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Genovese Family bios. of early members.



Alias :- Philly Katz

Relations :- Elio[?], I.Argone[in-law].

Associates :- G.Nobile, E.Uricola, J.Marone.

Born in NYC in 1907 and by the age of 14 [1921] had started a record that included arrest’s for Robbery, Tax Evasion , Forgery, Disorderly Conduct and Narcotics dealing. Lived on Long Island and frequented the LES. Went to work as a loader on the North River piers. Spent time in prison for the Tax Evasion [1954] and Robbery [1926 – 15 years] convictions. Became a power in the 4th Ward and may have reached the position of Capo by the time of his death in 1979.


Alias – Charlie Bullets 

Relations – Salerno brothers [ In-laws]   

Associates – C.Terranova, M.Coppola, F.Livorsi, J.Rao, J.Dentico, J.Valachi. 

Record from 1911 [Juvenile ], Con. Weapon,  G/Larceny, Rape, Narcotic’s [ 1942 + 1947 ], 27 arrest’s by the 1950’s. 

Grew-up in East Harlem, and associated with local Italo-American criminals, like Joseph Rao, Frank Livorsi and Joseph Valachi in robberies. By mid-1920’s came under influence of Ciro Terranova, and became “ mobbed-up “. Took part in conflict with Irish Gang, which saw Valachi split from him. In 1926 lost brother Dominic to gang warfare. 
Terranova was allied with Joseph Masseria, in the Castellamarese War, and his men did most of the fighting. Albero was undoubtedly involved in this conflict. 
With  the end of the conflict, Terranova was demoted, and Mike Coppola became Albero’s Capo. At some point he moved to the Bronx, using no-show jobs in Salvage and Motor companies, to hide his income from crime.   
Convicted in Narcotic’s case in 1942, jailed. Continued to be involved in narcotic dealing, and other crimes until his death in 1964. 

ALO-VINCENT -  NYC  1904  [ Parents from Calabria ] 

Alias – Jimmy Blue Eyes. 

Associates – A.Laietta, P.Moccio, G.Spinelli, F.Costello, M.Lansky 

Record from 1923, Murder, Arm. Robb., Assault., Vagrancy [ 1947 ],Ob. of Justice [ 1970 ].  

Born in East Harlem of Calabrian parents, the family moving to the Bronx by 1915.  His first arrest was in 1923, and the following year he was jailed for Armed Robbery.  Probably a member by the 1930’s, serving under Rocco Pellegrino the Family Capo in Westchester County.  Valachi mentions him as being involved in the torture killing of a numbers runner, who stole from the Family in the mid-1930’s.  He first met Meyer Lansky around this time, and they became close friends. When Lansky moved to Florida to set-up gambling clubs, Alo accompanied him as a bodyguard and Family contact.  He spent many years with Lansky, becoming an expert in casino management in Florida, Cuba and LasVegas.  Alo returned to NYC in the 1950’s, becoming the Capo of a Bronx regime.  At this time he lived on Riverside Drive, but kept a Florida home.  In 1970 he was convicted of Obstruction of Justice, and jailed for 5 years.  Released after serving 3 years, he soon retired to Florida.  Now an elder statesman, he advised various Family leaders during the following decade.  Alo died in Florida in 2001.


ALTOMARI-VINCENZO  1894  Calabria, Italy  /  USA  191?.

Alias – James Alto.

Associates : - P.Della Universita, V.Truppiano, S.Chillemi.

Source for him was a list of deceased Cosa Nostra members dated 1975, and Alfonso D’Arco’s testimony.  An entry on Ellis Island shows a man, of the same name, born in 1894, going to his Uncle in NYC. It is possible the real name could be Altimari, as this is a name of another member. Parents believed to be of Albanian ancestry, so possibly not eligible for membership. Operated in Little Italy from a club on Mott Street, running gambling in the area.  Died in 1964 of Cancer.


Alias :- Big Dick 

Associates – C.Terranova, J.Rao, F.Livorsi, J.Catania, C.Albero.  

Grew-up in East Harlem, associating with several future Cosa Nostra members. Part of  young Italo-American robbery gang with Albero, Valachi and Livorsi. Later came under the influence of Ciro Terranova, and became “ mobbed-up “.  
During the late 1920’s, Terranova as an ally of Joseph Masseria, became involved in the Castellamarese War. His gang bore the front of the fighting in Manhattan. Amato and his close associate Joseph Rao were shot at  in 1930, by the Maranzano forces. These, ironically, included Joseph Valachi, a former friend. Rao was wounded, Amato escaped. 
Amato was not to be so lucky the next time. Another ally of Terranova was Dutch Schultz, who was partners with him in the numbers racket in Harlem. Schultz  had his own war going on at this time, against Vincent Coll, and his gang. In 1931 Coll’s men found Rao, Amato and another man on a Harlem street . After the gunfire finished, Amato and the other man, Dominic Bologna, were dead. 

ANGELINA-JAMES   [ Birthplace unknown]  1905 

Alias – Vincent Angellino [ Real Name ] 

Associates – R.Pellegrino, N.Ratenni, M.Fortunato, J.Savino.

Record :- only one conviction, for Gambling. 

Lived in Rye, NY. Frequented Westchester area, underling to Rocco Pellegrino, local Black Hand power. Pellegrino became a Capo, after the formation of Cosa Nostra in the early 1930’s. Angelina and other followers became members. Pellegrino retired at some point in the 1950’s, with Angelina succeeding him as Capo. 
Angelina was mainly concerned with gambling, and his Regime included ex members of the Mike Coppola crew, John Savino and Paul Marchione. 
Eventually he was succeeded by Nick Ratenni, and is believed to have died in 1967.  

APPIERTO-ANTONIO   Accera, Naples, Italy  1892?  / USA 1905 

Associates – M.Miranda, D.Petillo. 

Source – 1950 FBN Report / Police File [ D.Petillo / 1936] 

Associate of Michele Miranda and Davide Petillo, and a partner in Miranda Importing Co. of Broome Street, Little Italy. Dates unconfirmed, possibly 1884-1967. Naturalised in 1920. Source 1950 FBN report and Petillo FBI file.
No other information available.    

ARCIDIACO-SALVATORE    1892    Calabria  /  USA     ? 

Alias – Donnie Brocco / Arcidiacono [RN?] 

Associates – F.Costello, G.Moretti, G.Doto, A.Anastasia [Gambino]. 

A major Narcotics dealer and a regular attendee at Dukes, the HQ for the Family leadership in the 1940’s. Close to fellow Calabrians Costello, Moretti and Anastasia. Naturalised in 1935, and believed to have lived in Brooklyn. According to the NY Death Index, died in 1947. His drug activity may not have disqualified him from membership, as the Family rule against it came in 1948, after his death.



Alias – Mickey Morris 

Relations – Joseph, Rocco [ Sons ] 

Associates – J.Angelina, T.DeMiccio, M.Fortunato, P.Marchione. 

His father, Caesar, was a lawyer for the Unione Siciliana, a co-operative social organisation corrupted by criminals. Caesar associated with many of the early Mafiosi and Camorristi living in New York. So it was no surprise to find his son consorting with their successors.   
The family lived in the Bronx, and Morris [ a strangely un-Italian name ] soon found himself associating with the local criminal fraternity. It was probably his father’s influence that secured his entrance into the newly formed Luciano Family. In time Joseph Barra, and possibly Rocco, would follow him.  
He never rose above the rank of soldier, serving under first Rocco Pellegrino, then James Angelina. His long criminal record started in 1923.  Seemingly retired by the 1970’s, he lived on until the age of 91 [ 1997 ]. 

BARRESE-MICHAEL   1878?  Salerno, Italy / USA 1901 

Associates – P.Mione, A.Strollo. 

A mysterious figure, known to us only because of Joe Valachi’s testimony. An associate of Anthony Strollo, from Greenwich Village, he was selected, with Peter Mione, to carry out a murder contract for Vito Genovese. Genovese wanted the husband of his lover killed, so he could marry her. Mione and Barrese, therefore, killed him ,and a friend, on a roof on the Lower East Side in 1932. 
Barrese hid-out in Harlem, raising suspicion that he might talk. Valachi says he disappeared, and that he may have been killed.  

BATTAGLIA-CARMINE    1896   Enna, Sicily   /   USA  1902.

Alias : - Little  C.

Associates : - Q.Moretti, P.Campisi, P.Marino.

Born in Castle Ferrato, in Enna Province, Sicily. Came to America in 1902, as a child.
The family settled in Newark, New Jersey and he may have first joined the local Newark Family. His FBI file suggests he was sponsored by Pietro Campisi, and that he later returned the compliment by sponsoring Pietro’s sons into Cosa Nostra. By that time [ the 1950’s ], he had moved onto the Genovese Family after the dissolution of Newark. Naturalized in 1940, he specialized in Gambling and Union rackets. Believed to have become a Capo in the New Jersey faction of the Family by the 1950’s. Sometimes listed as a Philadelphia member, but NARA records prove this is wrong. Also named in the book To Drop a Dime, as a Genovese Capo. Seems to have retired at some time in the 1960’s, and died in 1983.



Alias – Bobby Blanche / Bilangi

Associates – J.Angelina, A.Laietta. 

 Born in NYC and lived in Westchester, a member of Vincent Alo’s crew, listed in the 1963 Family chart, confirmed by Joseph Valachi. Previously this regime was under Rocco Pellegrino. Apart from this and still being listed in a 1989 chart, which confirmed  his year of birth, nothing else is known about him.    

BELVEDERE-RALPH   1905  Barrafranca, Sicily /  USA  1920 

Source :- 1983 Family List  

Only information on him was an address in Fairlawn, New Jersey. A possible visit to Italy in 1923, and the fact he died in Florida, date unknown.

BERNAVA-GIUSEPPE   1900 USA [ Parents Sicilian ] 

Alias – Joe Bedelli 

Associates – V.Alo, A.Laietta, S.Armone [Gambino ]. 
Record from 1918, Burglary – Jail, 1936 Stolen Property -Jail, 1941  Narcotics – Jail. 

Born and raised in the Bronx, after spending some time in prison Bernava began associating with the local Italo-American gang. With such Mafiosi as Ciro Terranova, Gaetano Reina, Tommaso Gagliano, and Joseph Catania living locally, the Bronx was a crime breeding ground. Whether inducted before or immediately after the Castellamarese War, he was a founder member of the Luciano Family. Originally under Rocco Pellegrino before Vincent Alo became his Capo.
Prison sentences followed in 1936 and 1941, this one for Drugs, in association with Stefano Armone of the Gambino Family. Later he was implicated in the murder of anti-Fascist editor Carlo Tresca.. Bernava was trusted enough to deliver money to Charles Luciano in Italy in 1949. Bernava died at a relatively young age in 1954. 


Alias – John Biele / Footo 

Associates – N.Ratenni,  

Record from 1924, Fel. Asslt., 1927 Robbery, 1935 Suscp. Person, 1944 Robbery. 

First heard of operating in Westchester under Rocco Pellegrino, in 1927 he was arrested  with another future Genovese Capo, Nick Ratenni. Convicted, he spent 3 years in prison, being released in 1930. With Pellegrino’s group joining Cosa Nostra, Biello became a member in the 1930’s. 
Prospering through the next two decades, by the 1950’s, he was promoted to Capo. Rumoured to own the famous Pepperment Lounge in New York, he opened another in Miami. Biello had been spending more of his time in Florida, until retiring there in the early 1960’s. Various reasons have been given for Biello’s murder in 1967, but there is no conclusive proof.    

BOIARDO-RUGGERIO   1890  Naples, Italy /  USA  1901. 

Alias – Richie the Boot 

Relations – Anthony [ Son ] 

Associates – A.Chieppa, C.Tourine, Russo brothers, A.Gerardo, G.Catena. 

Record from 1914 -  1921 M/Slaughter, Asslt + Batt., 1925 C/Weapon- Jail, 1930 C/Weapon- Jail 2 yrs., 1969 Tax Evas.- Jail 3yrs., 1980 Conspiracy. 

Boiardo was an orphan, adopted by the Boiardo family at age 6 in Marigliano, near Naples.  The family emigrated in 1901, and settled in Chicago.  Then in 1906 the family split and Boiardo, and his mother, moved to Newark.  Settling in the 1st. ward, he became a citizen in 1920.  He soon began bootlegging, and joined a gang led by the Mazzocchi brothers.  An arrest for gun possession in 1925 led to a prison sentence.  Boiardo split from the Mazzocchi’s in 1928 and built his own gang.  Soon he opened saloons, became a power in ward politics and expanded into gambling.  This led to conflict with the Mazzocchi faction, and over the next 4 years they were wiped-out by Boiardo’s gang.  While Boiardo ruled in the 1st ward, elsewhere in Newark others grew in power.  A Jewish mobster Longy Zwillman in the 3rd ward grew to national importance, and the Newark Family, led by Stefano Badami, ruled the local Sicilian diaspora.  Boiardo had trouble with both, leading to his near fatal shooting in late 1930.  Joe Valachi later confessed he was involved, on behalf of Badami.  Although Boiardo recovered, he was jailed for having a gun and spent the next 2 years in prison.  The disbanding of the Newark Family in the late 1930’s allowed him to expand his rackets and grow rich.  He moved to a palatial home in Livingstone, started a construction company and opened a restaurant.  Boiardo was finally inducted into the Family in 1946, and was given the rank of Capo after Moretti’s murder in 1951.   During the 1950-60’s he held interests in a casino in Havana and a hotel in Miami.  In 1957 an important meeting was held at his Livingstone estate, just before the Apalachin conclave.  During the 1960’s he allowed his son Anthony to run his crew, while he served a year in prison [1970-71].  Boiardo continued to run the crew throughout the 1970’s, when his son died in 1978.  Finally after another trial in 1981, the 90 year-old Capo retired.  Boiardo died in 1984.
  Source  :- In the Godfathers Garden – book.        


Alias – Paul 

Relations – G.Doto [ Cousin ]

Associates – S.Chiri, A.Strollo. 

Some confusion as to which Family he belonged to. Named in Genovese Family in 1963 Valachi list, but by 1980’s listed in Gambino Family. 
Born in NYC, he eventually moved to New Jersey, possibly with his cousin Doto [ Joe Adonis ] in the 1940’s. No criminal record. Believed to own an Auto company. Died 1987.    

BONFIGLIO-MARIO   1904  Pescara, Italy /USA  1910 

Alias – Frankie 

Associates – F.Costello 

From Pescara, an unusual place for a Mafioso, Bonfiglio was a close friend of Frank Costello. The owner of a laundry Company, which served Mob controlled clubs and restaurants in Manhattan. Became a naturalised citizen in 1936. Known to have attended an important Cosa Nostra wedding in Syracuse, in1965. 
Not listed in Valachi charts, but named in 1950 FBN report. Died in 1970.

BONGIORNO-JOSEPH   1897  Pet. Sottana, Sicily  /   USA  1902.

Alias – Kid Steech 

Associates –.Moretti  brothers, A.Sabio, A.Chieppa, M.Lascari. 

Record from 1929 Kidnap, 1931 Murder – Aqtd. 1933. 

Lived in East Patterson, New Jersey. Early partner of Antonio Sabio [Chicago Fat ], in local rackets. Later came under influence of Willie Moretti, who lived at the same address as Bongiorno, when Moretti moved to N.J. from NYC. By late 1920’s involved in large scale boot-legging, Moretti gaining control of several breweries. This involved killing the previous owners, with Bongiorno and Sabio as the suspected gunmen. All three were arrested in 1931 for the murder of William Brady, a suspected informer. Aquitted in 1933, he was listed by the FBN in 1950 as a Narcotics violator. 
This despite the fact that he died in 1947 in Iowa.   

BONSIGNORE-    ?         1903  Catania, Sicily /   USA   ? 

Alias – Harry  / Bons

Associates – J.Castaldo, J.Lanza, N.Lanza. 

Possibly an associate, involved in both the 1937 Artichoke Extortion case, with Castaldo, and the 1941 Fulton Fish Market extortion case involving the Lanza brothers. Naturalised in 1926. Record from 1932. Known as a Bookie on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Nothing else known till his death in 1971. 

BOVE-CARMINE    1896    Salerno, Italy   /   USA   1906.

Alias : - Bovie.

Mentioned in the NARA records and, later, in a book about a Lucchese member called Casso. First appears in the 1910 Census, and in his WW1 registration card as living in the Bronx. In 1938 he visited Italy, stating his home was in Brooklyn. We have no record of his legal or illegal activities. In the “Casso” book he is identified as a Genovese Family Capo, who appears at a sit-down over the shooting of his Nephew by Casso. Died in Brooklyn in 1979.


Alias – Patsy 

Associates – P.DeFeo 

Possibly an associate, mentioned in book East Side / West Side and documents on the 1934 Bocchia murder. Not allowed to sit-in on conversations planning the killing, which seems to indicate he was not made.
Origins unsure, possibly 1874, in Malvano, Italy and coming to America in 1903. The same is true of his death, known to have been in Florida, in either 1961 [ obituary in NY Times ] or 1985.

