, by which time he was living in Yonkers.

Alias : - Marrone
Associates : - J.Vintaloro. C.Albero + P.Albanese [Genov.].
Named in both the FBN book and NARA documents. Marone was born in NYC and grew-up in the Bronx, a Family stronghold. Started a criminal career as a Juvenile in 1919, with arrest’s for Delinquency, Grand Larceny, Robbery, Vagrancy and Assault + Robbery. Later he would become involved in Narcotics dealing, for which he would have two arrest’s.  Among his closest partners in these crimes were several Genovese members, causing some authorities to list him as a Genovese Family member. Amongst fellow Lucchese members, his closest associate was Jimmy Vintaloro.  As well as the Bronx, he frequented Easr 107th street in Harlem, where he was a partner in a Salvage company. Died in 1982.

MARSALISI-MARIANO   1879  Corleone, Sicily  /   USA  1905.
Associates : - T.Gagliano, M.Macaluso. G.Doto [Genov.].
This veteran Mafioso arrived from Corleone in 1905. Settling in the Corleonesi colony in East Harlem, firstly on 2nd Avenue. Naturalized in 1914, describing himself as a Barber. By the time he applied for his first Passport in 1920 he had moved to 106th street. This passport would get plenty of use over the years, as he travelled widely in Europe and Asia. Seemingly always a Narcotics smuggler, his first arrest was in Turkey in 1932. Considered a major violator by the FBN, and named in NARA records. He was next arrested in a large-scale Narcotics case in 1942, which included many well-known members. For this he was convicted and jailed. After his release, owing to old age and the new rules against drug dealing by members, he retired to his Bronx home. He died there at 85 years-old in 1965.

Alias : - Bulldog Nick.
Associates : - J.Ormento, S.Santoro. J.DeMarco, H.Tantillo + J.Rao [Genov.]
Born in Brooklyn in 1907, his criminal record started in 1926 with an arrest for Rape.  Following this were entries for Assault, Robbery, G/Larceny, Extortion and Narcotics.  By the 1950’s he was a partner in a Bar, and shoe shop, and lived on Long Island.  He was also deeply involved in Narcotics, with his partner Joseph DeMarco, of the Genovese Family.  At this time the Commission was trying to persuade members to stop dealing in Drugs, as the FBN and FBI were convicting many members of this crime.  They decided to make an example, and when Martello and DeMarco were arrested in 1958, the choice fell on them.  Both men disappeared, and were presumed dead.  Martello was listed in the FBN book, NARA records and the Deceased Members list.

MARZIANO-ANTONIO    1888  Messina, Sicily /   USA   1907.
Associates : - T.Gagliano, F.Casella, A.Monforte.
Like several other members, he came from Messina in Eastern Sicily. Arrived in America in 1907. Nothing much known of his early years, except a trip back to Italy in 1913. By the late 1920’s he was a  close associate of Tommaso Gagliano, the Family Under-boss.  In 1932, along with Gagliano, Francesco Casella, Antonio Monforte and others, he was convicted of Extortion and Tax Evasion.  This was in connection with the United Lathing company, a Family business.  This is the last we hear of him, as his year of death is unknown.  He seems to have been more of a corrupt businessman, than a gangster.

MILONE-IGNAZIO    18?   Corleone, Sicily  /    USA   189?
Associates : - G.Morello, T.Gagliano, G.Fontana.
There may well have been two Ignazio Milone’s connected to this Family, as the existing records are very confusing.  The original one was a known member of the Giuseppe Morello gang in the 1900’s. His birth date could be either 1864 [-1941] or 1882 [-1934]. This man owned a beer hall in East Harlem, in partnership with the notorious Mafioso Giuseppe Fontana. He was suspected by Italian authorities of involvement in the murder of Petrosino, the American detective killed in Palermo in 1909. He then disappeared from view until, in 1926, a man of the same name was a founding Director of the United Lathing company. This was a Family business, and among his fellow directors were Morello and Tommaso Gagliano. It is possible that this is a different man as when in 1939, travelling back from Italy with Gagliano, his age is recorded as 40 [born 1898]. This later birth date would link to a man who died in 1972 [SSDI], lived in the Bronx and was related to Nunzio Pomilla.

MONTEFORTE-ANTONIO    1887   Siracusa, Sicily   /    USA  1912.
Associates : - T.Gagliano, F.Casella, A.Marziano, G.Alberti.
Another of Tommaso Gagliano’s business partners, and from the same area as many Family members.  Arrived in 1912 and became Naturalized in 1916. Lived in the Bronx, along with most of the Family leaders. In 1926 he and Gagliano founded the Plasterers Information Service, a cartel that controlled the industry in the Bronx.  He was also a founding Director of the United Lathing company,along with Gagliano, Morello, and Milone. In 1929 he was jailed for 7 years for Extortion, and while still imprisoned in 1932, received an added 2 years for Tax Evasion.  This last case involved the jailing of Gagliano, Frank Casella, Antonio Marziano and Giuseppe Alberti.  Free by 1936, he was reported to have died in 1939.

Alias : - Big John
Relatives : - A Pappadio [M], F.Livorsi  [Genov. / M].
Associates : - S.Santoro, J.Vento, S.LoProto. C.Galante , N.Evola [Bon.].
Born in 1912 in NYC, it is doubtful he was old enough to be an original member.  He may have joined in the 1940’s, as a replacement for a deceased member.  His record started in 1937 with an arrest for Narcotics [ 3 years Jail], and continued with convictions for Narcotics [1942 -8years], Narcotics again [1951-4 years], and possession of a gun [1955]. Despite spending much time in Prison, Ormento lived on affluent Long Island and had interests in two Trucking companies. By now he had risen in the Family to become a Capo. In 1957 he attended, and was arrested at, the Appalachin Mafia summit.  Because of this he was arrested for Obstruction of Justice.  Because of this, and an impending Narcotics Conspiracy charge, he went ” on the lam”.  Finally convicted  in 1962, along with Carmine Galante, Natale Evola, Salvatore Santoro and Vito Genovese, and sentenced to 40 years.  Ormento died in prison in 1974. Sources for him include the FBN book, Valachi charts, and NARA records.

Associates : - S.Shillitani, J.Valachi [Genov.].
Our source for him is Joe Valachi, who recruited him for the Gagliano Faction during the Castellamarese War. Previously he had been a member of Valachi’s Bronx based Burglary gang. After the conflict ended, Paduano was officially “made” into the Family. But his career was not to last long.  In 1932 he and Shillitani were given a Family contract to kill a man called Bellini, but after the murder an off-duty policeman caught them escaping and shot Paduano dead [NYDI]. 

PETRELLI-DOMINIC   1899  Abruzzi, Italy  /   USA   1910.
Alias : - The Gap
Associates : - J.Ormento, S.Santoro.  J.Valachi, G.Santuccio, J.Gagliano [Genov.].
From an unusual area for a Mafioso, Petrelli had a long criminal record, starting as a juvenile in 1914.  During the next 40 years he would be arrested 35 times , for everything from Burglary, Homicide, Rape, Extortion and Narcotics.  In 1926 he was jailed for Burglary, and met Joseph Valachi, who would become a protege, in prison.  By 1930 he was an inducted member of the Family, and in turn sponsored Valachi as a member.  He was an active participant in the "Castellammarese War", being involved in several shootings.  On the day of Maranzano's death, he saved Valachi by taking him out of NYC.  During the 1940's he became involved in Narcotics, and was jailed for 5 years in 1942.  Upon release he was deported to Italy.  There he was caught counterfeiting and imprisoned, but was released for promising to inform.  Illegally re-entering America, he tried to contact his old associates, but word got out and they killed him in 1953.

PINZOLO-BONAVENTURA    1887  Serradifalco, Sicily  /    USA   1906.
Alias : - Bontunio / Joseph.
Relatives : - J.Riccobono [M] Gam.
Associates : - G.Masseria, M.LiMandari [Gam.].
From the Province of Caltanisetta, he entered America in 1906 heading to a brother-in-law called Anzalone.  His in-law,and many other immigrants from that Province, lived in Pittston.  Pinzolo was in NYC by 1908, when he was caught red-handed with an bomb by Petrosino's NYPD Italian squad.  He was given a 5 year sentance, after giving-up his employer Giuseppe Costabile.  As Costabile was a Calabrian, Pinzolo suffered no recriminations from his fellow Mafiosi.  In 1916 he married the sister of future Gambino member Joseph Riccobono, with Marco LiMandri, another Gambino member, as the witness.  On his WW1 Registration card he is described as a Timber contractor, living on East 13th Street.  The same address as on his 1919 Naturalization.  Although nothing is known of his associations during the 1920's, he lived in an area teeming with Mafiosi. Proof that he was still active, was a 1922 arrest for gun possession.  Masseria chose him to lead the Reina Family in 1930, so they must have been close associates.  However Gagliano, and the other Reina loyalists, secretly rebelled and killed Pinzolo in 1930. 