BRESCIA-LORENZO   1904   Bari, Italy  /  USA  ? 

Alias – Larry Brescio / Chappie 

Associates – P.DeFeo, P.Normando, M.Miranda, J.Biondo[ Gambino ]. 

Record :- Homicide, Extortion 1945– Jail 1year, Perjury, 1967 Contempt. 

Must have been born in Italy, as he gained Naturalisation in 1929. Started as street criminal, coming under the influence of Mike Miranda and Peter DeFeo. With DeFeo, survived an attempted assassination in 1927. After founding of Cosa Nostra became a driver/ bodyguard to Charley [ Lucky ] Luciano, the new head of the Family. 
Later in the 1930’s he was involved in a taxi-cab extortion racket, headed by Joseph Biondo. Indicted in 1938, he went “on the lam”, until 1945, when he was convicted and served a year in prison. Upon release, he ran into trouble, being shot and wounded in 1947. Rumour said the gunman was fellow Genovese member Joseph Tortorici, but the reason is unknown.
By the 1950’s he had grown wealthy, in the Kosher Meat industry, controlling companies and Unions. He lived on Long Island, and spent his winters in Florida.        
Served a short prison term in 1967, for contempt. Retired by 1980’s, and died in 1985. 

BRUNO-JERRY     1896/98 

Alias – Jerry the Lug 

Associates – D.Petillo, T.Pennachio, J.Frederico. 

Another possible associate, involved in both the 1934 Bocchia murder and the 1936 Luciano Vice trial. Again his origins are uncertain, born in Mass., USA [1898] or Italy [1896]. Convicted and jailed in Vice case, he also had a later Narcotics arrest [1938]. 
Possibly lived in Springfield, Mass. Date of death is 1946.

BRUNO-JOSEPH     1897 

Associates – J.Valachi, A.Strollo, G.Santuccio, J.Stoppelli. 

Listed in 1963 Family Charts, in Anthony Strollo’s regime, but was deceased by then [1955]. Mentioned by Valachi as a friend since the 1930’s. Arrested for Burglary in 1924, with Santuccio and Stoppelli. Another arrest in 1931 for shooting a policeman.
Possibly lived on Grand street, LES.   No other information known.


Associates – S.Cufari, F.Scibelli, M.Miranda, J.Bruno.

This member was born and raised in Springfield, Mass. May have known Jerry Bruno, and through him, became associated with Mike Miranda and the Families Neapolitan faction. Involved in cover-up after 1934 Bocchia murder, when he hid Rupolo and Palmieri in Springfield. Later became part of the Families Springfield regime, serving under Salvatore Cufari and Frank Scibelli. Died in 1972. 

CAMPISI-PIETRO   1878  Giuliana, Palermo, Sicily  /   USA  1899

Relations – Gasparo, Thomas, Anthony, Charles, Salvatore and Biaggio [Sons]

Associates – C.Battaglia, P.Marino. 

Father to 6 sons who became members, and according to Carmine Battaglia’s FBI File, a member himself. Arrived in 1899, going to a Cousin in Brooklyn, and settled in Newark, New Jersey. Must have been made either in Sicily or by the 1920’s in N.J. Served under Stefano Badami, and later Gaspare D’Amico, before joining the Genovese Family in the 1940’s.
Believed to have sponsored Carmine Battaglia into Cosa Nostra, a favour Battaglia returned by sponsoring his Sons later. Retired by 1950’s, and died in 1967.


Alias – Eddie Starr  

Associates – A.Strollo 

Not much known, once again Valachi is our best source. In the early 1930’s, Capobianco was beaten-up by Lucchese mobsters, the Wacky brothers, over a girl. His Capo Anthony Strollo ordered Valachi to avenge this, by a tit-for-tat beating. This got Valachi in trouble with the Lucchese Family, provoking a “ sit-down”. Capobianco got his street-name from a former girlfriend called Mary Starr. 
 Probably born in Italy, as Naturalised in 1936. Father owned a Butchers shop [1930 Census]. Listed in 1963 Family charts, he may have died in 1984. 

CAPONI-JAMES     ?     1907   USA

Alias – Sam Brown  

Associates – F.Ioele [ Yale], A.Carfano, J.Pagano, A.Argoglia.

A follower of Frankie Yale in the Brooklyn underworld of the 1920’s. On the day Yale was killed in 1928, Caponi was his bodyguard. They were drinking in a Brooklyn speakeasy, when Yale received a phone call and left without waiting for Caponi. Yale’s car was ambushed, and he was killed, possibly by order of Al Capone [ no relation ]. Caponi carried on serving Yale’s successor Anthony Carfano as a bodyguard / driver. Carfano moved to Florida in the mid-1930’s, and nothing more is heard of Caponi till his death in 1974.  

CARFANO-ANTHONY    USA  1895  [ Parents from Avellino ] 

Alias – Carfagno [ Real Name ] / Little Augie Pisano 

Associates – F.Ioele [ Yale ], J.Caponi, J.Pagano, M.Abbatemarco, G.Doto. 

Record – Fel. Asslt. [ 1916 ] G/Larc. [1919 + 21], Rape [1925], Gun + 3 [ 1925-26-33 ], Homicide [ 1933 ], Vagrancy [1946], Bribery [ 1955 ]. 

Born in Manhattan in 1895 to parents from Avellino, his birth name was Carfagno.  The family lived on Oliver Street on the LES, but had moved to Brooklyn by 1910 [1910 Census].  An older brother was known as “Big Augie”, so Anthony became “Little Augie”. His first known arrest was for Felonious Assault in 1916, and was followed by many more over the years.  Among his early associates was Ralph Capone, brother of Al. Carfano’s father-in-law was Giovanni DiSalvio [Jim Kelly], a founder of the Five Points Gang and local political power. By 1920 he had come under the influence of Frankie Yale [Ieole], the leading Italian gangster in South Brooklyn.  During the next several years he rose to be Yale’s right-hand man, and helped him win control of the Brooklyn docks.  This only occurred after a bloody conflict with Irish gangsters, with Carfano a suspect in several killings.  By the mid-1920’s Yale was allied with Masseria’s LES gang, so when Yale was killed in 1928, Carfano joined the Masseria forces.  Indeed both men shared a home at the time of the “Castellammarese War”.  Carfano was known to have been present, earlier in the day, at the site of Masseria’s murder [1931].  With the end of the conflict he returned to his Union Street HQ as the Family Capo for South Brooklyn. Carfano expanded his interests into gambling, and union racketeering in the construction + service industries.  He was suspected in several killings, a triple murder in Brooklyn, a Policeman in NJ in1933, and some connected to a conflict with Vannie Higgins.  Although the media considered him untouchable, police and political pressure increased until he decided to relocate to Florida [1935].  Joseph Doto [Adonis] took over his regime, while he took control of the Families gambling interests in Miami.  Over the next 20 years he owned interests in clubs, casinos, hotels and unions, working with notorious criminals like Lansky, Polizzi, Fischetti, Coppola, Erickson, ect.  The 1950’s brought a power struggle in the Family, between Costello and Genovese supporters.  Carfano was a close associate of Costello, who lost the struggle after being wounded in 1957.  Genovese never trusted Carfano, and in 1959 arranged his murder.   Source : - Article by Thom Jones on GangstersInc. Website.         

CARILLO-ANTONIO   1902  Naples  /  USA  1920  

Alias – Tony the Sheik 

Relations – Salvatore [ Brother ], C.Tourine [ Marriage ],  

Associates – M.Miranda, G.DelDucca, F.Tieri,  

Record from 1929 including Gambling, Burglary, Fel. Asslt., Asslt. + Rob. [ 2 ], Bribery, Consorting. 

Arrived in USA in 1920, going to a brother-in-law called Panica. Fell-in with fellow Neapolitan immigrants Michele Miranda and Vito Genovese. These were Camorristi, and he may have been made into the Camorra at some point in the 1920’s. Soon became a bodyguard / driver to Miranda. With the creation of Cosa Nostra, continued as a soldier in Miranda’s regime. His younger brother Salvatore later joined him. 
Became a partner in a Food company, with Miranda. Naturalised in 1941, and lived in Forest Hills, Queens. After Genovese became Family Boss in the 1950’s, Miranda was promoted to Consiglieri. Generoso DelDucca took over the regime until he died in 1960. At this point Carillo succeeded to the position of Capo. He continued to act as a conduit , everybody having to go through him to contact Miranda. 
Carillo survived his patron by only one year, dying in 1974. 

CASSOTTO-SAVERIO ?   1882      ?     /    USA  1908.
Alias – Casado

A mystery, only source was a book, Uncle Frank, written about Frank Costello. In this book Casado is described as the father of singer Bobby Darrin, and a member of the Genovese Family. Darrin, seemingly, blamed Costello for not supporting his mother, when Casado went to prison. Died there in 1936. May have been a witness at Costello’s wedding in 1914. Casado and Cassotto may be two separate people. 

CASERTANO-STEPHEN   1902  Naples / USA 1907 

Alias – Buck Jones 

Associates – J.Valachi, J.DeBellis, P.Mione. 

Born in San Prisco, near Naples. Came to America in 1907, to his Father, living on First Avenue in Manhattan. Listed in the 1920 Census, he was Naturalised in 1930.
Recruited by Joe Valachi in 1930, to act as a spotter for the Maranzano forces, during the Castellamarese War. Survived an attempt on his life in 1931, with Peter Mione and John DeBellis, by Lucchese members. 
At the end of the conflict, he followed Valachi into the Genovese Family, becoming a soldier in Anthony Strollo’s crew. Seems to have died at an early age in 1939. Listed as a deceased member in 1963 Family chart. 

CASTALDO-JOSEPH   1893     ? 

Alias – Muskie / Morello [ Real Name ? ]

Relations – Possibly related to Morello / Terranova family. 

Associates – C.Terranova. 

Record including Tax Evas. [ 193?- 1 year ], Anti-trust law [ 1934 ], Extortion [ 1937 ] 

According to several books [ East Side / West Side, The Mob, Gang Rule in NY ], he was a Morello who changed his name to Castaldo. He succeeded Ciro Terranova, possibly a relative, as the power in the Artichoke racket. Terranova dominated the industry in the 1920’s, growing wealthy. However by the early 1930’s, he was being forced out of both the Family and the business. Castaldo took-over, and ran the business for the Genovese Family. Eventually, the authorities clamped-down on the racket, and Castaldo was convicted of Extortion in 1937. Nothing further is known about him. Possibly died in 1981.  

CASTIGLIA-EDUARDO   1886  Calabria / USA   1893 

Alias – Eddie Costello   

Relations – Francesco [ Brother ], Moretti brothers [   ?   ]

Associates – W.Moretti,     

Older brother of Frank, handled his brothers dirty work. Grew-up in East Harlem, on 108th street. Luigi, his Father, operated a grocery near his home. Started as a stevedore on the West Side docks. Provided muscle when needed to Frank’s bootleg activities, including his partnership with “ Big Bill”Dwyer. In 1923 a man named Louie Demar double-crossed the Costello’s and disappeared soon after. Frank boasted about killing him, but it was probably Eddie who did the actual killing. At some time in the 1920’s Eddie was wounded in NYC, the gunman was killed some time later. 
Upon his brother’s rise to Family Boss in the late 1930’s, Eddie served as his bodyguard / aide. Lived in Astoria, Queens. Very little is known of his later years, except that he survived his brother by two years, dying in 1975.  

CASTIGLIA-FRANCESCO   1891   Calabria / USA 1895 

Alias – Frank Costello 

Relations – Eduardo [Brother ], Moretti brothers [   ?  ]. 

Associates – C.Luciano, G.Doto, V.Alo, A.Anastasia [ Gambino ], M.Lansky. 

Record from 1908 G/Larc. [ + 1912/19 ], 1915 Con. Weapon- Jail 1 year, Conspiracy, 1952 Contempt – Jail 1 year, 1954 Tax Evas. – Jail 2 years, + 1958 -Jail 3 years. 

Born in Lauropoli Calabria in 1891, his family entered the USA in 1895.  He grew-up on East 108th Street, in Harlem.  After several early arrests, including serving a year in prison, Costello turned to bootlegging on the Westside docks.  Around 1923, he and brother Eddie formed a partnership with Bill Dwyer to import quality booze into America.  After corrupting the Coast Guard, they set-up a “Rum Row” off Long Island and soon grew rich.  Throughout the 1920’s he associated with Masseria, Luciano, Zwillman and other leading gangsters.  Although not involved in the “Castellammarese War”, at it’s end he emerged as Luciano’s consiglieri.  By the 1930’s he ran a city wide slot machine business, until he was forced to move them to Louisiana.  With Luciano being jailed in 1936, and Genovese fleeing to Italy in 1937, he became Acting Head of the Family.  Busy with business and political interests, he allowed the Capo’s to operate freely.  His main allies were Moretti, Doto [Adonis] and outside the Family Anastasia + Lansky. Using his political connections he managed to arrange Luciano’s release, but deportation, in 1946.  After Luciano’s failed bid to return, Costello was named Family Boss in 1947.  With Genovese’s return, a long power struggle started for control of the Family.  Genovese was allied with Lucchese, a rival of Costello for political influence, and Costello with Anastasia.  From the 1951 Kefauver hearings on Costello was hounded by the authorities, being imprisoned 3 times and losing control of the Family to Genovese.  Finally in 1957 Costello survived an assassination attempt, and retired from the rackets.  He lived in a plush apartment in Central Park West, until his death in 1973.       
Source : - book – Uncle Frank.

CATALDO-GIUSEPPE   1908  Potenza, Basilicata, Italy  /  USA  1918 ?

Alias – Joe the Wop   

Associates – A,Strollo, A.Perillo, V.Mauro, J.Stoppelli
Source is FBN book.
Record includes arrest’s for  Gambling, Grand Larceny and Receiving. Lived on 12th Street, Manhattan and frequented Greenwich Village. Owned a restaurant and Night Clubs. Naturalised in 1934, and later managed a Casino in Havana, Cuba. Associated with Anthony Strollo’s regime, but seems to have retired to Florida by 1970’s. Possible date of death 1980.

CATANIA-CALOGERO   1900  Palermo, Sic.  /   USA  ?

Alias – Jimmy the Baker 

Relations – Joseph [ Brother ], C.Terranova [ Uncle ]. 

Associates – I.Lupo, J.Savino, P.Marchione, C.Luciano, M.Coppola. 

Record from 1924 Robbery, 1925 Robbery – Jail 2-10 years, 1934 Extortion – Aqtd. 

Family may have started in Brooklyn, possibly related to Giuseppe Catania, killed 1902. Aunt married Ciro Terranova, family moved to East Harlem, and later to the Bronx. He and brother Joseph became followers of Terranova, running a bakery and a bail-bond office in the Bronx. Spent time in prison in mid-1920’s. Brother became close associate of Joseph Masseria. Attended the “Vitale Banquet” robbery in 1929, along with John Savino, Paul Marchione, and brother Joseph. 
Lost Joseph, killed in Castellamarese War in 1931. With founding of Cosa Nostra, became soldier in Genovese Family, under Boss Charles [ Lucky ] Luciano. Uncle Ciro Terranova demoted, with Michael Coppola becoming Capo.
Continued to own bakery, hence street name, and involved in extortion racket amongst bakers. Arrested 1934, with Ignazio Lupo, for extortion, but acquitted. 
Friend of Luciano, named in his address book. Naturalized in1943. Not listed in 1963 Family chart, may have been dead, or possibly lived till 1991.  

CATANIA-JOSEPH   1902   Palermo, Sic.  /   USA  1903.

Alias – Joe the Baker 

Relations – James [ Brother ], C.Terranova [ Uncle ]. 

Associates – J.Masseria, M.Coppola, J.Savino, P.Marchione, D.Iamascia. 

Record from 1922 Fel. Asslt., Dis. Cond., 1923 Burglary[ 2 ], 1924 Burglary, 1929 Robbery. 
Connected to the Morello / Terranova family by his Uncle Ciro Terranova, he was an early member of the Masseria faction.  He became a Masseria favourite, controlling the gangs Bronx interests.  With brother Calogero [James] operated a bakery and bail bond business in the Bronx. Several arrests in the 1920’s, climaxed in his participation in the infamous “Vitale Banquet robbery” of 1929.  Active on Masseria’s side in the “Castellammarese War” , he was targeted by Maranzano and killed in the Bronx in early 1931.   


Alias : - Jerry.

Relations – Eugene [Brother]

Associates – R.Boiardo, W.Moretti, M.Lascari, M.Miranda, V.Genovese, L.Zwillman.