PIZZOLATO-BENJAMIN   1896  Vita, Sicily   /   USA   1912.
Alias : - Penooks / Biagio.
Relations : - Leonardo + Vito [Brothers ].
Associated : - S + J.Accardi, A.Dolasco, J.Abate.
Arrived earlier than his brothers, and settled in Newark, NJ. Would have associated with the Accardi brothers, fellow townsmen. May have been an early member of the Newark Family. Transferred to the Lucchese Family on the dissolution of the Newark  “Borgata”, following the Accardi’s. Succeeded Sam Accardi as Capo, on Sams flight to Italy in 1955. Lived in Atlantic City, but seems to have retired to Florida, where he died in 1964. Joseph Abate succeeded as Capo.

PIZZOLATO-LEONARDO   1904   Vita, Sicily   /    USA    192O
Relations : - Vito + Benjamin [Bros.].
Associates : - J + S.Accardi, J.Abate, A.Dolasco.
He and his brother  Vito  came to America in 1920 from Vita, the same town as the Accardi brothers. They may have joined an older relative called Benjamin, sometimes listed as a member. The Family settled in the Newark area and he worked as a Tailor [1930 Census]. It is possible they were members of the original Newark Family, but more likely they were recruited to the Lucchese Family in the 1940’s by Sam Accardi. He was probably their first Capo, followed after his flight to Italy by Benny Pizzolato. Both brothers are on the Valachi charts, and are named in Nara records. Leonardo outlived Vito and died in 1990.

PIZZOLATO-VITO    1910   Vita, Sicily   /    USA   1920.
Relations : - Leonard + Benjamin [Bros.].
Associates : - J + S.Accardi, J.Abate, A.Dolasco.
With his Brother Leonardo, he came in 1920 from Vita, Sicily. Settling in the Newark area, they would certainly have known and associated with Joe and Sam Accardi, their fellow townsmen. Vito was Naturalized in 1932, but like his brother, we have no record of his criminal activities. Younger than Leonardo, he also died earlier, in 1981.

PLUMERI-THOMAS    1903  Enna, Sicily   /    USA    1903.
Alias : - Jimmy Doyle
Relations : - G.DioGuardi [  ?  ], J, T + F.DioGuardi [Nephews].
Associates : - D.Didato, F.Carbo. R.Bufalino [Pittston].
Named in numerous official documents, books and articles as a long-time Family member. Arrived as a baby in 1903, originally going to his Father on Broome street. Soon his family settled on Forsythe street in Little Italy. His record started in 1923 with entries for Vagrancy, Burglary [1924], Receiving [1925 – 2 years jail], there was then an interlude during which he was Naturalized [1926]. It was  probably during this time that he joined the Lucchese Family, perhaps sponsored by his relative Giovanni DioGuardi,  then under Gaetano Reina. By the early 1930’s he and a close associate Dominic Didato, ran an association extorting the Trucking industry. Arrests followed for Felonious Assault and Murder, before an explosive disagreement ended in a shoot-out in the associations office [1933]. It ended with Didato dead, Plumeri wounded and the only witness being John DioGuardi, Plumeri’s nephew.  Both were eventually jailed for 5 years in 1937, for Extortion. By the 1940’s he owned a Trucking company and was a power in the Garment Industry Unions. Suspected of murder once again, Nat Nelson, he was aquitted. Promoted to Capo status in the 1950’s, he sponsored his Nephews the Dio Guardi brothers. Imprisoned in 1963 for 2-3 years for Tax Evasion. Became the victim of a Family power struggle and was killed in 1970.

POMILLA-NUNZIO   1893  Corleone, Sicily  /  USA   1908.
Alias : - Nunzie Gagliano
Relatives : - T.Gagliano [M], I.Milone [ ? ], L.DeFrisco[M].
Associates : - S.Santoro, G.Lucchese.
Does not appear on the Valachi charts, as Valachi identified him as “ Nunzie Gagliano, a name the FBI could not find.  From the Family stronghold of Corleone, he was Tommaso Gagliano’s brother-in-law.  Arrived in 1908 and , according to his 1917 Naturalization record, lived on 103rd street in Harlem. Very much a business orientated criminal, he participated in the Family domination of the Lathing, Hoisting and Plastering industries. With the rest of the Family leadership, he moved to the Bronx. After Gagliano’s death [1953], he remained close to his successor Gaetano Lucchese. Died in 1971.

RANNELLI-STEFANO   1900   Palermo, Sicily  /   USA   1921.
Alias : - Steve Rinell / Vincenzo Briguglia
Relations : - V + C.Rao [M].  J.Riccobono [M] Gambino.
Associates : - S.Maranzano, J.Alascia, J.Valachi.
An important early member, who we know from Joe Valachi’s testimony.  His name was Stefano  Salvatore, and to complicate things he had a brother named Salvatore Stefano, who used Salvatore.  Both of them, and their brother Giuseppe, were rumoured to be linked to a 1922 attempt to kill Giussepe Masseria. At this point he seemed to be allied with Umberto Valenti, Masseria’s enemy. Stefano lived on East 11th street, Valenti’s powerbase was on East 12th street.  Our man Stefano was  a member by the late 1920’s, when Valachi met him.  He was probably sponsored by Vincent Rao, who was married to a Cousin of his. Naturalized in 1930, he lived on Avenue A in Brooklyn, with James Alascia.  After the Families alliance with the Castellamarese, Salvatore Maranzano used him as a gunman. One of the “hits” he and Valachi did was an attempt to kill Ruggerio Boiardo in New Jersey.  With Valachi again, he took part in an unsuccessful attempt on Paul Gambino, mistaken for his brother Carlo. This second botched job, led Maranzano to demote him.  After Maranzano’s victory Rannelli choose to stay with him, rather than return to the Family. This proved a grave mistake as Maranzano was killed within 6 months. This left Rannelli exposed and, according to Valachi, he tried to organise resistance to the Luciano Family. For this he was killed leaving Vincent Rao’s house in East Harlem. However as his death was in 1936 [NYDI], 5 years after the end of the conflict, he may have re-joined the Family and the reason for his murder may have been different.

RAO-CALOGERO    1889   Corleone, Sicily  /   USA   1899.
Alias : - Charles.
Relations : - V.Rao [Brother], S.Speciale [N], J.Vento [N], J.Gagliano [C].
Associates : - T.Gagliano, G.Luchese. J.Lanza [Genov.]
The older, but less well known, Brother of Vincent.  Both came from Corleone, the Family powerbase, together in 1899.  The family settled on 107th street in East Harlem, the heart of the Corleonese colony. The Father ran a shop there, and among their neighbours were the Gagliano, Lasala, Reina, Speciale and Vento families.  Charles was Naturalized in 1920, and was soon running a Dance Hall on 14th street. Unlike his brother, he had no criminal record and involved himself in the Family rackets in the Lathing, Hoisting and Plastering industry. The closest he came to prison was as  an unindicted co-conspirator in Tommaso Gagliano’s 1932 Tax Evasion trial. After Gagliano’s death, he became a partner of Gaetano Lucchese. Despite leaving Harlem, to live in the Bronx, he owned properties there and ran a Real Estate and Insurance company on 116th street. Died in 1969.