Born in Newark with parents from Salerno Italy, he grew-up in the Ironbound section.  He, and his brother Eugene [Gene], worked in the Newark shipyards.  His first known arrest was for gambling in 1923, and he spent time in a reformatory in 1926 for robbery.  By the late 1920’s he associated with Longy Zwillman, the leading Jewish gangster in Newark who operated out of the 3rd ward.  He helped negotiate peace between Zwillman and Boiardo in 1930.  Imprisoned again in 1934 for bribery, he soon became Zwillman’s right hand man, and contact to the Italian underworld.  According to wiretaps, Catena was inducted in 1946 and succeeded Moretti in 1951 as senior Capo in New Jersey.  His business interests included casinos in Cuba and LasVegas, and Vending companies, which made him rich.  When Genovese took control of the Family in the 1950’s, he made Catena under-boss with Gene as Capo of his old regime.  He attended the 1957 Apalachin meeting.  Genovese was jailed in 1959, and Catena became Acting Boss.  However, he was jailed for contempt in 1970, and not released until 1975.  He then retired to his home in Boca Raton Florida, where he died in 2000.  



Relations : - G. + S.Moretti [Uncles].

Source is a 1975 list of deceased members. Grew-up on East 116th street in Harlem.
Related to the Moretti brothers. Record from 1929, and had 6 arrests. A partner in a Vending company, with Benjamin DeMartino. Killed in 1952, in the aftermath of Willie Moretti’s murder.    

CELAMBRINO-SALVATORE   1903  USA [ Parents from Naples ] 

Alias – Little Sally

Associates – M.Miranda, F.Celano, A.Carillo. 

A member of the Neapolitan faction headed by Vito Genovese and Michele Miranda, he became a soldier in Miranda’s regime. Lived on Broome Street, in the Little Italy section of Manhattan. Also owned a café on the same street. Held as a material witness in the Boccia murder inquiry in 1934. He drove Rupolo and Palmieri to Springfield, Mass, to escape arrest. 
With the expansion of the Family in the 1950-60’s, both he and his close associate Frank Celano became Capo’s. May have moved his operations to Brooklyn, and become involved in the ILA Union. At the time of his death in 1971, was living on Staten Island. 

CELANO-FRANCESCO   1896 Canna, Italy / USA  1902

Relations : - D.Noto [DeCavalcante, NJ].

Associates – M.Miranda, S.Celambrino, P.DeFeo, A.Carillo. 

Lived in Little Italy section of Manhattan. Possibly Broome Street [ 1920 Census ], or Kenmare Street [1930’s ]. A close associate of Salvatore Celambrino, and a member of the Genovese faction, under Capo Michele Miranda. His family owned a famous restaurant “ Celano’s”, in Little Italy. Possibly Naturalised in 1918. Questioned in 1934 Boccia murder inquiry. 
With the expansion of the Family in the 1950-60’s, Celano was promoted to Capo. Genovese was now Boss, with Miranda as Consiglieri. Most of the new men were of Neapolitan heritage, consolidating Genovese’s power. Celano was retired by his death in 1973. 


Alias – Swats Mulligan

Relations – G.Vastola [in-law] Elizabeth, NJ.

Associates – A.Strollo.

A member named by several sources, a book [Blue Thunder], the DeCavalcante tapes, and the Dead by 1975 List. Lived in Brooklyn, and had a long criminal record starting in 1919 for Grand Larceny, 1920 + 21 Vagrancy, 1921 Felonious Assault, 1922 Gun + Robbery – Jail, Petty Larceny, Disorderly Conduct, Grand Larceny, ect. Associated with Anthony Strollo and had contacts to New Jersey through his relative Gaetano [Corky] Vastola. For many years held a position in the Electrical Workers Union and was a partner in a Record Company. Died in 1973.


Alias – Mike

Associates – R.Pellegrino, R.Mogavero, V.Alo, L.DioGuardio, G.Nobile.

Record from 1925, Rape, 1929 Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Extortion, 1943 Tax Evasion [Still] – Jail, 1952 + 56 Perjury –Jail, 1980 Conspiracy + Perjury – Jail 20 years.
Born in NYC, and for many years held a position in the ILA, This gave him influence on Manhattans Eastside Docks. Joined the Family as part of Rocco Pellegrino’s group, and served under his successor Vincent Alo. Spent 5 years in prison [1956-61], but returned to his position on release. Used Rosario Mogavero as his main associate.
Lived in Brooklyn, and had an interest in a Travel Firm. Finally convicted of Perjury and Conspiracy and sentenced to 20 years in 1980. Died in prison in 1987.    

COPPOLA-MICHAEL   1900  Salerno, Italy /  USA  1900 

Alias – Trigger Mike  

Relations – Michael [ Son ]. 

Associates – C.Terranova, J.Rao, J.Stracci, P.Erra,  

Born in Fricano in Salerno Province in 1900, he arrived in NYC as a baby the same year.  The family settled on 116th Street in Harlem, soon to be the home territory of the Morello / Terranova gang.  Coppola’s long criminal record started as a juvenile in 1914 and totalled 27 arrests.  It would include 3 Burglary, 3 Grand Larceny, 2 Homicide, 2 Narcotics, 2 Felonious Assault, and various Robbery, Assault, Vagrancy and Disorderly Conduct arrests.  Inducted into the Terranova regime, he became Ciro Terranova’s right hand man and was implicated in the infamous “Vitale Banquet robbery” of 1929.  Almost certainly active in the “Castellammarese War”, he succeeded Terranova as Capo at the end of the conflict.  He also inherited the Harlem lottery racket after Dutch Schultz was killed in 1935.  His regime was the biggest in the Family, and included Frank Livorsi, Joe Rao, Joe Stracci, and Tony Salerno.  In 1946 he was implicated in the murder of an election official, and thereafter spent much of his time in Florida.  Eventually he lost prestige because of various legal and marital problems, and retired to Miami Beach.  Coppola died there in 1966.  


Alias – Charlie Bananas 

Record – Known to have been questioned in 8 homicides, record including Assault,Robbery and Theft.Very little information on him, although questioned in 1934 Bocchia murder. Lived in Brooklyn, and believed active on the docks there. Associated with Angelo Ieole, brother of Frankie Yale. Not listed in the 1963 Valachi charts, may have been inactive or in prison. Died 1984.  

CUCOLA-FRANCESCO   1903    ?  

Alias – Frank Casino 

Associates – F.Costello, V.Alo, A.Laietta. 

Lived in and frequented Manhattan. Very little known about him, except his Capo was Vincent Alo. A close friend of Frank Costello, his only known arrest was for extortion in the 1937 Artichoke Extortion case. At some point moved to New Jersey. Believed to have risen to rank of Capo. Probably lost prestige after Costello’s fall, and the rise of Genovese. Eventually retired to Florida, where he died in 1975.  

CUFARI-SALVATORE   1901   Calabria /  USA  1914 

Alias – Big Nose Sam  

Associates – A.Bruno, F.Scibelli, N.Camerota. 

Arrived in USA in 1914, joining his Father, who had lived in Springfield, Mass. since 1908. Known to have relations living in New York. Was arrested 13 times between 1922 and 1927, including for Boot-legging in 1925, when he was shot and wounded by the Police. 
The Family had contacts, and possibly members, in Springfield since the Bocchia murder in 1934. Not known if Springfield faction was ever independent, or who was early leader. However, by the 1940’s the faction was united under Cufari, a Calabrian.He had a 1943 arrest for running a Lottery.  By the 1950’s, Cufari was recognised as the Capo, and his regime as soldiers of the Genovese Family. He operated quietly through-out the next two decades, eventually handing over his regime to close associate Francesco Scibelli, and retiring. Cufari lived to the age of 82. 


Alias – Sharkey / Cupolo

Associates – J.Lanza, N.Lanza, M.Coppola. 

American born, lived in Queens. Real name may have been Cupolo, as listed in 1930 Census. Worked at the Fulton Fish Market, in Manhattan.  Became an associate of Joseph and Harry Lanza, who controlled the market through the Unions. Had a long criminal record, starting in 1919. Listed in the 1963 Valachi list as a soldier, under Capo Mike Coppola.   
No other information on record or criminal activity. He died in 1974.  

CUSAMANO-JAMES      1903   USA    

Alias – Yargo / Iaco  
Name can also be spelled Cusimano / Cusumano, making it difficult to trace history. 
Sources for him are the 1950 FBN report and a list of deceased members, dated 1975, and an entry in the FBN files. Born 1903 in NYC, had a long record, starting in 1922, which included several Narcotics arrests. Frequented the LES, where he associated with Frank Caruso, George Nobile and John Stoppelli. Died, relatively young, in 1959.

DEBELLIS-JOHN   1897-8   USA ?   

Alias – Johnny D  

Associates – J.Valachi, S.Casertano, P.Mione. 

Most of our information on him comes from Valachi, his sponsor into Cosa Nostra in 1930-1. Exact date and place of birth uncertain, but WW1 registration states 1898 in the Bronx. It is probable that, as Valachi also lived in the Bronx, this is where he first became associated with him. 
 Recruited by Valachi to work as a spotter for the Maranzano-Gagliano faction in 1930, along with Peter Mione and Stephen Casertano. After Maranzano’s murder they became targets, as known Maranzano supporters. All three survived an attempted assassination in 1931, on Lexington Avenue. Followed Valachi into the Luciano Family, becoming a soldier in Anthony Strollo’s regime.  
Known to have been one of the killers of Michael Reggione, in 1932, a murder ordered by Luciano and Genovese.  
Nothing more known about him, except that by the time of the Valachi charts [1963], he was dead.    


Alias – Ray / Gyp 

 Associates – W.Rega, W.Moretti, G.Catena, J.Polverino, P.Landusco, D.Cecere. 

Record from 1923 includes B+E, C/Feit, Rob, B/Leg and Tax Evasion.
Started with Ritchie Boiardo, before breaking away, and becoming an associate of Willie Moretti. Surprisingly only made in 1947, according to secret FBI tapes. Previous to this he was an associate, probably in the Newark Family. Associated with William Rega, aka Sy, from an early age. Having worked previously for Willie Moretti, he was accepted into the New Jersey faction of the Genovese Family. With Moretti’s death [1951], Gerry Catena took over this faction. The Families expansion into New Jersey in the 1950’s meant more members, and more Capo’s to supervise them. DeCarlo rose to this position by the late 1950’s. The authorities noted his rising influence, and placed a wire-tap in DeCarlo’s HQ in 1961. This operation ran till 1965, but the tapes could not be used in court. Owned a Tavern in Mountainside, NJ. 
DeCarlo, and several of his men, were finally convicted of extortion in 1970, and he received a 12 year sentence. Political influence, and failing health, won him a Presidential Pardon in 1972. He died the following year.  

DEFEO-PETER    1902  USA [Parents from Naples].

Alias – Phillip Aquillina 

Associates – M.Miranda, V.Genovese, C.Frasca, L.Brescia, T.Eboli, A.Morelli. 

Lived on W. 12th Street, in Manhattan and was associating with Miranda and Genovese by the late 1920’s. First came to prominence during 1934 Boccia murder, when he supplied the guns and directed the killers. Rupolo mentions him being deeply involved, operating out of a Policy office at 99, Mulberry Street in Little Italy. 
Arrested in 1944, for Boccia murder, but released after witness poisoned in prison. 
Owned a Paper Company, and survived getting shot in 1927, possibly by Joseph Tortorici, a fellow Genovese member. With Genovese and Miranda becoming Boss and Consiglieri and the influx of new members in the 1950’s, DeFeo became a Capo. 
Powerful on the waterfront and in Greenwich Village. 

His only conviction, during this time, was for Disorderley Conduct, in 1965. But in 1968 he was jailed on a Conspiracy count. Considered too old to succeed to the Family leadership, he continued to run his crew until the 1980’s. Upon retiring, his regime was taken-over by Alexander Morelli. DeFeo died at a ripe old-age in 1993.

DELDUCA-GENEROSO   1886   Avellino, Italy / USA 1906 

Alias – Dodo Del 

Relations – Pasquale [Brother], John [Nephew].

Associates – M.Miranda, D.Petillo, C.Luciano.  

Came from Lauro, Avellino in 1906, settling in Brooklyn, followed in 1910 by brother Pasquale. Real name Salvatore Generoso Del Duca. Naturalised in 1917. Sources include Valachi charts, 1950 FBN report and list of deceased members [1975]. 

Although living in Brooklyn operated on Lower East Side of Manhattan. An early associate of Miranda and Petillo, he was listed as Vice-President of the Miranda Importing Company. The Company premises on Broome Street, were damaged by a bomb in 1933. 
Served under Miranda as a soldier, eventually promoted to Capo by 1950’s.Important enough to have his name and address in Luciano’s phone book.  May have been retired by his death from a heart attack in Florida in 1960. Rumour was that at the time of his death, Frank Sinatra was present.    

DELDUCA-PASQUALE   1890  Avellino, Italy / USA 1906/1910 ? 

Relations – Generoso [Brother], John [Son]. 

Some confusion about date of his arrival in the USA. Listed in the 1910 Census as an inmate of Sing Sing Penitentiary, crime unknown. Source for his membership, was a 1975 list of deceased members. 
Settled in Brooklyn and Naturalised in 1943. Basically followed his elder brother into the organisation. Never rose above the position of soldier, he continued to serve under a succession of Capo’s until his death in 1964. Later his son John became a member. 


Alias – Augie the Wop  

Record from 1913, Murder – Acquitted. Lived on Chrystie Street, on the Lower East Side. Was tried and aquitted of murder in 1913  Arrested in Germany in 1931, for involvement in an International drug ring. Probably not a member, but lived in and operated from Family territory. Came to attention during War, when approaching authorities on behalf of Frank Costello. The idea was to offer help in the invasion of Sicily, with contacts to local Mafiosi, in exchange for the early release of Charlie Luciano. Del Gracio was merely the messenger, and no more is heard of him till his death from Cancer in 1949.  

DENEGRIS-JOSEPH   1894  ?   

Alias – Joe Ross    

Associates – V.Genovese, A.Strollo, J.Piscopo. 

Date of birth uncertain, could possibly be 1891, coming to America in 1908 [ 1910 Census ]. Lived in Queens, and first came to notice in 1930, when convicted of counterfeiting. Among his co-defendants were Joseph Piscopo and Vito Genovese, who escaped prison. 
On his release he joined Anthony Strollo’s regime, as a soldier. Listed in 1963 Family charts. Still active at time of his death in 1967.  

DENOIA-GIOVANNI   1899  Calabria / USA  1920 

Alias – Johnny Duke  

Relations – John [Son]  

Associates – G + S.Moretti, F.Costello, J.Doto.  

Originally settled in NYC, as shown in 1930 Census. Later moved to New Jersey, becoming a power on the NJ waterfront. Became an official in the International Longshoremans Union. Associated with Willie Moretti, a fellow Calabrese, and the Family Capo in NJ.
Owned Duke’s restaurant in Cliffside Park, which became the Families NJ HQ. By the 1940’s important Commission meetings took place there. Costello, Doto, Moretti, Anastasia, Lucchese, and Lansky all became regular visitors. DeNoia built a secure office space at the back of the restaurant, for these meetings. He was in his “ pomp “, when he died suddenly in 1947. His son John became a member in the 1950’s. 

DENTICO-JOSEPH   1898  Calabria / USA 1920 ? 

Alias – Joe Bari  

Relations – Lawrence [Brother] 

Associates – J.Tocco, A.Criscuolo, J.Ardito, M.LiMandri [Gambino]. 

Record from 1916 Asslt., G/Larceny, Burglary, Narcotics [1942]. Lived in the Bronx, but frequented East Harlem. Several Calabrese gangsters grew-up in Harlem, including the Costello and the Moretti brothers. Began associating with these, and joined Cosa Nostra at its founding. Naturalised in 1923. Involved in Costello’s jukebox racket, and an early Narcotics violator. By late 1930’s moved to California, involved in a major drug ring. Fellow conspirators were Marco LiMandri, Joseph Tocco and Charles LaGaipa. In 1942 the FBN arrested them, and except for LaGaipa [killed], all were convicted. 
Seems to have disappeared from view after his release, although Lawrence Dentico rose high in the Family in later years. Died 1981.    

DICOSTANZO-NICHOLAS   1899   ?       /  USA   1906  

Associates – R.Pellegrino, N.Ratenni. 

A little known member, mentioned in the 1983 Family List. Arrived in America at the age of 7, settling in the Bronx [ 1920 Census ]. Associated with Rocco Pellegrino’s Westchester faction, becoming a member when the Family inducted the group. Moved to Yonkers, and continued to serve under Pellegrino’s successor’s, like Nick Ratenni. Known to have worked in Casino management in Havana, Cuba in the 1950’s.  Probably inactive by the time of his death in 1982.  


Alias – Terry Burns 

Relations – Dominic [ Lucchese – Cousin ] 

Source for him is Nicola Gentile, who described him as a much feared hoodlum. Lived in the Bronx, but known to frequent the Lower East side. His only known arrest was for possession of a gun, in 1931. Like his cousin and namesake, a union racketeer. 
Associated with Gentile in a gambling house in Mulberry Street, he came into conflict with Vito Genovese in the mid-1930’s. After Luciano was jailed, Didato wanted an election to choose the new Boss. Genovese, as Under-Boss, feared this challenge, and persuaded Gentile to eliminate his gambling partner. Didato was killed in 1936, by Gentile and Joseph Franco, on Mulberry Street.  

DIOGUARDIO-LUIGI   1890     ? 

Alias – Louis King 

Associates – M.Clemente, G.Nobile. 

Sources for membership are 1950 FBN Report, 1975 List of deceased Family members and a mention in the book Shame of New York. Some times spelt Dio Guardi, he may have been related to the DioGuardi family, members of the Lucchese Crime Family. If so, may have been born in 1887 in Cerda, Sicily and entered America in 1907. 
 Lived on Monroe Street, on the Lower East Side. Involved in gambling on the Manhattan docks, with Clemente and Nobile. At some point moved out to Danbury, Connecticut. Retired by 1960’s, possibly died 1979.   


Alias : - Don Zaza.

Associates : - F.Caruso, G.Fillipone. A.Tumminaro [Lucc.].

Born in NYC, lived on Madison street on the LES. Started with a gang headed by Giosue Aiello, after whose death the group joined the Genovese Family. His record started as a juvenile in 1917. It included arrests for Robbery, Gambling and Narcotics.  Sources for him are the FBN book and Alfonso D’Arco’s testimony.  Died in1969.


Relations – Cosmo [  ?  ].  

Associates – E.Barese [Gambino]. 

Another little known member, sources were the 1975 List of deceased members, and a mention in the book The Canadian Connection. If born in Italy, may have been Naturalised in 1934. Mentioned in newspapers, with a John DiPietro,  as a body-guard / driver for Luciano in the 1930’s. Possibly related to Cosmo [Carlie], a later member. 
At some point, seems to have moved to Connecticut. A known Narcotics dealer, with connections to Canada. Died 1970.    


Alias – Dom the Sailor 

Relations – Dominic [Son]. 

Associates – F.Costello, V.Genovese. 

A long-time Capo, mentioned by Valachi and listed as such in the 1963 Family Charts. Sometimes spelt DeQuatro, DiQuatro or DeQuarto, which makes him hard to trace.  
The most likely source was an entry on Ellis Island, in 1905 for a man going to his Father on the Lower East Side. Although no evidence survives, probably a member by the late 1920’s. Known to be a Capo by the mid-1930’s, living on Thompson Street. 
Under Frank Costello, the Family Capo’s had a free hand in running their crews, including DiQuarto. Although active in Manhattan, by the 1950’s he had moved to Yonkers. Son Dominic became a member in the 1950’s. 
 His date of death is unknown. 

DOLCE-PIETRO    1904    USA. 

Completely unknown member, only source is 1975 list of deceased members. May have lived in Mount Morris, NY. Died 1972. 

DOTO-GIUSEPPE   1902  Montemarano, Naples, Italy /  USA  1915.  

Alias – Joe Adonis 

Relations – Joseph [Son], F.Bonadio [Cousin],   

Associates – F.Ioele, C.Luciano, F.Costello, A.Carfano, J.Shipani, A.Longano. 
Doto was born in Montemarano, Avellino in 1902.  There are two versions of his entry into America, 1909 via Ellis Island or as a stowaway in 1915.  He settled in Brooklyn with relatives.  His first known arrest was for Robbery in 1926, by which time he was associating with Frankie Yale’s gang.  This may account for his alias, as the HQ of the Yale gang was the Adonis club.  After Yale’s murder in 1928, he opened a restaurant on Carroll Street, which became a meeting place for politicians and gangsters.  Through his Bootlegging and Narcotics activities he met Luciano, Genovese, Costello and Masseria.  When it became obvious Masseria was losing his conflict with Maranzano, Doto was a suspect in his murder in 1931.  With Luciano’s faction in control of the old Masseria Family, Doto and Carfano became Capo’s in Brooklyn.  Carfano departed to Florida in the mid-1930’s, and with both Luciano + Genovese absent, Costello appointed him under-boss.  But like Carfano, police and political pressure forced him to move to New Jersey by the 1940’s.  Here he built a large scale gambling empire, and with Costello and Moretti ran the Family from Dukes Restaurant.  The Kefauver hearings in 1951 brought racketeering to public attention, and the Immigration authorities started investigating Doto’s status.  With Costello losing Family leadership, Doto took voluntary repatriation in 1956.  He lived in retirement in Ancona till his death in 1971.

ERCOLE-ANNIELLO   1896    ?     / USA  1905 

Alias – Mr. T 

Associates – F.Galluccio, G.Martino, H.Fontana [Colombo].  

Record from 1916, Pick-pocket, Gambling, Grand Larceny. Sources include List of deceased members [1975] and Valachi Family charts [1963].
Came to the USA in 1905, settled in Brooklyn. Active on the Brooklyn Docks, he was an associate of Harry Fontana, future Colombo Capo. Probably a follower of Frankie Yale [Ioele], as most of his associates joined the Genovese Family. Also known as a Manager of Boxers. Possibly Naturalised in the 1940’s. Died in 1959.  


Alias – Al Butch 

Long record, including arrests for P/Larceny [2], Narcotics, Murder [2], Extortion, Attempted Rape, Vagrancy and Disorderly Conduct. Spent time in Prison for Manslaughter.   
Sources include the Valachi charts and a list of Deceased Family members. 
Lived in Brooklyn, but served in Tony Strollo’s Manhattan based Regime. As his record suggests, a strong-arm operator for Strollo’s dockside rackets. Held a position in the ILA. Also owned a Meat Market in Manhattan. Died in 1970.  

FERRARO-DOMINIC   1903     ?  

Alias – Fats / Ferrara  

Relations – Ralph [Brother]  

Record from 1924, including convictions for Robbery [NJ], and Bootlegging.  
One of several millionaires in the Family, making his money from bootlegging, both during and after Prohibition. He owned a barber supply company, and converted legal denatured alcohol into illegal booze. 
Lived in and operated out of New Jersey. Rich enough to do business with the likes of Howard Hughes, he once lent the US Equestrian team some of his horses. 
Died at a relatively young age in 1958. 

FERRARO-RAFFAELE    1904      ?   

Alias – Ralph / Whitey  

Relations – Dominic [B] 

Source is the FBI  list of deceased members. Brother to Dominic [Fats], he lived in Yonkers, NY. That is all we know about him. Possibly 1900-77, although this is in conflict with the deceased members list [1975].



Alias – Tony Andrews   

Long-time member, but little known about him. Birth and place of origin uncertain, possibly as early as 1890 / USA 1905. Possibly naturalised in1924, then living on 116th Street in East Harlem. Or alternatively, born 1906, to USA in 1923 and Naturalised in 1944-5, and living in Queens. 
Listed on both the 1963 Valachi chart and the 1975 list of Deceased members.


Relations – E.Lazzara [?].

Associates – C.Luciano, A.DeCarlo, A.Russo.

Born in Newark, and lived in Union, NJ he had a record from 1927 including arrests for Receiving, Disorderly Conduct and Gambling. A friend of Luciano, listed in his Address book, he was a major Book-maker in Newark. Also involved in Union rackets on the North Jersey docks. Business interest in Auctioneers in Newark. Died in 1979.


Alias – Matty Brown  

Associates – J.Angelina 

Another long-time member whose early activities are unknown. A member of  James Angelina’s regime, who lived in Scarsdale, NY. Listed in the 1963 Valachi charts. Later activity centred on Gambling, until he relocated to Florida. Surprisingly resurfaced as a Capo in charge of the Families Florida rackets in the 1970’s. Mentioned as such in a 1983 Government document. Died at the age of over 90 in 1992.  

FRACCACRETA-PAOLO   1898  Naples /  USA  1919 

Alias – Charlie the Wop 

Associates – M.Miranda, A.Strollo, L.Brescia and V.Mauro.  

Came to America in 1919, from a small village near Naples called Sansevero. Lived on Sofie Street in Manhattan. Occupation in 1930 Census stated as Barber. Later moved to Corona, Long Island and became Naturalised in 1927. 
Probably a member of Genovese’s Neapolitan faction, he was not listed in the Valachi charts. First noted in the 1975 list of Deceased members. Died in Florida in 1974. Strangely listed in 1983 Government Document, as still alive.   

FRASCA-COSMO    1907   USA  

Alias – Gus / Duke  

Associates – M.Miranda, P.DeFeo, G.Smurra, S.Zappola [Genovese], A.Bonasera +P.Fontana [Colombo]. 

No information on where he was born, but seems to have been of  Neapolitan origin. A trusted associate of Mike Miranda and the Neapolitan faction, he spent some time imprisoned in the early 1930’s. Freed by the time of the 1934 Bocchia murder, of which he was one of the perpetrators. Arrested, along with Miranda, Smurra and DeFeo, he was eventually released through lack of evidence.   A decade later they were re-arrested, after Ernie Rupolo talked. After the murder of witness Peter LaTempa in prison, the charges were finally dropped.
Lived in Brooklyn, where he was closely associated with Colombo members Bonasera and Fontana. So much so that he was listed under that Family in the 1963 Valachi charts. But a 1969 Senate report  puts him firmly in the Genovese Family. Mainly a bookmaker and numbers operator, he rose to the position of Capo under Genovese’s rule in the 1960’s. Believed retired by his death in 1980.  

FRASCA-JOSEPH   1900      USA.  

Associates – V.Mauro 

Although never listed as a Genovese member in any known official document, it is likely he was. Named in a 1950 FBN report of Cosa Nostra members. He lived on Broome Street, Little Italy in the centre of the Families territory. Associated closely with Vincent Mauro, a protégé of Anthony Strollo and Vito Genovese, and a power in Greenwich Village. Not believed to be related to Cosmo, date of death unknown. 

FREDERICO-JAMES    1903   ?    Italy   /  USA   ? 

Alias – Jimmy Fredericks 

Associates – D.Petillo, T.Pennachio, J.Bruno. 

Real name may have been Vincenzo Federico, no details on early activity. An associate of  Petillo and Pennachio in the prostitution racket. He was the group’s strong-arm enforcer, keeping the working girls in line. Arrested and convicted of compulsory prostitution in 1936, and sentenced to 25 years. May have been deported on release. Died in 1971.   

GAGLIODOTTO-CHARLES   1907       ?  

Alias – Chalutz 

Assocites – D.Petillo 
Sources include both the Valachi [1963] and dead by 1975 list’s.
A much feared member, known to have carried-out several murders for the Family. A close associate of David Petillo, they were both small and somewhat effeminate. Indeed, they were rumoured to have dressed as women to get close to their murder victims. Had a long criminal record, starting in 1923.
By the 1960’s, he was involved in Narcotics dealing, a crime officially banned, but unofficially tolerated, by Cosa Nostra. However he over-stepped the line, when he killed two of his partners, one the relation of a veteran Mafiosi. After the brother appealed to the Family administration, Gagliodotto was killed in 1968, possibly by Petillo.


GALLUCCIO-FRANCESCO   1898   Naples   /   USA   1901 

Alias – Frank Galuche   

Associates – A.Carfano, J.Doto, A.Marzano, J.Schipani, V.Mangano [Gambino], G.Marino [Colombo]. 

Record from 1915 including Felonious Assault, 1917 Receiving- Jail, 1919 Assault and Narcotics, 1920 Burglary, 1926 Grand Larceny, 1936 and 1941 Vagrancy.
A Brooklyn based criminal, best remembered for being the man who gave Al Capone his famous scars. The incident happened about 1917, in a Frankie Yale owned dive on Coney Island, called the Havard Inn. Galluccio was there one night with his sister, when the waiter [Capone] became overly familiar with her. In the ensuing fight Galluccio slashed Capone’s face with a knife. A sit-down followed, with Capone being found to be in the wrong. He never attempted revenge against Galluccio, and even employed him as a driver / bodyguard when he came to Brooklyn in later years.
Galluccio became a follower of Anthony Carfano, and entered the Family as a member of the Brooklyn faction. After Carfano left for Florida in 1933, Joseph Doto [Adonis] took-over this faction. 
Galluccio continued to run his, mainly gambling, rackets on the Brooklyn docks for several decades. He used a barbershop he owned as a cover for his illegal income.
Galluccio died, 50 years after his most famous exploit, in 1967.   

GENCARELLI-SALVATORE    1905   USA / Calabrian Parents. 

Alias – Salvie  

Associates – J.Lanza. N.Lanza, H.Bonsignore. 

Believed to have lived in Manhattan, made trip to Italy in 1923. Worked at the Fulton Fish Market, and soon came under the influence of Joseph Lanza, who controlled the Market through the Union. Joined the Family, nominally under Mike Miranda, but in practice, under the Lanza brothers. 
 Arresed and convicted, with Joe Lanza, of extortion in 1944. Only one other known arrest was for Perjury, in 1953. Little else known of his later life, not even his date of death. Still listed on Family charts in the 1980’s. 

GENEROSO-VINCENZO   1895    ?      /   USA   1901

Alias – James DeMino 

Relations – Michael [Son] 

Associates – A.Carfano, A.Santino.  

Very little known of early life, known to have been Naturalised by 1930 Census.
First comes to notice in early 1930’s, as an associate of Anthony Carfano and Alfonso Santino. Source for this is the book East Side / West Side. It tells how a man called James DeMino carried out extortion on their behalf. DeMino was both Vincenzo’s and his son Michael’s alias. Generoso may also have been involved in the murder of Gerardo Scarpato in 1932.  
Generoso continued to rise in the Family, reaching Capo status by the 1950’s. Listed as such in 1969 by the US Congress. Lived in Westchester County, NY. Through-out the 1970’s his health was poor, so his son Michael acted as his deputy. Died in 1981. 

GENOVESE-MICHAEL   1906   Naples   /   USA   1920 

Alias – The Wiseman 

Relations – V.Genovese [Brother], M.Genovese [Cousin] Pittsburgh. 

The younger brother of Vito, the Family Head, he came to America in 1920. Went to the family home in Ozone Park, Queens. By this point Vito had long ago argued with their Father and left home. Eventually became associated with his brother, running his Italian Lottery racket, after Vito fled to Italy in 1937.  Became a Naturalised Citizen in 1938.  Vito used him as a contact/messenger to his allies within the Family, until he could return. Continued in this position after Vito became Family Boss in the 1950’s. Particularly important after Vito was jailed in 1959, as able to visit him in prison.
Always considered more reasonable and less violent than Vito, hence the alias. 
After his brothers death in 1969, became less important and retired to his home at Irvington, NY. Died in 1986.   

GENOVESE-VITO   1897  Naples, Italy  /  USA  1912 

Alias – Don Vitone 

Relations – M.Genovese [Brother], M.Genovese [Cousin] Pittburgh. 

Associates – M.Miranda, A.Strollo, C.Luciano, T.Eboli, F.Amato [Pittsburgh]. 

He was born in Risigliano, near Naples, in 1897 and emigrated in1913.  Family settled in Queens, but he soon fell-out with his father and moved to the LES.  His first known arrest was for gun possession in 1917, and he spent a year incarcerated.  Several arrests followed including Vehicular Homicide [1924], Homicide [1925], and Counterfeiting [1930].  During the early 1920’s he worked for Queens bootlegger Paul Siciliano, and was shot in the jaw.  In1926 he visited a condemned Camorrist in the death house.  Latter recording of Family members suggested Genovese joined the Masseria gang in 1923.  By the late 1920’s he was closely associated with Luciano, and in 1930 was the suspected killer of Gaetano Reina.  With Masseria’s death in 1931, in which he was also a suspect, he became Luciano’s underboss.  Genovese was on Maranzano’s death list, so was complicit in his murder.  After his wife’s death he married a cousin, but only after her husband was murdered, in 1932.  Then in 1934 he was accused of ordering the killing of Ferdinand Bocchia in Brooklyn.  At this point his powerbase were the two regimes run by Strollo + Miranda, and his HQ was a club on Thompson Street on the LES.  His main source of income was the Italian lottery. In 1937 he fled to Italy, with$750,000, to avoid prosecution.  In Naples he gave money and closely associated with the Fascist government.  Indeed he may have arranged the 1943 murder of Carlo Tresca, an anti-fascist journalist, in NYC.  When the US Army arrived in 1943, he changed sides and worked as a translator for them.  Unknown to them, he ran a large black market business in US Army supplies.  Arrested in 1944, he was brought back to stand trial for the Bocchia murder.  The main witness against him was poisoned in prison, and he was released in 1946.  He settled in New Jersey, re-took control of the Families Neapolitan faction, and began a long struggle to regain the Family leadership from Costello.  He succeeded in this by 1957, after the murders of Moretti +  Anastasia, the attempt on Costello, and Doto’s repatriation.  However the 1957 Apalachin conclave damaged his prestige within the  organization. Using Catena [underboss],Miranda [consiglieri] and Strollo [street boss] he maintained control, even after being imprisoned for Narcotics in 1959.  While in prison he condemned Valachi, causing him to become an informant and bring nationwide publicity.  Genovese died in federal prison in 1969.  