RAO-VINCENT.J.    1898   Corleone, Sicily  /   USA   1899.
Relations : - Calogero [Brother], S.Speciale [N], J.Vento [N], J.Gagliano [C].
Associates : - T.Gagliano, G.Lucchese, A.Corallo. C.Terranova, F.Costello, F.Livorsi [Genov.]
Related to any number of prominent Corleonese Mafiosi, Rao arrived as a baby and lived in East Harlem.   His first arrest was for Grand Larceny in 1919, along with Frank Costello.  That same year he was arrested for Homicide. Naturalized in 1921 he had two more arrests for gun possession in the 1920's, but was well known as a fence for stolen property.  With his familial connections entry into the Family was a forgone conclusion.  Although he had no known involvement in the "Castellammarese War", he soon became a power and probably a Capo by the 1940's.  His business interests included property, Lathing + Hoisting companies, and parking lots, all controlled from an office on East 116th Street.  Later he moved to Yonkers and acquired a Paint company and a Motel.  On Lucchese becoming Boss in 1953, he named Rao as Consiglieri.  Rao attended the 1957 Apalachin meeting, but his only later arrest was for Perjury in 1968.  Advancing age dictated his retirement, and relocation to Florida, in 1973.  Rao died at 90 years old in 1988.

REINA-ANTONINO    1893   Corleone, Sicily  /   USA   1909.
Alias : - Nino Riina.
Relations : - Gaetano [Brother], Giacomo [Nephew].
Associates  : - A.Gagliano, I.Dragna, E.Giannini.
The sources for Tommy Reina’s brother are NARA records and the book The Origin of OC in America. Joined his brother in 1909, working in Angelo Gagliano’s laundry along with Jack Dragna, and living in the Greco-Gagliano saloon. Sometimes used the name Riina, later to be an infamous name in Corleone. Arrested in 1913 for planting a bomb at Barnet Baff’s house, the same man murdered in 1914. Believed to oppose Joe Valachi’s marriage to his Niece in the 1930’s. His first attempt at Naturalization was denied, but he eventually succeeded in 1936. Became a partner, with Eugenio Giannini, in a Scrap Metal company. Nothing more known until his death in 1952-3.

REINA-GAETANO   1889  Corleone, Sicily  /   USA  1904.
Alias : - Tom.
Relations : - Antonino [Brother], Giacomo [Son].
Associates : - A. + T.Gagliano, G.Lucchese, I.Greco, A.Cecala.
The Reina family lived on East 107th Street, the centre of the Corleonese colony in East Harlem.   Naturalized in 1911, with his brother Nino, he worked for Angelo Gagliano's laundry and lived over the Greco-Gagliano saloon.  He and Jack Dragna, who also worked for Gagliano, were suspects in the 1914 Baff murder.  His connection to the Morello/Terranova Family was to Vincenzo Terranova, his brother-in-law.  Reina emerged as the leader of the Corleonese, after the Morello's retreated to 116th Street, leaving 107-108th Streets leaderless.  By the late 1920's he had moved to the Bronx, and had a monopoly on ice distribution.  A reluctant ally of Masseria, Reina resisted when he tried to muscle into the ice racket.  Reina's killing in early 1930 in the Bronx, was the catalyst that caused Gagliano and Lucchese to rebel, and eventually bring down Masseria.     

Alias : - Jack.
Relations : - Gaetano [Father], Antonio [Uncle], J.Valachi [B-in-L].
Associates : - S.Shillitani. A.Strollo, F.Caruso, V.Mauro [Genov.].
Born in NYC in 1909, his father Gaetano would be Family Boss until his murder in 1930. Probably “made” into the Family at the end of the Castellamarese War, sponsored by his Uncle Antonio. There are numerous sources for his membership, Valachi, NARA records, the FBN book and several Government Family charts. Originally lived in the Bronx, and frequented the Little Italy area of Manhattan. His criminal record started with a 1928 arrest for Felonious Assault, and continued with Robbery. Associated with Salvatore Shillitani, Joseph Valachi and several Genovese members in Narcotics trafficking, for which he was convicted in 1956 and jailed for 5 years.  Thereafter he kept a low profile, and moved to Kearney, NJ. He died there in 1979.

RIZZO-ANTONINO      ?        Corleone, Sicily ? /   USA   ?
Associates : - G.Morello, I.Lupo. T.Gagliano.
First came to Police notice in 1908, being charged with Fraud, in connection with the Ignatz Florio scandal.  This was a scam set-up by Morello and Lupo to defraud their fellow Italian immigrants.  Later he became involved in the United Lathing company, along with Tommaso Gagliano.  This company was part of the Families monopoly on the Bronx Lathing and Hoisting industry.  The company suffered a robbery in 1927, involving his son Charles and Thomas Milo, a future Genovese member.  Biographical details are impossible to trace, owing to his very common name, but his closeness to prominent Corleonesi suggests he too was from Corleone.