GRECO-THOMAS   1895  Messina, Sicily  /  USA  1903 

Alias – Mr. Palmer   

Associates – R.Pellegrino, F.Pelliccio, J.Biondo [Gambino]. 

Record includes no convictions, but arrests for Robbery, Homicide, and twice for concealed weapon.  
Lived on Long Island and frequented the Lower East Side, where he was a partner in a Restaurant.  Naturalised in 1928. Known as a Labour Union racketeer, and a sleeper within the Family for many years. Emerged as a Capo in the late 1950’s, listed as such in the 1963 Valachi charts. As one of the Families elder “ statesmen”, his advice was much in demand by the younger leaders like Eboli and Tieri. Died at the age of 80 in 1975. 

GRIECO-ORLANDO   1906   ? 

Very little known about this member, listed in Family charts in 1988-89 [listed in 1983 charts in Gambino Family]. May have lived in Connecticut in the 1950’s. Also seemed to have some connection to Las Vegas. Known to have died in Miami, Florida in 1993.  


Alias – Tony Greeno 

Associates – Moretti brothers, G.Doto, G.DeNoia, A.Longano. 

Sources include books [Secret Rulers and Mafia] and a 1950’s Waterfront Investigative Report. 
Born and raised in New Jersey, he started associating with local Mafiosi in the 1920’s. Soon came under the influence of Willie Moretti, the Family representative in NJ during the 1930-40’s. Best man at Moretti’s wedding. 
By the early 1940’s seen regularly at Duke’s, where Moretti, Doto and others ran the Family rackets from. Later owned Casino’s in NJ, in partnership with Doto / Adonis.
Luck changed in 1951 when Moretti, his mentor, was murdered. That same year he was convicted and jailed for Gambling. Died suddenly in 1957.


Alias – Woodsie

Relations – J + H.Lanza [in-laws]

Born in NYC and lived in Brooklyn. Related to and associated with Joseph and Harry Lanza, and Louis Palermo. All extorted the Fulton Fish Market, and were arrested for it in 1933. Source is the book Gang Rule in New York. May have been only an Associate, he died in 1986.   


According to Joe Valachi, an unknown elder member served as Acting-Boss in the mid-1930’s.  This was after Luciano was jailed, and Genovese fled to Italy.  This man, known only as” Cheech Gusae”, died about a year later, and Frank Costello succeeded him.   

IAMASCIA-DANIEL   1902   USA  /  Parents  Cambiasso, It.

Associates – C.Terranova, Catania brothers, P.Marchione. 

Record from 1918, with 9 arrestes, Assault + Battery, 1919 Rape, Burglary, 1920 Burglary [2], 1922 Robbery, 1924 Burglary and 1929 Robbery. 
His family ran a bail bond firm in the Bronx, in partnership with Joseph and James Catania. His brother Anthony was a power in the ILA. He and the Catania brothers were followers of Ciro Terranova. Involved and arrested in the 1929 Vitale Banquet scandal.During the Castellamarese War, Terranova’s group sided with Joseph Masseria. Terranova was also a partner of Dutch Schultz in a Harlem numbers bank. As his representative Iamascia became Schultz bodyguard and constant companion.
One day in 1931, at the height of the War, they spotted two men tailing them, and thinking them to be rival gangsters, shot at them. They were in fact Police, and in the following gunfight Iamascia was killed. His fellow members gave him a lavish funeral. 


Alias – Jerry the Lug / Andosca 

Associates – V.Alo, A.Corallo [Lucchese]. 

Record from 1914 Mail Robbery – convicted, served 12years, 1930 Robbery.
This man is called different names in various documents, Iandosco in the Valachi charts [1963], Iandouci in the list of deceased members [1975] and Andosca in some books and newspapers. Seems to have been born in Boston but later lived in Queens.
Dead by the 1963 Valachi charts, there was a possible obituary for him in 1961. 

IOELE-ANGELO   1897   Calabria /   USA   1904 

Alias – Yale 

Relations – F.Ioele [Yale – Brother]. 

Associates – A.Carfano, J.Caponi, A.Corallo [Lucchese]. 

Record from 1922 – 20 + arrests, 1931 Murder, 1931-2-4 Extortion [3], 1935 Counterfeit – Convicted.
The younger brother of Frankie Yale, and a member of his group. After his brothers murder in 1928, took over his Undertaking business and continued under Anthony Carfano. Although never listed as a member by any agency, seemed too well connected not to be. Suspect in the 1931 murder of Edward Grimaldi, and later arrested for extortion with Antonio Corallo. Nothing more heard from him after his 1935 conviction for Counterfeiting. Died in 1968.


Alias – Jerry Ryan

Associates – V.Alo, G.Spinelli.

Not much known of his early life, but a very close associate of Vincent Alo. Listed in 1963 Family chart as a soldier in Alo’s regime. Known to have “stood-in” for Alo as Acting Capo on several occasions. Record started in 1924, and included Homicide [1926 + 1932] and Kidnap. Attended an important meeting in Philadelphia in 1966, where the attendees included Angelo Bruno [Philadelphia Boss], Vincent Aloi [Colombo Capo] and Thomas Masotto [Gambino Family].
Lived in Flushing, Long Island. Probably retired by 1980’s, his position taken by Giuseppe Spinelli. Still listed in Government charts in 1983 and 1988, the year in which he died.


Alias – Socks

Relations – Nunzio [Brother], C.Russo [ ? ], L.Guma[?]..

Associates – S.Gencarelli, H.Bonsignore, L.Palermo.

There is some confusion about Lanza’s birth, both place and date.  His gravestone states he was 67 when he died in 1968, while other sources say his DOB was 1904.  His place of birth is given as NYC, with Sicilian parents, or Palermo.  The family lived on the LES, and his first known arrest was as a juvenile in 1917.  By 1919 he was working on Pier 18 on the East River docks at the Fulton Fish Market.  Around 1923 he started a Union for the Market workers, with Lanza having to overcome opposition, as arrests for Homicide [1926] + Gun Possession [1927] show.  At some point in the late-1920’s he became associated with the Masseria faction.  For the next 40 years Lanza extorted market owners, shipping companies, union members, trucking companies, and anything connected with the industry.  He was imprisoned in 1937 [2 years] and 1943 [7 years] for extortion, when his brother Harry acted for him.  During WW2 Naval Intelligence approached him to help stop sabotage on the docks.  This eventually led to Luciano’s release from prison for helping the war effort.  The Lanza brothers continued to control the Market until Joe’s death in 1968, and Harry’s in 1977.  Control then passed to relatives called Romano.    


Alias – Harry

Relations – Joseph [Brother], C.Russo [ ? ].

Associates – S.Gencarelli, C.Romano [ ? ].

The younger brother of Joseph, he followed him into the Fulton Fish Market at an early age. With Joseph taking control of the Market, through the Union, Nunzio became his trusted right-hand man. When Joe was jailed for Extortion, in 1934, he took control of both the Market and Union. Continued to assist his brother, including taking over between 1943 and 1950, Joe having been jailed again.
Survived his brother, to die in 1977. The Family control of the Market going to a relative, Carmine Russo.  

LAPADURA-ANGELO   1891   San Cataldo, Sicily /   USA   1905

Relations – Joseph [Brother]

Associates – M.Lascari, W.Moretti.

Source is the 1975 list of deceased members. Brother to Joseph, he came to the USA in 1905, to an Uncle living on Mott Street, Little Italy. At some point moved to New Jersey, soon associating with the Moretti brothers. Record from 1929, including numerous bootlegging arrests.
Known to be close to Michael Lascari, one of Moretti’s successors as NJ Family Capo. Brother Joseph also joined Family, and rose to become a Capo.
Angelo was long retired by the time of his death in 1972.

LAPADURA-JOSEPH   1904 San Cataldo, Sicily /   USA  1905

Relations – Angelo [Brother]

Associates – R.Bufalino [Pittston]

Came to America as a baby in 1905, with Brother. Source for him is a 1988 Government list of members.Very little information on him, except that he lived in Brooklyn and operated floating crap games. A known associate of Rosario Bufalino, who had business interest’s in NY’s Garment industry.  Reportedly became a Capo, but retired by his death in 1988.

LAPLACA-PETER   1902   Calabria  /   USA   1903

Alias – Lodi Pete

Relations – Moretti brothers [in-laws].

Associates – R.Bioardo, G.DeNoia, Catena brothers.

Source’s are Valachi charts and many books, articles and reports. Record from 1921 including Rape, Gambling, Conspiracy to run a Lottery – 1934 -2 years jail, and Bribery  - 1959 – 8 years Prison.    
Grew-up in Lodi, New Jersey  after arriving in America as a baby. Became associated with the Moretti brothers, later marrying into their family. Specialised in Gambling, serving time in the 1930’s. By the 1940’s acting as Willie Moretti’s driver/bodyguard, frequenting Duke’s, the Family HQ in New Jersey.
After Moretti’s murder, in 1951, he switched his allegiance to Richie Boiardo and Gerry Catena, the new NJ Capo’s. He was soon acting as Boiardo’s driver. Sent to prison again in 1959, on his release he found Boiardo retired. Boiardo’s large Regime was split between several  new Capo’s. One of these was Gene Catena, and when he died in 196?, LaPlaca succeeded him. Murdered in 1979, at the age of 77.


Alias – Mike Laskey  

Associates – C.Luciano, W.Moretti, A.LaPadura, L.Zwillman. 

Born in NYC and rumoured to be a boyhood friend of Luciano, living with the Lucania family [1912-16] after being orphaned. Numerous arrest’s for Burglary,Grand Larceny,Assault and Robbery from 1916. Jailed in 1922 for Armed Robbery. By the 1930 census, was living in Queens and owned a Trucking Company. Had a 1932 arrest for transporting bootleg liquor. At some point in the 1930’s expanded his activities to New Jersey, where he became a partner with Longy Zwillman in a Cigarette Company. Also known to be close to Moretti, who he may have succeeded as a Capo in 1951. Known to have visited Luciano in Italy. Listed in Luciano’s phonebook, with an address on Park Avenue, NYC.
Seems to have faded from the scene, following Costello’s fall. Date of death uncertain, possibly 1967 in NYC or 1972 in Los Angeles. 


Source for this little known member is a 1988 Government list of LCN members. This despite his apparent death in 1980.The only known facts on him, are that he was born and lived in Brooklyn. 

LIGUORI-RALPH   1910  Rome, Italy  /   USA   ?

Alias – The Pimp 

Associates – D.Petillo, G.Pennocchio, J.Frederico.

Record from 1930 Grand Larceny, 1931 Robbery, 1932 Burglary, 1934 Attempted Extortion. Possibly only an associate.
Probably an illegal immigrant, as no record of his entry.  Known as the “Pimp”, he became the strong-arm man for Petillo’s Vice ring in the 1930’s. Arrested and convicted in 1936, he was sentenced to 71/2 years. While in prison he was also convicted of Narcotics dealing. On his release, he was deported to Italy. 
Lived in Rome, being a partner in a bar. Seems to have returned to America by time of his death in 1968.  


Alias – Cheech

Relations – J.Ormento + DioGuardi brothers [Lucchese], A.Meli + W.Tocco [Detroit] – all by childrens marriages.

Associates – C.Terranova, M.Coppola, C.Albero, J.Valachi.

Born in Chicago in 1903, by the 1910 Census the Family had moved to NYC.  By the 1920’s Livorsi was living on 116th Street, the home territory of the Morello / Terranova gang.  His first known arrest was for Felonious Assault in 1927, by which time he was a bodyguard / driver for Ciro Terranova.  Arrests for Homicide followed in 1929 + 1934.  In 1930 he shared an apartment with Joe Valachi, who would be on the opposite side in the upcoming “Castellammarese War”.  Valachi moved out and refused an order to set-up Livorsi from his new associates.  Livorsi was an active participant in the conflict, and a suspect in Masseria’s killing in 1931.  When the conflict ended, he moved his family to Long Island. He served under Capo Mike Coppola and became a partner in the numbers racket with Joe Rao. He also bought into food + drink companies.  In the 1940’s he spent some time in prison for Narcotics dealing.  Livorsi used his daughters to form marriage alliances with the Lucchese Family [DioGuardi + Ormento] and Detroit [Meli + Tocco].  He had reached Capo status by 1955, when he was convicted of Tax Evasion, and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.  By the time he was released the Neapolitan faction was in control of the Family, and Livorsi was sidelined.  He died in Florida in 1967.     


Alias – Ben Turpin / Cock-eyed Phil

Associates – M.Coppola, C.Albero, P.Genese. J.Ormento, S.Santora, J.Vento [Lucchese].

Record from 1928 Attempted Extortion, Armed Robbery, Auto theft, Consorting and two convictions for Narcotics.
 Born in NYC and started as a driver / bodyguard for Mike Coppola in East Harlem. Convicted of Narcotics smuggling in 1942, as part of a large conspiracy. By the 1950’s considered a coming power in the Family. With Coppola spending more of his time in Florida, Lombardo stepped-up as Acting Capo. With Coppola’s death [1966] his position was confirmed. Now living in the Bronx, but later moved to Englewood, New Jersey.
In 1972, after the murder of Thomas Eboli, Lombardo became the unofficial Boss. He used Frank Tieri as a “front Boss”, to deflect police interest. Continued to run the Family until his death in 1980.    


Associates – J.Doto, A.Guarini, W.Moretti. 

Source’s are several books [Secret Rulers, ect.] and Official Reports [Waterfront Investigations]. Born and lived in New Jersey, but frequented Brooklyn. A close associate of Doto [Adonis] and a partner in many of his rackets. Served a long sentence for Robbery.
 After Doto moved to New Jersey, in the 1940’s, Longano helped run several casino’s there. Also frequented Duke’s, the Family HQ in Cliffside Park. Jailed in 1951 for Gambling, served 2 years. With Costello’s fall, and Doto’s exile to Italy, Longano lost influence and retired into the background. Died in 1971. 

LUCIANO-SALVATORE   1897  Lercara Friddi, Sicily  /  USA  1906

Alias – Charlie Lucky / Lucania [Real Name]

Associates – V.Genovese, G.Doto, F.Costello, M.Lascari, J.Catania.

Although born in Sicily, Luciano grew-up on the LES and was a very Americanized criminal.  He built up an extensive criminal record of 25 arrests from 1916 till 1936, including Assault, Robbery, Concealed Weapon, Gambling Narcotics, Grand Larceny and Compulsory Prostitution.  His street name Lucky fitted him perfectly, as his timing and choice of associates were just that.  He only became involved in the “Castellammarese War” at its very end, betraying his CapoMasseria and then taking-out Maranzano.  Many of the stories about him are myths, there is no evidence he belonged to the Five Points gang, he was not waiting for the police at Masseria’s death scene, he did not invent either the Commission or the Consigliere position, and he was not the founder of Cosa Nostra.  At the same time, some blatant truths have been ignored.  He ordered murders, and dealt in Narcotics and Prostitution.  His main skill was recognising others talent, financial genius in Rothstein + Lansky, political contacts in Costello, ruthlessness in Genovese, Siegel and Moretti.  He inherited a fully functioning Family, combining Sicilian, Neapolitan and Calabrian elements.  This was unique among the NYC Families, and was Masseria’s achievement.  Luciano’s reign was very short, 1931-36, and he was dependent on Costello and Lansky to spring him from prison.  Lucky by name, lucky by nature.

MAIORANA-GAETANO    1898   Milazzo, Sicily  /   USA   1902.

Alias : -Toddo Marino.

Relations : - Peter Marino [Nephew].

Associates : - F.Galluccio, A.Marzano, F.Tieri. E.Fontana + G.Profaci [Colombo].

There was some confusion as to which Family this member belonged.  Valachi placed him in the Profaci/Colombo Family, but later sources name him as a Brooklyn based Genovese member.  From Milazzo, Messina Province, in Eastern Sicily, he came to the US as a child in 1902. The family settled in Brooklyn, where he started his criminal career, as a juvenile, in 1913. There followed arrests for Petty Larceny [1916], Burglary [1917- jail], Narcotics [1918 – jail], Assault + Robbery [1919], and Gun [1923].  By this point he had become a power on the Brooklyn docks, and was associating with notorious criminals. At some time in the mid-1920’s to early-1930’s he was inducted.  As his next arrest was not until 1938, for Narcotics, he was obviously enjoying some protection. Still living in Brooklyn, he owned a Bar/Restaurant.  By the 1950’s he may have risen to the rank of Capo, when the Government tried to deport him in 1953. After an arrest for Contempt in 1971, he retired to Florida. Active in building construction. Died at 100 years-old in 1998.

MARCHIONE-PAUL   1892     ?      /   USA   1913

Associates – C.Terranova, M.Coppola, J.Catania, J.Savino, J.Catania.

Record from 1914 Assault, 1924 Homicide. Source is 1963 Valchi chart and numerous articles and books. 
A follower of  Ciro Terranova and close associate of the Catania and Savino brothers. Involved in the 1929 Vitale Dinner Scandal, after Terranova retired Mike Coppola became his Capo. Later he and John Savino served under James Angelina.
No other information available. Died in 1965.

MARINO-PETER   1907   ?

Alias : - Blind Pete /  Maiorana [real name].

Relations : - G.Maiorana [Uncle].

Little known of early life, but originally lived in Brooklyn. Nephew of “Toddo Marino”, who probably sponsored him for membership. Only known arrest was for Narcotics in 1940. Moved to New Jersey, where he served under Capo Angelo DiCarlo. Also known to associate with Carmine Battaglia. In 1959 attended the funeral of Joseph Barbara, as the Family representative. Died in 1969.

MARTINO-GAETANO    1900  Palermo, Sicily  /   USA  1916

Alias – Tom Long  / Mimi

Relations – Vincent [?].

Associates – V.Genovese, S.Luciano, G.Maiorana.

Various sources including Valachi charts and 1950 FBN Report.
Record from 1928  including Robbery, Traffic violations and Cigarette smuggling in Italy.
 Lived in Brooklyn and Naturalised in 1928. Frequented the Lower East Side of NYC.
At some point served in the US Coast Guard. In 1946 believed to have visited Luciano in Italy, probably delivering Luciano’s share of rackets profits.
Not much known of his later years, he died in 1978.

MARZANO-ALFONSO   1890   Naples, Italy  /  USA  1919.

Alias – Don Alphonse

Associates – M.Miranda, F.Russo, J.Profaci [Colombo], S.Canepa [Gambino].

Record from 1929 Burglary, Robbery, Gun, Counterfieting and Narcotics.
Sources  include 1950 FBN Report and 1975 Deceased members list.
Lived at various addresses on the Lower East Side during the 1920-30’s. Operated a Soft Drinks company there. Naturalised in New Jersey in 1929. Visited Italy twice in the 1930’s. Believed to be associated with Frank Russo in Dock rackets.
Long retired by the time of his death in Florida in 1972.

MAZZIOTTA-GIOVANNI   1890   ?     /  USA  1910

Alias – John / Chappy

Little known member, source is the 1975 list of Deceased members. If these are the right dates, he came to America in 1910, going to a brother-in-law in Brooklyn.
By his 1924 Naturalisation, he was living on East 76th Street in Manhattan. Known to have visited Italy in 1927. The only other fact known was that he died in 1965.

MILO-THOMAS Senior   1903   USA

Relations – Louis, Sabato [Brothers], Thomas Junior [Son].

Associates – R.Pellegrino, V.Alo, N.Ratenni, N.DiCostanzo.

Sources for this member are both the 1963 Valachi chart and the Deceased by 1975 list. Lived in the Bronx, and with younger brothers Louis and Sabato, was a member of Rocco Pellegrino’s Westchester faction. Some years older than his brothers, he was an original member of Cosa Nostra. Arrested in 1940 for operating a Still. His brothers joined in the 1950’s, and his son Thomas Junior later.  By this time Thomas Senior was dead [1959].

MIONE-PETER   1897  Castellamare, Sicily  /  USA  1912.

Alias – Petey Muggins  / Leone [RN].

Relations – N.Evola [?] Bonanno.

Associates – J.Valachi, S.Casertano, J.DeBellis, A.Strollo, M.Barrese.

Believed came to USA in 1912, became a citizen in 1919, at which time he was living on East 11th Street in Manhattan. Visited Italy in 1920.
Main source is Valachi, who mentions him in his testimony, as well as listing him on the 1963 Family chart. Valachi actually recruited him to the then Gagliano Family, during the Castellamarese War. Along with Casertano and DeBellis, he survived a murder attempt at the end of the conflict.
Followed Valachi into the Genovese Family in 1931, and known to have committed a double murder for Vito Genovese in 1933. A member of Anthony Strollo’s regime, his date of death is unknown, but was deceased by 1963.
There is some doubt that a man born in Castellamare and related to Natale Evola is the same man described by Valachi.

MIRANDA-MICHELE   1896 Naples, Italy /  USA  1912.

Alias – Mr. Big

Relations – Antonio [Springfield] + Donato [Boston] Brothers,Bonaventure [Nephew]

Associates – V.Genovese, A.Carillo, G.DelDuca, D.Petillo, A.Strollo.

Born in San Giuseppe Vesuviano, a village near Naples in 1896, Miranda may have been a Camorra member in his early years.  He had a brother who was a power in Springfield, which is probably the reason this area came under the Families control.  Miranda’s first arrest was as a pick-pocket in 1915, but he soon progressed to more serious crimes.  He was arrested in Boston, Springfield, Buffalo and Pittsburgh over the next decade.  He was an early associate of Vito Genovese, and ran an Import company on Broome Street, which was bombed in 1933.  Naturalized in 1932, he moved to Forest Hills on Long Island.  He was deeply involved in the 1934 Bocchia murder, and, like Genovese, fled to Italy in the late 1930’s to avoid arrest.  Returning to NYC, he and Strollo controlled the Family Neapolitan faction in Genovese’s absence.  His closest associate was Antonio Carillo, his bodyguard/driver.  With Genovese’s return, and the end of the Bocchia case, he became the Family Consiglieri in the 1950’s.  His business interests included a Pinball company, Restaurant and Garment industry companies.  Attended the 1957 Apalachin meeting, and with Genovese’s imprisonment, was a part of the Families ruling group.  The 1966 LaStella meeting, which he attended, took place near Miranda’s home.  Miranda retired around 1972, and died a year later in Florida.


Alias -  Willie Moore / Quarico

Relations – Salvatore [Brother], P.LaPlaca [in-law].

Associates – F.Costello, A.Sabio, J.Bongiorno, A.Anastasia [Gambino].

Born in NYC with parents from Calabria, he grew-up on East 108th Street in Harlem.  He was soon involved in the local criminal scene, his first arrest was for Burglary in 1913 and landed him in prison.  Moretti travelled a lot over the following years, living in Philadelphia, Buffalo and finally New Jersey.  He still had enough influence in Harlem to mediate a dispute between the Terranova faction and an Irish gang [1923-4].  By the late 1920’s he led a Masseria faction in Patterson New Jersey.  Valachi tells us he was targeted during the “Castellammarese War”, although no attempt was made on him. He was arrested for murder in 1931, but acquitted in 1933.  With the end of Prohibition, he moved into gambling and violently took-over several casino’s.  Any violence needed was supplied by his brother Salvatore, Sabio + Bongiorno.  Along with Costello and Adonis [Doto], he ran the Family from Dukes restaurant in New Jersey during the 1940’s.  Moretti was underboss and ran the Families New Jersey rackets.  With Genovese’s return a power struggle broke-out, and Moretti sided with Costello.  He appeared before the Kefauver committee, but spoke too freely, and was suffering from syphilis.  Genovese started a campaign to eliminate Moretti, to get at Costello.  Despite Costello’s support, Moretti was killed in a restaurant in 1951.    

MORETTI-SALVATORE  1903  USA [Parents Calabrian].

Alias – Solly Moore / Doc.

Relations – Guarino [Brother], P.LaPlaca [in-laws].

Associates – A.Sabio, J.Bongiorno, G.DeNoia.

 Sources are numerous books [Secret Rulers, ect.] and articles.
Younger brother of Willie, born in East Harlem, Manhattan of Calabrian parents. Always in his brothers shadow, he combined the job of bodyguard and confidant to Willie. Moved to New Jersey and shared in all his brothers racket activeties.       
Always present at Duke’s , the Family HQ, run by John DeNoia and a meeting place for the Family hierarchy. In prison when Willie was murdered in 1951, he died of natural causes there in 1952. Some suspect the causes were not so natural.

MUSCARELLA-RAYMOND    1908    ?    

Relations – Ernest [?]

Our source, for this little known member, is the 1975 List of Deceased Members.
Apart from this, and the fact he lived in the Bronx, we know very little else. Believed to have managed singer Tony Bennett. May have been related to Ernest, a member in the 1970-80’s. His probable date of death is 1972.


Alias – Patsy Murray / Mormando [RN].

Associates – S.Luciano, V.Genovese, J.Biondo [Gambino].

Sources for him are several books and a 1958 Labour Racketeering Report.
Born NYC and lived in Brooklyn. His first known arrest was as part of Joseph Biondo’s Taxi Cab Racket in 1935. About this time he was reported to be acting as a bodyguard / driver to Family Boss Luciano. Our only other information on him is a 1948 arrest for Conspiracy. Believed to have died in 1976.

NOTO-PHILIP   1903     ?

Another mysterious figure, with hardly anything known besides the basics. May have been a Doctor. Our source is a Family membership list published in 1988. It gives his DOB as 1903, which tallies with a SSDI entry for a New Jersey man who died in 1984.

PAGANO-JOHN         1906 ?

Mentioned in Anthony Carfano’s FBI file, as a close associate and underling. Known as a member of the old Frankie Yale gang of South Brooklyn. Because his name is so common, unable to trace any more information on him. Possibly an associate or member of another Family.


Alias – Shorty

Associates – J + H.Lanza, L.Guma.

Lived in Queens and was one of Joseph Lanza’s men, helping to extort the Fulton Fish Market. Source is the book Gang Rule in NewYork. Arrested with Joseph and Harry Lanza, and Louis Guma in 1933 for Conspiracy to Extort. Possibly only an Associate, may have died in 1967.

PANDOLFO-ALEXANDER   1892  Bagnoli, Italy /  USA  1924.

Alias – Sandino / Alessandro [RN].

Associates – A.Strollo, P.DeFeo.

Various sources for this member include 1934 Bocchia murder report, 1958 Labour Racketeering report and the book Secret Rulers. Valachi mentions him as a close advisor to Anthony Strollo, who represented members in inter-Family disputes.
Lived in Manhattan and owned a Restaurant on Thompson Street, on the Lower East Side. Named as Un-indicted participant in the Bocchia murder in 1934. Date of Death 1956.

PANNETTI-MICHELE   18?      ?      /   USA   190?

Alias – Big Mike Panetti.

Listed as a deceased member in the 1963 Valachi chart’s. There is very little known for certain, but plenty of possibilities. Various birth dates from 1880 to 1893, arrival in America 1901 or 1903 and address in New Jersey, Springfield, Auburn or Albany, NY. Take your pick.

PATERRA-JOSEPH   1883 ?  Chieti, Italy  /   USA  1903

Alias – Joe Swede / Sweets

Associates – M.Coppola, E.Coco [Lucchesee].

From the usually non-Mafia area of Chieti, this member lived in Trenton, New Jersey.
Listed in the 1963 Valachi chart’s under Capo Mike Coppola. Naturalized in 1917, he made several trips back to Italy. Valachi mentions him as one of the members who, in 1931, attempted to kill his close associates DeBellis, Mione and Casertano. No known death date.

PELLEGRINO-ROCCO  1889  Calabria  /  USA  1905.

Alias – The Old Man

Relations – Carmine + Peter [Sons], R + J.Mogavero[in-laws]

Associates – M.Clemente, N.Ratenni, G.Biello, G.Ormento [Lucchese].

Pellegrino entered America in 1905, heading to a brother living in Brooklyn.  Soon settled in White Plains, Westchester and opened a Bakery.  Joined a Calabrian Society, specializing in Black Hand extortion, and became one of its leaders.  Arrested for murder in 1912, when the Society was exposed and its leaders arrested.  He served a prison sentence for Assault in 1919-20 [1920 Census].  Involved in Bootlegging, for which he had an arrest in 1922. He  seems to have visited Italy in both1927 + 1932.  It is not known when he joined the Family, possibly as late as the 1930’s.  He brought his associates with him, and became the Capo for Westchester County.  Pellegrino was arrested in 1938 for involvement in a large scale Narcotics ring which reached to Texas.  His sons Carmine + Peter became members, and had strong ties to the Texas Family.  Pellegrino seems to have retired at some point in the late 1950’s-early 1960’s, with Nick Ratenni succeeding him as Capo.  He lived on in retirement until his death in 1975.

PENNACHIO-GAETANO   1876  Avellino, Italy /   USA  1893.

Alias – Tommy the Bull

Associates – S.Luciano, J.Masseria, D.Petillo, J.Frederico.

An early arrival in NYC, mentioned in many books and closely involved in the Prostitution racket. Originally lived on Mulberry street, and had a 1909 arrest for Petty Larceny. Spent some time in prison, 1915-16 for Burglary, 1920-21 for Narcotics.  Moved to East 27 th Street in Manhattan. Became a power on the Lower East Side, operating a curb market for the sale or exchange of bootleg alcohol. The scene of much violence, it was finally closed by the Police by the mid-1920’s. Associated with various local gangsters like Masseria and Luciano. Naturalization denied in 1923.
After the closure of the curb exchange, involved with Davie Petillo and Jimmy Frederico, in the Family take-over of many brothels. Arrested and convicted of Compulsory Prostitution in 1936 and sentenced to 25 years. Died  in 1945, some time after his release.

PERO-ANGELO   1905 ?   USA 

Associates – D.Scialo [Colombo].

The source is the Dead by 1975 list. The most likely date of birth is 1905 in NYC.
Believed to live in Brooklyn and had 4 convictions, including Armed Robbery. Wanted, with Dominic Scialo the future Colombo member, for a double murder in 1958, he went on the “lam”. It is not known if he was caught before his death in 1971.

PERILLO-ARMANDO   1902  Carrara, Italy  /   USA  1915

Alias – Pete Herman

Associates – A.Strollo, I.Stoppelli, J.Cataldo, V.Mauro.

From a non-Mafioso area of Italy, and nicknamed after a famous boxer, Perillo is named in both the Valachi charts and FBN records. He served under Capo Anthony Strollo, along with close associates Stoppelli and Cataldo. His criminal record starts in 1918 with a Burglary charge and continues until 1948 when he was convicted of narcotics offences, and sentenced to 8 years. Upon his release, it was discovered he was an illegal alien and he was deported to Italy [1953]. No known date of death.


Alias – Little Davey Betillo

Associates – M.Miranda, G.Pennachio, C.Gagliadotto, A.Appierto, T.Contaldo.

Born in NYC to parents from Salerno Province, the family lived on Mott Street in the Little Italy area of Manhattan.  Already a juvenile delinquent by age 11 [1919], he soon compiled a record for Grand Larceny, Vagrancy, Robbery and Narcotics.  He was also rumoured to partner with Gagliodotto as freelance killers.  As they were both small and slightly built, they sometimes dressed as females to get close to victims.  Associated with the Neapolitan faction of the Family, he was close to Miranda, Appierto and Pennachio.  May have spent some time in Chicago, working for Capone, in the late 1920’s.  With Pennachio, he led the take-over of the independent Brothels in NYC, which led to a long prison sentance in 1936 [25-40 years].  Luciano was also imprisoned, and during their jail time Petillo was rumoured to have attacked him.  Petillo was paroled in 1955, but sent back for Parole Violation [1958-67].  On release he became active in bars and clubs on the LES.  He was a suspect in the 1968 murder of Gagliodotto, and was involved in Narcotics dealing.  Suspected of another murder in 1981, he fled to Spain where he died in 1982.


Alias – Jimmy Rush / Vincenzo Pucciarello [RN ?].

Associates – G.Bernava, A.Strollo, G.Nobile, V.Alo, V.Mauro.

This member lived in Brooklyn, but frequented the Chinatown and Little Italy area’s of Manhattan. Named in both the FBN files and the Valachi charts, his Capo was Vincent Alo. Among his closest associates were Joe Bernava and George Nobile, and later Vincent Mauro. His record dates to 1926, Car Theft, being questioned in a triple murder [1930’s] and, during WW2, counterfeit gas stamps. He was also arrested several times in connection to Narcotics. Still listed in a 1983 Family chart, despite having died in 1976.


Associates – V.Genovese, J.DeNegris.

Along with Vito Genovese and Joseph DeNegris arrested for Counterfeiting in 1930. Genovese escaped prison, but the others were jailed. After release, became involved in Narcotics dealing and moved operations to California.

POLIDORI-DONATO   1884    ?     /   USA  1902

Alias – Daniel

Another of those infuriatingly mysterious members of whom so little is known. Our only source is the Dead by 1975 list. He came to America in 1902, to a brother living in Pennsylvania.  The only other information we know is that he died in 1967.