ROSATO-JOSEPH   1904   Palermo, Sicily   /   USA   1920.
Alias : - Joe Palisades.
Relations : - G.Lucchese [B-in-L].
Associates : - C.Tramunti, S.Cavalieri, P.Correale, J.Plumeri. J.Riccobono [Gam.].
Arrived in 1920, from Palermo, heading to an Uncle. Soon became associated with Gaetano Lucchese, also from Palermo. Eventually married Lucchese’s sister and was arrested with him for murder in 1928. This was one of only two known entries on his record, the other being for Disorderly Conduct. Visited Italy in 1933, and became a Naturalized citizen in 1940 when living in Jackson Heights.. Specialised in Garment Centre rackets, going-on to own a Trucking company. With Lucchese becoming Family head, Rosato was promoted to Capo status in the 1950’s. Attended the 1957 Apalachin meeting  with Lucchese and Paul Correale. May have served as Acting Boss for a short period in 1967-8, after Lucchese’s death. Died in 1973.

RUSSO-MICHAEL   1893  Cerda, Sicily  /   USA   ?
Alias : - Mike Valentino
Associates : - S + J.Accardi. C.Tourine [Genov].
From Cerda, very near the home village of the DioGuardi family. Started as a probable member of the Newark Family, where he associated with the Accardi brothers. Survived a shooting in Cleveland in the early 1920’s, and returned there in 1928 to attend the Mafia meeting. Always lived in Iselin, New Jersey, where he compiled a record from 1911 of Assault, Burglary, Swindling and Embezzlement. Arrested in NYC in 1933 with amongst others Albert Anastasia, for the murder of John Bazzano, head of the Pittsburgh Family. With the break-up of the Newark Family, he was possibly recruited by Sam Accardi, the new Lucchese Capo in New Jersey. Listed in the FBN book and NARA records, but never listed on any Government charts. Date of his death was 1975.

SACCO-ROSARIO  1903   Ioppolo, Sicily ? /   USA   1920.
This member only came to light in the 1980’s, when a list of deceased members, and their possible replacements’ was discovered.  On the 1930 Census he was living in Brooklyn, but at the time of his death in 1983, he was living in Queens.  No other details are known.

Alias : - Tom Mix.
Relations : - A.DiLapi [Nephew], A.Zangoglia [M] – Gambino.
Associates : - A.Corallo, J.Ormento, N.Pomilla, S.LoProto. F.Livorsi [Genov.].
Listed on the Valachi charts, and every subsequent “ official “ list up to the 1980’s. Too young to have joined before the 1940’s, probably as a replacement for a deceased member. Lived originally on 107th street in Harlem, then moved to the Bronx, both Family power-bases. Started a criminal record in 1933, and collected entries for Vagrancy, Grand Larceny, Assault, and Possession of a gun.  An early associate of John Ormento, with whom he became involved in Narcotics Trafficking. Both spent time in prison after convictions in 1942 and 1953. Moved to Leonia, N.J. by the mid-1950’s, and partnered Ormento in a Trucking company. Sentanced to 20 years in 1959 in another Narcotics case, involving Ormento, Vito Genovese, and other leading Mafiosi. Paroled in 1978, he became associated with Anthony Corallo, the Family Boss. Soon promoted to first Capo, and then Under-Boss by the early 1980’s. Convicted in 1986 on a RICO case against the Family leadership, and sentenced to Life. Died in prison in 1998.

SAVOCA-SANTO   1881   BURGIO, SICILY   /   USA   1899.
Associates : - T.Gagliano.
Another of Tom Gagliano’s partners in the Lathing industry racket.  He arrived before the turn of the century, heading to a relative on Elizabeth street in Manhattan. Believed to be involved in Gagliano’s 1932 Tax Evasion trial. According to the 1930 Census, he lived in the Bronx and was a Real Estate broker.