POLLACCIA-SAVERIO   1887    Cefalu, Sicily /  USA  1904

Alias – Sam Pollaci

Associates – F.Ieole [Yale], J.Masseria, S.D’Aquila

Born in Cefalu Diana Palermo Province, he arrived in 1904, heading to a brother living on 2nd Avenue, Manhattan.  There is some evidence he was in NYC before this, from 1900 to 1903, so he may have been returning from a trip to Italy in 1904.  He settled in Brooklyn, where he became a dealer in Olive Oil.  He was Naturalized in 1918, by which time he was associating with Frankie Yale [Ioele].  In 1920 he accompanied Yale to Chicago, where Yale was suspected of killing Colosimo.  In 1921 he was in the company of Angelo Lagatutta, when an attempt was made on them by the”Good Killers” gang.  Pollaccia made another trip to Italy in 1922, possibly as one of the members banished by D’Aquila.  Previously D’Aquila had stood as a godparent to Pollaccia’s daughter.  Chicago was where he and Yale were arrested in 1924, for the murder of O’Bannion.  His name was found in the address book of Orazio Tropea, a notorious gunman, after Tropea’s murder in Chicago [1926].  During the mid-1920’s he moved his allegiance to Joseph Masseria, becming a trusted advisor.  Masseria was killed in 1931, about the time police raided Pollaccia’s home in Brooklyn, where they found guns and lottery records.  Without the protection of Masseria or Yale [killed in 1928], he became isolated.  Genovese had a grudge against him, and with the help of Paul Ricca, lured him to Chicago and made him disappear [1932-3].
Source  : - Article by Thomas Hunt in July 2008 issue of the Informer on-line Magazine.


We are not even sure of the exact name of this member, he is named as Prado in the 1963 Valachi charts. But in 1937, a Luigi Prato was arrested for extortion in connection with the Artichoke racket, a long time Family monopoly. However it is more likely he was the Louis Prado born in NYC in 1909, and recorded on the 1910 Census. There is no record of his death.

PULVINO-JULIUS   1904   S.Stefano, Sicily /  USA  1909.

Alias – Patsy Palvino / Red

Associates – M.Miranda, P.DeFeo, J.Bruno, P.Noto.

Possibly an associate, mentioned in the book East Side / West Side and in a report on the 1934 Bocchia murder. Came to America in 1909 and went to an Uncle in Pennsylvania.May have been a friend of Phillip Noto, as they were from the same town and close in age.
 Never prosecuted for his part in planning the Bocchia killing, a year later he was one of the gunmen in the murder of Joey Amberg and his driver. His accomplice in this was Phil Mangano, brother of Gambino Family head Vincent. However Pulvino barely survived his victims, being killed in 1936.


Alias – Joe Canagro

Relations – Vincent.C. [Brother], J.Stracci [Bro-in-Law]

Associates – M.Coppola, C.Terranova, F.Amato, F.Livorsi, C.Albero.

A veteran member born in NYC and lived on 116th Street, in the Morello gangs territory. Father from Corleone, possibly related to Vincent and Calogero Rao of the Lucchese Family. Lengthy criminal record started in 1920 with Robbery and Burglary arrest’s.
By the mid-1920’s came under the influence of Ciro Terranova, and became “mobbed-up”. A very active member of the Masseria faction, he survived three separate attempts on his life during the Castelammarese War. Wounded by Joseph Valachi in one attempt, he then survived another, by the Coll Gang, which claimed the life of his close associate Frank Amato. Finally he escaped an attack, again by the Coll Gang, on his East Harlem Social Club in which a child was killed.
With the end of the conflict he found himself under a new Capo, Mike Coppola.
Spent some time in prison, during the 1930’s, after being convicted of Felonious Assault. Arrested  in the 1946 Scottoriggio murder inquiry, along with Coppola.
Became Coppola’s most important associate, running activities on 116th Street.
Owned a parking lot on East 107th Street and, although only a soldier, became a wealthy and highly influential member. Died of natural causes in 1962.


Relations – Joseph [Brother]

A brother of the infamous Joe Rao, he was only listed as a member in Government charts in 1988-89. By that point he was long retired, concentrating on running his restaurant [Rao’s]. This was situated on 114th Street in Harlem, the same street on which he lived. Date of death not known.


Alias – Cock-eyed Nick

Associates – R.Pellegrino, J.Angelina, J.Biello.

Record from 1926 Burglary, 1927 Robbery – Jail 71/2-15 years [served 3 years], 1953 Tax Evasion, 1972 Bribery – Jail 3 years.
Lived in Westchester, NY and was a follower of Rocco Pellegrino. Served some time in prison with John Biello, after a Robbery conviction. With the induction of his group into the Family, Ratenni served under Pellegrino who was a Capo. This regime controlled the upper Bronx, Westchester, Yonkers area for many years. After serving under Pellegrino, Angelina and Alo he eventually became a Capo himself. But a conviction for Bribery, in 1972, cost him more jail time. Died in 1982.

REGA-PELLEGRINO   1892  Serino, Italy  /  USA  1912

Alias – William / Sy.

Associates – A.DeCarlo, G.Catena, G.Moretti, R.Boiardo.

A long time partner of Angelo DeCarlo, active in  Newark, New Jersey. Originally lived in Brooklyn, but by the 1920’s domiciled in N.J. We know of his induction  through the wire-tap in Sam DeCavalcante’s office. On a taped conversation, in the 1960’s, DeCarlo claims he and Rega were “made” in 1947. Long retired by his death in 1986.

RENO-ANTONIO  1887  Luca Sicula, Sicily / USA  1905

Alias – Tony Groan / Anthony Renni

Associates – G.Doto,G.Moretti, A.Guarini, A.Longano.

Sources for Reno are a FBN report and a mention in the book The Mob. A resident of Newark, New Jersey he is listed on the 1920 Census as a prisoner.
By the late 1920’s he was a member of Willie Moretti’s faction, involved in gambling activities in Bergen County. With the Family moving their HQ to Dukes in Cliffside Park, Reno became a regular there. The Doto-Moretti gambling ring was finally destroyed in 1950, with Reno among others, going to prison. Upon release, with Moretti dead and Doto fighting extradition, he found himself sidelined and lived quietly until his death in 1963.

RICCI-GAETANO  1893  Foggia, Italy. /  USA  1899.

Alias – Tony Goebbels

Relations – Lawrence [?], Paul [?] Colombo.

Associates – G.Doto, V.Genovese, G.Maiorano + H.Fontana [Colombo], J.Roselli [Chicago].

An unusual Mafioso, in that he came from the non-Mafia province of Foggia, he arrived as a child in 1899. Settled in Brooklyn, which would be his home for most of  his life. Record from 1915 Assault, and other entries for Gun, Grand Larceny and Abandonment. Naturalized in 1941.
 Not known by who and when he was introduced into the Mafia, as he had contacts with both the Genovese and Colombo Families. Listed in the 1963 Valachi charts as a retired Genovese Capo, he had become a travelling courier, delivering orders, messages and news around the country .Despite owning apartment buildings and having business interest’s in Brooklyn, he spent most of his later years in Florida.
Died 1981.

RUSSO-CARMINE   1896  Naples, Italy  /   USA  ?

Relations – Frank [Brother], J + N.Lanza [Cousins], C.Romano [Nephew].

An early Neapolitan associate and neighbour of Vito Genovese, when both lived in Ozone  Park, Queens. Involved in mysterious car crash death in 1924, when Frank Russo fraudulently  identified his brother Carmine as the deceased. Also known to have visited a condemned Camorrist in prison in 1926.
Supposedly a relative of the Lanza brothers, and associated with them in extorting the Fulton Fish Market. Believed to have succeeded them as Family Capo there, possibly after Joe Lanza’s death in 1968. In turn relinquished control to his Nephew Carmine Romano, before his own death in 1974.

RUSSO-FRANK   1904    ?

Alias – Edward Taliento

Relations :- Carmine [Brother], J + N.Lanza [Cousins], C.Romano [Nephew].

Associates – G.Anastasio [Gambino].

Lived in Ozone Park, Queens during the 1920’s at the same address as his brother Carmine. Involved with Neapolitan faction, including Vito Genovese and Frank Amato, the future Pittsburgh Boss. With Carmine and Genovese involved in shoot-out, and the following day, a car crash death in 1924.
This member was a waterfront racketeer and ILA Union official on the Brooklyn docks, convicted of Perjury in 1953. Date of death unknown.


Alias – Chicago Fat

Associates – W + S.Moretti, J.Bongiorno.

Born and raised in Patterson New Jersey, according to a WWI Registration card. Sources for him include the 1950 FBN Report, a 1950’s Waterfront Rackets report and the book The Secret Rulers.
An early associate of Joe Bongiorno [Kid Steech], later joined by the Moretti brothers, from NYC. Soon became involved in large scale boot-legging, and was a suspect in the murders of rival brewery owners. With Willie Moretti and Bongiorno tried for murder in 1931, later aquitted [1933]. After the repeal of Prohibition, moved into gambling activities. Owned a Slot Machine Company in Passaic NewJersey.
Fled to Italy in 1948, to avoid prosecution for Tax Evasion. Believed to have died there in 1949.


Alias – Blackie

Associates – G.Masseria, J.Rao, S.Armone -Gambino [NYC], M.Coppola, P.Erra,Angersola brothers [Florida].

An early member with a criminal record going back to 1916, including Robbery, Felonious Assault and Narcotics dealing. Arrested, with brother Frank, in the 1920’s for Counterfeiting, believed to be associated with Joe Masseria. Later involved in Narcotics dealing with Stefano Armone of the Gambino Family. Important enough to be listed in Luciano’s phone book.
 At some point moved to Florida, where he became a partner in a Restaurant in Miami Beach. Also involved in fixing horse racing and boxing matches. Associated with many retired Mafiosi in Miami. Died 1986.


Alias – Charley Four Cents

Relations – Ferdinando [Son], C.Albero [Bro-in-Law].

Associates – J.Marone, M.Coppola, P.Erra, J.Ormento + S.Santoro [Lucchese], L.Buchalter.

Born in NYC, and originally lived in East Harlem. Later moved to the Bronx, and finally to Englewood, New Jersey. Associated with local E.Harlem members, like his relative Charles Albero and Mike Coppola. Not mentioned during Castellamarese conflict, but a member under Capo Coppola from the 1930’s. Record from 1924, including Assault + Robbery, Robbery, Disorderly Conduct and Narcotics.
Frequented 107th Street area of Harlem, where he owned a Bar. Associated with Louis Buchalter [Lepke] in Union rackets. Known to be active in Narcotics  with Lucchese members Ormento and Santoro.
Named in 1963 Valachi chart, and still listed in 1980’s Government charts. Date of death unknown.

SALERNO-ANTHONY   1906      ?

Alias – Blackie

This member is named in the 1963 Valachi charts, but little is known about him. Not to be confused with the more famous “Fat Tony”, and with such a common name, he is hard to trace. Known to live in Manhattan, he died in 1983 [although these dates are unconfirmed].


Alias – Bart

Associates – V.Alo, M.Barra, T.Milo, J.Valachi, F.Scalici [Gambino].

Born in NYC, and operated in the Bronx – Yonkers area. May have started under Rocco Pelligrno and, after his retirement, Vincent Alo. Record starts in 1927 with Attempted Rape, Felonious Assault, Armed Robbery, Kidnapping and Suspicion.
Believed kidnapped and held for ransom by Jewish gang in the 1930’s. Several murders of kidnappers followed his release. Known to have visited deported Under-Boss Joe Doto [Adonis] in Italy.
Lived in Pelham, NY and had interest in Lighting and Plastering companies. Died 1972.


Alias – Big Yok

Associates – Accardi brothers, A.Lombardino, Moretti brothers, Campisi brothers.

Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. Sources are mainly from FBN documents, in 1950 and later the book. Probably originally a member of the Newark Family, who moved to the Genovese Family after the disbanding of Newark.
Record dates from 1924 with arrest’s for Highway Robbery and Assault + Battery. Known to associate with Willie Moretti, Sam Accardi and “Longie” Zwillman.
Owned several Paper Industry companies in Newark. Retired and moved to Long Branch, NJ. No date of death known.

SANTAGATA-ANIELLO   1888 Caserta, Italy / USA    .?

Alias – O’Maddalonese

Relations – A.Barrasso [Bro-in-Law]

Associates – Accardi brothers, Campisi brothers, A.Buia.

Born in Maddaloni, Caserta, hence his alias. Not known when he arrived in America, but in 1920 he returned, via Argentina. He was heading to a brother living on Mulberry Street on the Lower East Side. Soon moved onto Newark, New Jersey, and found work as a Barber. Naturalized in 1928 in Newark. His criminal record starts in NYC in 1909 with crimes including Pickpocketing, Larceny, Kidnapping, Bastardy, Fornication, Assault + Battery, Disorderly Conduct, Gambling, Bootlegging, and Narcotics. As can be seen he was a very active and versatile criminal. After his release from a 10 year Narcotics sentence [1955] he retired and moved to Kearney, NJ.
Died in 1968.

SANTINO-ALFONSO   1889   Siculiana, Sicily /   USA  1905

Associates – N.Gentile, A.Carfano, V.Generoso, S.Cordaro.

From the same town as Nicolo Gentile, who is our source for his membership. Arrived in 1905 going to a Cousin in Albany, NY. Settled in Brooklyn, confirmed by WW1 Registration and 1930 Census. Associated with Sylvestro Cordaro, another Mafioso from Siculiana. A known associate of Anthony Carfano and, according to a statement in the book East Side / West Side, involved with him and Vincenzo Generoso in extortion.
No details of his criminal record or activities during the 1930-50’s, but retired by his death in 1968 in Queens.

SANTUCCIO-GIROLAMO   1901  Floridia, Sicily /   USA  1908

Alias – Bobby Doyle

Associates – D.Petrelli, J.Valachi,

Came to the USA, with his brother Giuseppe, from Floridia, a village in Siracusa Province Sicily.  The family lived on the LES, on Elizabeth Street, but moved to Hartford Connecticut in 1919.  Santuccio started a criminal record in 1916 with an arrest for Felonious Assault.  He lost his brother Giuseppe in 1921, killed by Louis LaMole.  This was the start of a long vendetta, with both Santuccio and LaMole wounded in 1924, Santuccio stabbed  in 1929, and LaMole finally killed in 1932.  He spent 2 years in prison [1926-28] for gun possession.  By the late 1920’s he was a member of the Reina Family, and with Petrelli, sponsored Joe Valachi for membership.  He was very active in the “Castellammarese War”, being a suspect in the murder of Joe Pinzolo in 1930.  Valachi tells us Santuccio was found by police bending over the body of Maranzano in 1931.  At the end of the conflict he, and Valachi, transferred to the Luciano Family.  He attended a meeting in Chicago in 1932, at which the Commission was founded.  Santuccio and Valachi became partners in slot machine and gambling rackets in the Bronx, where they both lived.  He moved back to Hartford in 1952, becoming the Family Capo in Connecticut.  Santuccio continued to collect arrests during the 1960-70’s, including Contempt [1960], Bribery [1965], and Perjury [1976].  He was retired by the time of his death in 1983. 

SAVINO-GIROLAMO   1901  Bari, Italy /   USA   1903

Alias – James

Relations – John [Brother], Salvatore [?].

Associates – Catania brothers, C.Terranova, D.Iamascia, P.Marchione.

The brother of John, and like him a follower of Ciro Terranova. Several arrest’s in the 1920.s, including two for Felonious Assault. Naturalized in 1922, and lived in the Bronx. Involved in the Vitale scandal, with the Catania’s, Marchione, ect., though never charged. Served under Mike Coppola, after Terranova retired.
 Never publicly named as a member, possibly just an associate. Source for him is the book Gang Rule in New York. Died in 1980.

SAVINO-JOHN   1898     Bari,Italy /  USA  1912

Alias – Zackie

Relations – James [Brother], Salvatore [?],

Associates – M.Coppola, C.Terranova, F.Livorsi, Catania brothers, P.Marchione, D.Iamascia.

Born in Bari, and followed Father to the USA in 1912. The family lived in the Bronx, and he soon came under the influence of local “big-shot” Ciro Terranova. His record started in 1920 and he had several Burglary and Robbery arrest’s during the 1920’s.
Came to public notice at the time of the Vitale Banquet hold-up, for which he was arrested. Served under Mike Coppola, after Terranova’s forced retirement.
An important member of the Bronx faction, along with James Catania, Marchione and Livorsi. By the time of the 1963 Valachi charts, he was serving under James Angelina.
Died in 1977.


Relations – John + James [?].

The source for him is the Dead by 1975 list. Possibly a relation of John and James, but can find no connection. Possibly died in 1972, but dates are unconfirmed.

SCALISE-GEORGE   1896   Calabria /   USA  1898

Alias – Poker Face

Associates – F.Ioele [Yale], A.Carfano, D.Cilenti.

Started as a White Slaver, for which he was jailed in 1913. Later he progressed to being a bodyguard / driver for Frankie Yale, the dominant power in Brooklyn till his murder in 1928. Closely associated with Yale’s successor Anthony Carfano, he moved into Union Racketeering in the Construction industry. By 1940 he had control of 7 Unions, but in that year he was convicted of Conspiracy to Extort and sentenced to 10-20 years in prison. Upon release he tried to return to his previous position, but was arrested again, for Bribery [1955]. Eventually he retired , moving from Brooklyn to Connecticut. Listed in a Government document in 1988, even though 92 years-old.
Died the following year, 1989.

SCARFO-PHILIP   1902   Calabria ? /   USA ?

Relations – Nicodemo [Son] Philadelphia

Mentioned as a Genovese member by several sources, and the Father of future Philadelphia Boss Nicodemo Scarfo. Seems to have lived in Brooklyn before moving to New Jersey by the 1930’s. May have served under Willie Moretti, a fellow Calabrese. Never listed in any official Family charts. Probably retired by the 1960’s, he followed his Son to Atlantic City, when Nicodemo was banished there by Angelo Bruno, the Philadelphia Boss. Died there in 1975.  A recent book by Phil Leonetti, a penitent Philadelphia member, states that Phil Scarfo was never involved in Cosa Nostra.


Alias – Danny Hogan

Associates – M.Coppola.

Sources include both the 1963 [Valachi] and 1988 Family charts, and a mention in the book Mafia, USA. Originally lived in Harlem, around 113th Street, and became one of Mike Coppola’s soldiers. Worked in the Families numbers racket, taken-over after “Dutch Schultz” was murdered in 1936. Like many Harlem mobsters, he moved to the Bronx in later years. No record for him, or any mention of him after the 1960’s. He died in 1982.

SCARPATO-GERARDO   1892  Angri, Campania /   USA  1902

Associates – A.Carfano, A.Santino, V.Generoso.

This man owned the Restaurant, on Coney Island, where Joe Masseria was killed and Salvatore Maranzano held his victory banquet, both in 1931. This would not be enough to consider him a member. But a statement in the book East Side / West Side makes it plain he collected extortion payments for Anthony Carfano and Alfonso Santino. Scared by the Masseria killing, he gave Police his fingerprints for identification, and fled to Italy.  He returned in 1932 and was killed soon after.

Alias : - Joe Tobin.

Associates : - G.Del Ducca, M.Miranda. J.Franzese [Col.].

Another mysterious member, listed in 1988 by the Government, even though he died in 1983. Lived in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, and was an ex-Boxer. Associated early on with Frankie Yale’s gang, but later joined Generoso Del Ducca’s regime.  Apart from this little is known. 

SCHILLACI-GIOVANNI    1901  Corleone, Sicily /  USA  19?

Alias – John / Al Brown

Associates – C.Albero, F.Livorsi, P.Lombardo, C.Luciano [Italy].

Record from 1921 including Assault + Robbery, Burglary, Robbery and Narcotics.
Illegal entry into USA, lived in the Corleonese colony in East Harlem. An early associate of Valachi, Albero and other future members, committing robberies on the Lower East Side. At the founding of Cosa Nostra, found himself in Mike Coppola’s regime. Believed to have moved to Yonkers at some point. Convicted of Narcotics conspiracy in 1942. Released and deported in 1947. In Italy became a bodyguard/ driver for his former Boss, and fellow deportee, Luciano. Re-entered illegally in 1951 and, according to Valachi, still active in the 1960’s. Date of death is unknown.
Sources are both the 1951 report and Book from the FBN, and the Valachi charts

SILVIO-    ?                   ?

Aias – Bot

Associates – V.Alo, A.Strollo.

Known only by his street name “Bot Silvio”, this man was active in the 1930’s. Mentioned in some books, including East Side / West Side, he was a partner of Vincent Alo and an associate of Anthony Strollo. In 1935 he was kidnapped and held for ransom by Jewish gangsters. The ransom was paid and” Bot” was released, but Alo had “Murder Inc.” gunmen kill two of the kidnappers. Thereafter Silvio disappears from view. As his full name is unknown it is virtually impossible to trace him.


Alias – Georgie Blair

Associates – P.DeFeo, C.Frasca, M.Miranda, S.Zappola.J.Oddo + C.Bonasera [Colombo].

Record from 1928 including Burglary, Felonious Assault, Assault +Robbery and Murder. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he became associated with Cosmo Frasca in various crimes. They associated with Mike Miranda and the Neapolitan faction of the Family. In 1934, with Frasca and Salvatore Zappola, he killed Ferdinando Bocchia at the request of Miranda. This led to a decade long legal fight, until the prime witness was poisoned and the killers went free. Smurra continued to prosper, having a share in a Supper Club in Brooklyn. Died in 1981.

SPINELLA-MICHAEL   1894  Marineo, Sicily /  USA  1899.

Alias – Martin Steel

Associates – F.Costello, C.Luciano, W.Moretti, V.Genovese.

Arrived as a child and grew-up in New Jersey. His record started in 1920 with Assault + Battery, then Robbery in 1921 and Murder in 1927. Following this arrest he moved to Detroit, where he stayed until another Murder charge [1933]. He then returned to New Jersey, and took up residence in Hackensack. A close associate of Family Boss Frank Costello and New Jersey Capo Moretti, he soon became an important member.
As he became wealthier, he began invest his money in hotels in Florida. Gradually he began to spend more time in Florida, and moved there in 1947. But the Government spoilt his retirement by deporting him in 1953. Eventually settled on Capri, living on his US investments till his death in 1971.

STANCANELLI-PETER   1903   Catania, Sicily /   USA  1905

Alias :- Big Pete

Yet another member about whom we know very little. Listed in a 1988 Senate Family chart and stated to be born in 1901. But the only record that fits is of a man born in 1903, who died in 1989. Naturalized in 1927, he lived on Thompson Street on the Lower East Side.


Alias – John the Bug

Associates – A.Strollo, V.Mauro, J.Valachi, H.Tantillo, J.Marone, F.Caruso.

Born in NYC, and grew-up on the Lower East Side. An early associate of Valachi, Albero and Marone his record started in 1924. Among many arrest’s are Gun, Robbery, Bribery, Murder, and 3 narcotics charges. Served under Anthony Strollo, and was a member of the Genovese faction. Believed to have sponsored Vincent Mauro, with whom he was arrested for murder in 1945, into the Family. Convicted on his last Narcotics charge in 1951, he served 2 years. Reported to be a partner in a bar on Bleeker Street. Sources include the Valachi and 1988 Senate charts. Retired long before his death in 1993.


Alias – Joe Stretch

Relations – J + V.C.Rao [Brothers-in-law].

Associates – P.Lombardo, F.Livorsi, J.Tortorici, J.Plumeri + J.Bendenelli [Lucchese], R.Patriarca [Boston].

A very well respected member, with many connections both inside and outside the Family. Born in NYC, and lived on 113th Street in Harlem. His record dates from 1923 and includes Murder, Rape [1925], Burglary, Assault, Grand Larceny [1926- Jail 21/2 years], Armed Robbery [1929], and Narcotics.
Like his relation Joe Rao, he was a follower of Ciro Terranova and later came under Mike Coppola. During the 1930-40’s he became involved in both the Jewelry Workers Union and the Garment Centre. Believed to have interest’s in several Clothing and Trucking companies .Moved out of NYC, to Englewood, NJ.
Died in 1984.


Alias – Tony Bender.

Relatives  : - L + D.Strollo [Cousins] Pittsburgh.

Associates – V.Genovese, M.Miranda, J.Valachi, V.Mauro, T.Eboli, A.Carfano.

Born in NYC of parents from Calabria, he lived on Thompson Street on the LES.  Despite not being Neapolitan, he was a long time leader of that Family faction.  An early associate of Vito Genovese, who was Bestman at his wedding.  His first known arrest was in 1926, and his long record consisted of Gambling, Assault, Robbery, Grand Larceny, Murder and Narcotics.  Involved with Genovese + Miranda in the Bocchia murder in 1934.  He ran gambling, clubs, bars and other rackets in the Greenwich Village area of Manhattan.  He was also a power on the North Jersey docks.  His legitimate business was as a Real Estate broker.  When Genovese fled to Italy in 1937, he and Miranda ran the Neapolitan factions rackets.  He took a fall in 1947, imprisoned for Narcotics, and was paroled in 1949.  By this point he had moved to Palisades New Jersey.  With Genovese becoming Family Boss, Strollo was made underboss.  He was complicit in the 1959 killing of his friend Carfano.  Genovese was jailed in 1959, so Strollo expected to become Acting Boss, but was overlooked in favour of Catena.  This seemed to have soured his relationship with Genovese, who ordered his murder from prison.  Strollo disappeared in 1962.  

TERRANOVA-CIRO   1888  Corleone, Sicily  /   USA  1893.

Alias – Artichoke King

Relations – G.Morello [Half-Brother], Nicholas and Vincent [Brothers], J + G.Catania [Nephews].

Associates – I.Lupo, F.Livorsi, J.Rao, M.Coppola, J.Masseria.

The early history of Terranova is a history of the Morello gang, the best account of them can be found in the book  : - The First Family by Mike Dash.

So we will begin Ciro’s bio. from 1920, when he was one of 12 members banished and condemned by Salvatore D’Aquila.  Most fled to Sicily, to seek help to get their sentence overturned.  Terranova returned in 1922, but the conflict continued, and his brother Vincenzo was killed.  A truce was finally arranged in 1923, after more killings. Terranova was now allied to Joseph Masseria’s gang, and he still controlled the area around 116th Street in Harlem.  This year saw his faction in conflict with an Irish gang, which needed Willie Moretti’s mediation to solve.  Terranova was known as the Artichoke King, because of his domination of that industry.  He also ran the Harlem lottery racket, in partnership with Dutch Schultz.  In 1929 he was implicated in the Vitale Banquet robbery.  Allied to Masseria he lost his half-brother Giuseppe Morello and a nephew, Joseph Catania, in the “Castellammarese War”.  Terranova drove the killers to Masseria’s murder, but his nervousness lost him respect.  He was stripped of power, Coppola succeeding him as Capo in Harlem, and sidelined.  Political pressure forced him out of the Artichoke business, and he was banned from NYC by the Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia.  By 1937 he was broke, and he died the following year [1938].   

TIERI-ALFONSO    1904   Naples, Italy /  USA  1911

Alias – Frank / Funzi.

Associates – M.Miranda, A.Carillo, V.Genovese, C.Frasca, C.Zeccardi, G.Maiorano [Colombo].

Arrived in 1911, going to an Uncle on Thompson Street, Manhattan. Settled on Coney Island, Brooklyn and soon started assembling a criminal record. His first known arrest, for Armed Robbery in 1922, resulted in imprisonment. Thereafter he was arrested for Assault + Battery, Gambling, Tax Evasion, Vagrancy and Bootlegging. He was twice denied Naturalization, but managed to avoid Deportation. A close associate of Cosmo Frasca and Antonio Carillo, he served under Mike Miranda. Always considered a good earner, he had interest’s in the Garment Centre. Eventually he would own companies in both NYC and NJ.
By the 1960’s he had succeeded Generoso Delduca as the Capo of his old Regime. By now he was considered to be a millionaire. In 1972 the Acting-Boss Thomas Eboli was killed, and Tieri succeeded as Boss. He ruled for 9 years, before being convicted of RICO Conspiracy and sentenced to 10 years. But he had the last laugh, dying before he could be jailed.


Alias – The Eye

Associates – C.Albero, J.Marone, F.Caruso.A.Campagna + S.Maugeri [San Francisco].

Born in NYC and lived 116th Street in Harlem. Wether this man was a member is open to question, but most of his associates were Genovese members. Also his only known criminal activity was Narcotics dealing, supposedly banned in that Family in 1948. By 1931 he was in Detroit, where he was arrested for Suspicion of Murder. Using a job as a Salesman for a food company, he travelled the USA smuggling Drugs. The FBN finally caught-up with him in 1945 in California, and he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. Still considered active into the 1960’s.
Died in 1986.

TORRICE-JOSEPH   1893   Cassino, Italy /  USA  1913

Associates – M.Coppola, D.Scarglato.

The only source for this member is the book Mafia, USA. He is reported to be a soldier in Mike Coppola’s crew. If this is correct, he is probably the man who arrived in 1913, heading for his brother-in-law called Gigante. May have lived in New Haven, Connecticut. Died in 1966.


Alias – Joe Stutz

Associates – J.Rao, M.Coppola, J.Stracci, C.Albero, J.Bendenelli [Lucchese].

Some confusion about his date of Birth, 1906 in the 1988 chart and 1909 in the FBN Book. Also listed on Valachi charts.
Record from 1927 shows entries for Bootlegging, Homicide, Robbery, Felonious Assault and Vagrancy, but no convictions. Lived in Manhattan, and was an early associate of Joe Rao and Joe Stracci. Frequented the area of 116th Street in Harlem, the territory of the old Morello gang. During the 1930-40’s aquired interest in a clothing company and became a power in the Garment Centre. Also, with Stracci, gained influence in the Jewelry Workers Union. Arrested in 1946, with Mike Coppola, for the Scottoriggio murder. At some point moved to Clifton, NJ where he died in 1977.


Alias - Frank

Another little known member, listed in the 1983 Family chart. Born in Newark, New Jersey a fact confirmed in the 1910 Census. No other details on him, except his death in Union, New Jersey in 1980.

TOURINE-CHARLES Senior    1906   USA

Alias – The Blade

Relations – Charles Junior [Son] Chicago.

Associates – R.Boiardo, A.Russo, M.Coppola, P.Erra, S.Accardi.

Born and raised in Matawan, New Jersey he may have been a late starter in crime. A very active member with a long criminal record, starting in 1933 with an arrest for Murder. This was followed by arrest’s for Gambling [1935], Extortion [1937], Hold-up [1938] for which he was Jailed, Obstruction of Justice [1940], Fraud + Gambling [1941] for which he was Jailed again, two for Bootlegging [1945 + 1947], Parole Violation [1948 + 1950] and Gambling [1962].
Believed to have been inducted in the 1940’s, after the disbanding of the Newark Family. A follower of Richie Boiardo, he specialised in Gambling and in the 1950’s operated in both Havana, Cuba and Hiati. After Castro’s revolution in Cuba, he moved to Miami, Florida. Here he had interest’s in several Hotels, and associated with ex-NYC members Coppola and Erra. At some point in the late 1960’s – early 1970’s he served as Acting-Boss, during a power vacume. Returned to his Florida retirement and died in 1980.


Alias – Joe Cago

Relations – F.Siano [Nephew], G.Reina [father-in-law] + J.Reina [brother-in-law] Lucchese

Associates – A.Strollo, F.Livorsi, G.Santuccio, J + P.Pagano, D.Petrelli [Lucchese].

Valachi’s story is well known, he was born in NYC with parents from Naples.  They lived in East Harlem, on 108 + 109th Streets, and as a boy he used to sleep in the infamous “Murder Stable”.  He witnessed some of the many gang killings in that area, and became criminally active as a juvenile in 1918.  He spent some time in a reformatory, before becoming a full time criminal in 1921.  His record included Burglary, Larceny, Gun possession, Burglary again in 1924 which resulted in a 2 year prison sentence, being shot in the head by police during another Robbery, conflict with Ciro Terranova’s gang, ect.  Another prison sentence in 1925, when he survived a murder attempt by Pete LaTempa, and a meeting with Petrelli, which changed his life.  Petrelli was a member of the Reina Family, and he co-sponsored Valachi into membership in 1930.  Valachi was active during the conflict, being involved in the Catania killing, an attempt to kill Paul Gambino, AND another on Ruggerio Boiardo in NJ.  He became a bodyguard for Maranzano, and was a lookout in the Mineo + Ferrigno murders.  Petrelli saved his life, on the day Maranzano died.  After the conflict he, and Santuccio, joined the Luciano Family and became partners in gambling rackets in the Bronx.  This was a mistake, he should have stayed with the Reina Family, especially as he had married Reina’s daughter.  Valachi was never trusted by the members, and Strollo, his Capo, used him to do the dirty work.  He was involved in several more killings, Reggione, Rannelli, Giannini, ect.  During the 1940’s he got involved in Narcotics which culminated in his 1950’s conviction and sentencing to 15 years imprisonment.  There then followed his conflict with Genovese, his killing of a inmate and finally his betraying Cosa Nostra.  Valachi died in federal confinement in 1971. 
Source  : - The Valachi Papers – Maas /  The Real Thing – Valachi’s biography.    


Alias – Solly

Associates – P.DeFeo, C.Frasca, G.Smurra.

This man was the third gunman in the Bocchia murder [1934] with Frasca and Smurra. He was arrested with them, but released and never mentioned in any subsequent Family charts. But the fact that he was listed as a member by the FBN in their 1950 report, is confirmation of his membership. Seems to have left NYC at some point and moved to Miami, Florida. He died there in 1957.   












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