Alias : - Joe Reese.
Relatives : - A.D’Arco [Cousin].
Associates : - S.Curiale, P.D’Anna, P.Vario.
Probably “made” in the 1940’s, the first American-born member of Curiale’s Brooklyn  crew. Only known arrest was for Extortion in 1943. Became a partner, with Lucchese and Curiale, in the Garment centre rackets. Sponsored the Vario brothers into the Family, as well as his cousin D’Arco.  Refused Capo position, when Curiale retired, proposing Paul Vario. Retired to Florida, and died there in 1987.

Alias : - Sally Shields / Scilitano [Real name].
Associates : - N.Paduano, G.Reina, N.Capuzzi, E.Giannini. J.Valachi [Genov.].
Born in NYC in 1906 of Puglian parents, his family lived on West 54th street. Started a criminal record in 1925 for Assault and Robbery, Larceny [1928] and Parole Violation [1929]. The 1930 Census shows him in prison, although this could be his cousin Samuel, AKA Sammy Shields. By this time he was closely associated with both Joe Valachi and Nick Paduano, in a Burglary gang. In late 1930 all three were “ made” into the then Gagliano Family. With Valachi was active in the Castellamarese War, taking part in an abortive hit on Joseph Rao in 1930, and the murder of Joseph Catania in 1931. At the end of the conflict he remained with Gagliano, but in 1932 was convicted of Manslaughter [20 years] after being caught fleeing the scene of a murder. Paduano was killed in this incident. Released in 1946 he became involved with a Corsican drug smuggling ring, and was sentenced to 15 years. Released in 1960, he had one more sentence to serve for Contempt [1964-66]. Having spent a total of nearly 30 years in prison, Shillitani retired to Florida where he died in 1990. Sources include Valachi charts and book, Nara records and various Family lists.

Alias : - Sammy Shields.
Associates : - F.Garafolo, C.Galante [Bonanno]. G.Doto [Genovese].
A cousin of the better known Sally Shields, he came from a notorious criminal family.  His father Michele was an important power in Little Italy, and owned properties on Mulberrt Steet. While his brother Oreste was executed in 1916, for multiple murder. From as early as 1917, he built an arrest record including Felonious Assault, Concealed Weapon, ect. In 1922 he was shot and wounded, but survived. By the 1930 Census he was in prison, serving a sentence for an unkown crime. Never listed on Family  charts, even his known associates were members of other Families. Later became involved in Gambling.  He lived on West 107th street, and was a partner in a Restaurant.  Died in 2000 in Florida at age 101.

Alias : - Big Nose Nick.
Associates : - J.Ormento, C.Curcio, J.Foti, T.Orzo. H.Tantillo [Genov.].
Born and lived in East Harlem, the Family stronghold. Already had a Juvenile record by 1920 [11 years-old]. Later entries including Assault [1927], Robbery, and Armed Robbery. Like many Family members he moved to the Bronx. Suspected in numerous murders [7], and frequented Pleasant Avenue in Harlem an area infamous for drug dealing. Arrested numerous times, including 1951, for Narcotics. Not much known of his later activities. Listed on 1963 Valachi charts, FBN book, Nara records and Deceased members list [having died in 1972].

TRAMUNTI-CARMINE   1910  Naples  /   USA  1913.
Alias : - Mr. Gribbs.
Associates : - P.Correale, J.DioGuardi, A.Corallo, J.Plumeri, J.Bendenelli, S.Cavalieri.
Unusually for the Family, this member was of Neapolitan origin. Born in 1910, his record started in 1922 as a child, and continued with Robbery, Felonious Assault and Gambling arrests. Naturalized in 1929. In 1932, along with future fellow Capo Paul Correale, he was sentenced to 15 years for shooting at Police following a robbery attempt. Re-arrested in 1939 for Parole Violation, for consorting with criminals. Probably initiated in the 1940’s, to replace a deceased member. Became involved in Union Racketeering in association with James Plumeri, becoming a Driver / Bodyguard for Plumeri’s Nephew John DioGuardi. Lived in Whitestone, Queens and acquired interests in a Florist and Trucking companies. Promoted to Capo status by early 1960’s, as shown on the Valachi charts. When Tommy Lucchese died in 1967, several senior Capo’s were in jail, so Tramunti was appointed as Acting Boss. He had just stepped-down, to allow Antonio Corallo to become Boss [1973], when he was convicted of Narcotics trafficking and sentenced to 15 years [1974]. Died in prison in 1978. 

Alias : - Little Angie.
Relations : - A + F.Presinzano [Cousins] Bonanno.
Associates : - A.DiPasqua. F.Mari, A.Embarrato [Bon.]. R.Mogavero [Genov.].
Born in NYC and grew-up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. His Father Pasquale originated in the Resuttana area of Palermo. Record started in 1929 with arrests for Grand Larceny, Assault, Robbery, ect.  Suspect in two murders in NYC during the1930-40’s. With partner Anthony DiPasqua, heavily involved in Narcotics dealing, with strong connections to Bonanno Family, through his Cousins Angelo and Frank Presinzano. Only known business interest was as a partner in a Barber shop. Indicted in 1960 in large Narcotics case, he went” on the lam “. Surrendered in 1962 and convicted. While in prison his brother was killed by Charles Gagliodotto, a Genovese member. The matter went to a “ sit-down “, and Gagliodotto was found in the wrong and murdered [1968]. His last years are a mystery, and we do not have a death date for him.

VADALA-ANTHONY   1899  Messina, Sicily  /   USA  1908.
Alias : - Tony Grio.
Associates : - G.Lucchese, S.Shillitani, T.Valente. R.Quasarano [Detroit].
A veteran member from Messina, one of the Families points of origin. Very well connected and an important member. Despite this he kept a very low profile, having only one arrest for Lottery in 1947. He owned a Printing company and printed his own lottery tickets, possibly for the Italian Lottery. Lived in Malba, Long Island and was Naturalized in 1940. Three years later he was a witness on  Gaetano Lucchese naturalization papers. Known as Grio, his Mothers maiden name. Frequented the Little Italy area of Manhattan. Inactive by his death in 1985. Sources include 1963 Valachi charts, FBN book and NARA records.

VALENTE-SAVERIO       1893  Cervinara,Italy  /  USA  1902.
Alias : - Sam.
Relations : - Thomas [Brother].
Associates : - A.Vadala, G.Lucchese, J.Ormento, S.Santoro.
Different spellings of a very common name make it very hard to trace him.  May have lived in East Harlem, as there were Sam Valente’s living on 107th and 108th streets in the 1920-30’s [WWI Registration cards.  According to FBN records he had a record from 1918, including Assault  and Robbery, Forgery, and numerous Narcotics arrests.  In 1938 he was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison, being released in 1945.  Following this the authorities opened a Deportation case, resulting in his being Deported in 1947.  AT that point he was living in Troy, NY.   Sources include the Deceased members list [1975] and the 1963 Valachi charts.
VALENTE-THOMAS                     , Italy.  /   USA    ?
Relations  : - Saverio [Brother].
Associates : - T.Gagliano, V.Rao, G.Lucchese, A.Vadala.
Like his Brother Sam, we have very little biographical information on him. We do not have a DOB or place of origin, although an entry in the 1940 Census listed a man of his name who was born in 1877. What we do know is he had two charges of Murder against him, one in Italy and one in NYC. He lived in Astoria, Long Island and ran a Button company in the Bronx. There is also some evidence he was involved in the Family rackets in the Plastering, Hoisting and Lathing industry.We also know, from NARA records, that he died in 1955 in Yonkers.  The sources are the same as for his Brother, the Deceased members list and the Valachi charts.

Alias : - Jimmy the Sniff.
Associates : - G.Lucchese, C + V.Rao, T.Gagliano. A.Meli, M.Polizzi [Detroit].
Born in NYC in 1911 and lived in the Bronx, a Family stronghold.  First arrest was in 1928 for Felonious Assault, then Assault + Robbery, Murder and Narcotics. Known to be a partner with Tommy Lucchese in a Hoisting company. Probably “ made “ in the 1940’s, and may have become a Capo by the 1960’s. Believed to control Gambling for the Family in the Westchester area. Had strong contacts in Detroit, through Angelo Meli and Mike Polizzi. Named on the Valachi charts, FBN book and NARA records. Date of death is uncertain, could be 1985 or 1990.

Another member we know little about, his common name making it hard to trace him. Seems to have been born in NYC, and lived on Manhattan. Other than this, and the fact he was named on Government Family charts in the 1980’s, we know nothing more.






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